The Flying Rain Needle hit the direwolf's tail, releasing a white light. The pain in his subconscious caused the direwolf to let out a long howl, startling the world.

As the mist dispersed, the ice crystals were reborn, forming two protective rings of light in front of him, but its tail was gradually becoming blurry, and the new white tail had replaced the previous position. Lingyun smiled, and the Flying Rain Needle had achieved an extremely good effect, successfully weakening the Ash Wolf's strength, that could not be better.

Wolves were a type of wild creature. The Phantom Ice-Ash Wolf was no exception. It did not show any weakness. After it landed, it raised its head and spat out a white mist into the sky. It actually caused snow to fall from the Cyanwood Palace.

"Crap, this guy started to create his own domain." Ling Yun was the first to realize that he had seen the young Phantom Frozen Ash Wolf, but he had never seen anyone that could construct a domain.

The domain was to create a spatial environment that would assist the user in increasing his elemental energy attributes. The ice attribute Phantom Frozen Ash Wolf would naturally choose to create a world of ice.

The four of them were thinking about their battle strategy while dodging the icy mist spat out by the Ash Wolf, revealing their sharp edges and sealing their throats. The Ash Wolf's attacks were fierce and accurate, causing the four of them to tremble in fear, as many of them actually brushed past the icy mist.

"It's about time, the icicles are beginning to slow down, it's time to counterattack." Fan Mu stepped on Ling Bo and dodged one of the icicles. Then he landed on his back and pushed forward in the direction of the direwolf, while the other three turned around at the same time and surrounded the wolf, trapping it in the center.

The Chilling Qi around the direwolf's body became increasingly obvious. Suddenly, its eyes began to emit a golden light as its body turned illusory and disappeared from everyone's sight. "This ?" Fan Qin's eyes widened. He thought it was an illusion, but he was sent flying back to the Green Wood Palace's nameplate with a loud bang. The nameplate was deeply embedded into the "Green Wood Palace" character.

Before anyone could react, the four of them were all sent flying.

Fan Mu was the weakest, and he was also the most injured. He clutched his chest and did not utter a sound, but instead used all his strength, spitting out a mouthful of blood from his five viscera.

Fan Mu looked at the three of them and was shocked. He saw a figure appear in front of Lingyun, and it disappeared in a blink of an eye.

What is it? Mirage Ice-Ash Wolf!

Without waiting for Fan Mu's warning, Lingyun was sent flying again. It seemed to take revenge on Lingyun for letting him escape. He landed on the ground and rolled a few rounds before stopping.

"Everyone, hurry up and form a circle. Right now, the Mirage Frost Wolf is no longer just fast, but more importantly, he ? "He's gone invisible." Fan Mu coughed and adjusted his Qi and blood before taking another pill, "Quick, quick, even though it's weakened, it's still not enough just by yourself!"

Fan Mu seemed extremely anxious as he spoke hastily. At this moment, the direwolf appeared once more in a corner.

It stuck out its thick tongue and licked the blood on its palm. The smell of the blood made it even more excited.

Taking advantage of this time, the four of them readied their formation. Fan Mu looked at the Ash Wolf, and his eyes were filled with sparks.

"Aowu ~!" The Ash Wolf howled towards the sky, disappearing once again in front of Fan Mu.

"The situation is urgent, everyone listen to me, the direwolf's stealth should not always exist, through the observation just now, the direwolf will temporarily appear at the moment of attack," While saying this, he looked around, as if trying to catch the direwolf's scent.

"Obviously, it is controlling the wind pressure right now. In order to not let the wind pressure alarm the snake, its speed has decreased a lot, and this is our good chance, what we need to do now is to seize the moment when the Ash Wolf attacks. Brother Ling Yun, your perception is the best here, can you feel its movements?"

"It's hard for me to sense it if it doesn't show itself. When it is illusory, it can feel the wind and determine its position. Now it seems to be hiding its presence, I am trying to find it."

Brother Ling Yun, I know, do you remember the words for this stage, it should be 'Sense', it should be referring to when you want us to use our spiritual force to sense. Fan Qin, the sky is wide, don't be idle, let's go too!

After speaking, the four of them closed their eyes and concentrated their attention on the four images, listening to the sounds of the wind and sensing the changes in the temperature.

"The sky is vast!" Be careful! " Ling Yun seemed to have discovered something, as he opened his eyes and let out a loud noise. However, the Phantom Ice-Wolf's ice-cold bone blade was already close to Xu Tianguang's chest, aimed at his heart.

"No ?" Ling Yun roared.

Xu Tianguo is his best brother. With the end of the war, Ling Yun's mind only contained the thought of me saving him.

"Heh ?" Lingyun gave a long hum, his right foot reached the bottom, his center of gravity shifted to the left, and raised his right palm. He gathered his energy, and in order to save Xu Tianliang, Lingyun fought for every second.

The light blue starlight completely enveloped Lingyun's jade, and the water particles rushed through the gaps between the stars. The magnetic ? the core of the energy actually began to evolve, and what was even weirder was that the shape of the core of the energy was still changing. No, this was not a simple advancement, the core of the energy was actually starting to awaken for the first time.

Awakening was a law that superseded level. Every Jade Cultivator could only awaken three times in their lifetime, and every Awakening was when their source energy would advance to the next level. Moreover, the chances of this happening were few, and no one knew when would happen, which varied from person to person.

After awakening, it would give the cultivator a deeper profound meaning. Some could also enhance one's physique, which was also strength, or it could also increase one's spiritual force, or it could even bring about an advancement of all attributes. The effect was extremely significant, so awakening had always been the pursuit of the Jade Cultivator's Dream.

Awakening would not only bring about changes to the body, but also change the appearance of the source energy core. The first jade core was usually a spherical or square core, after awakening, the first time the core was awakened it would become a hexagonal shape, the second time it would turn into a starlight, and the last time the core would undergo a complete transformation. As for the appearance, no one knew.

"This is!" Ling Yun was slightly shocked but did not have enough time to be shocked. His entire focus was on the attack of the mastiff, "Ah!" Lingyun's right palm and the bone blade collided. Even with the protection of the Waves Wall, Lingyun's palm still had a big hole, and blood kept flowing. Luckily, it was rescued in time so Xu Tianliao was able to escape.

The Ash Wolf on the other side wasn't much better off either. He was weakened to the point where he had to face Lingyun's advancement. The strong recoil sent him flying into the air, adjusting his angle, and then went into hiding again, looking for another opportunity to ambush.

"Ling Yun, are you alright?!" Seeing that Ling Yun was injured, Xu Tianguo was very anxious. He blamed all of this on himself, "It's all my fault. My fault. My reflexes are too poor!" As he spoke, he slapped himself in the face.

Ling Yun subconsciously clenched his fists, and told him with a faint smile on his face: "Look, there's nothing wrong, it's just a little bit of blood!"

"Now is not the time to stir up trouble!" Fan Mu warned, and a trace of sharpness could be seen between his brows.

"I have to admit that this Ash Wolf is very thoughtful!" He's much stronger than some people. " At the same time, he was concerned about Lingyun, "It's good that you're fine, it seems like you've gotten lucky!" Lingyun laughed, "Not only did it evolve, it even awakened!" He was extremely excited. His tone was slightly meaningful, but it did not seem to lack the elegant demeanor of a man.

"What? Awakened after reaching Orange Rank? Holy shit, this luck isn't for me to cover!" Although Fan Qin's face was full of envy, he was very happy for Lingyun's good luck. He patted his shoulder and said: "Quickly tell me, what additional bonus did you get? I heard that awakening is really something, then your strength would definitely increase by quite a bit, and the effect would be extremely great! "

Fan Mu rolled his eyes and said helplessly, "Hey hey, can we reminisce after the battle ends? If we don't concentrate now, we can both become angels."

"Not bad." Lingyun hid the joy in his heart as he fiddled with the jade in front of his chest. At this moment, the shape of his source energy core had changed, and the round ball had turned into an orange hexagonal star. Faint blue water vapor surrounded the core, emitting a strange yet harmonious light.

"The awakening power this time is related to defeating this Ash Wolf, it's an increase in my spiritual force, my perception has become corporeal, and my water particles are now my eyes within a certain range. As my rank increases, the range of my perception will also expand, but it's only within a ten-meter radius now!" Ling Yun raised his head, and parted his lips, as if thanking the heavens for this opportunity.

"Sensory Perception has been solidified!" Hearing this, Fan Mu was stunned. He had previously heard that perception could be attached to other things to expand the range of one's effective perception. He had not expected that it would be so close. It was simply a godly skill!

"Ten meters, what a kid, he's incredible!" Xu Tianliang was overjoyed, and smacked Ling Yun twice on his back. His actions were neither light nor heavy, almost causing Ling Yun to spit out blood. "Now, I can see that the direwolf has nowhere to hide!"

A demonic wind blew, and Fan Mu quickly warned, "It's coming! "Everyone stand back!" As the leader, he knew his responsibilities. Although Lingyun's awakening made him very excited, he still stuck to his "position".

"Brother Mu, leave the rest to me." Lingyun gestured for the three of them to hide behind him, gently lifted the sleeves of his left hand, and elegantly rippled them in the air, spraying out droplets of water that floated in the air. His body leaned forward, and in a flash, his right leg moved backwards, and the crystal clear water droplets quickly formed a golden blue barrier on his right palm.

The Azure Dragon Cloud's Explosive Punch accurately landed on the Ash Wolf's neck, but the mastiff did not know what happened, appearing out of thin air without any ability to resist.

The water particles exploded on the Ash Wolf's body as blood poured out. With a twisted expression, the Ash Wolf flew backwards, creating a large hole in the wall before losing all signs of life.

One hit kill, and the original hunter turned into prey in the blink of an eye. This was a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

"What kind of move is this? The effect is so amazing!" Fan Qin's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Cloud Explosion Palm, I've been practicing for a long time, unfortunately, my affinity has not met the requirements, so the water particles do not listen to me, so the punches are like flowery fists, without any strength, but now that I've used it, it's really refreshing, the secondary effect of Cloud Explosion Palm is to explode, once concentrated, the explosive force will seep into your body, the stronger the elemental energy, the better it will be when used together with your main body's elemental energy, although, grade, the person whose attributes completely suppress you, you will not be able to hit easily, but once hit, you become a time bomb, just wait for your body to explode!" However, it was previously used to open the mountain for jade, and because it was too cruel, it was rarely used in battles. Usually, only people who had reached the Yellow Rank or higher in elemental energy affinity would be able to use it, and perhaps because of the leap in his physique brought about by the awakening, Ling Yun was able to learn the Cloud Explosion Palm in one go.

"Ai, people are just different," Xu Tianliang shook his head and sighed. He, who pursued strength, truly wanted to possess such a divine skill.

"It's just a joke. I know I can't beat you, so I'll admit it," Ling Yun heard him say as he was depressed. The two of them looked at each other and laughed.

The Ash Wolf started to turn blurry as it rose up into the sky from the clouds. Once again, it split into two, and stood in front of the four once again.

"This ?" The four of them shouted in surprise.

"Looks like we're still in the illusion. The strength of these bandits are indeed mysterious," Lingyun said as he shivered. He looked around and discovered something different than before. "It seems like it's not as if we haven't broken through yet. Brother Mu, look!"

Looking in the direction that Lingyun was pointing, he saw a wooden door with the word "2" written in blue lines. This should be the entrance to the next stage, but the Ash Wolf in front of him was menacing and had no intention of stopping. Furthermore, the number of wolves had increased.

Seeing Fan Mu's doubtful expression, Lingyun smiled lightly, and said to the three of them confidently, "Leave this to me. Brother Mu must persevere in the following matter. I will catch up with them once they have dealt with this."

"But, they ?" After the Icecap clone, its strength was still around the same as the weakened Orange Rank from before. After this battle, he already knew that it would not be easy to deal with.

"Don't worry, they are the best stepping stones, they just so happen to open up a path for me to use my new awakening power," With that, he straightened his hands, jumped up with his feet on the ground, and rushed towards one of the Ash Wolf's wings. The Ash Wolf was not willing to be outdone, and activated stealth. The water knives struck the two Ash Wolves hard, causing them to let out two miserable shrieks before they disappeared into the horizon.

"Leave quickly, leave this to me," Lingyun turned around and hurriedly said to the other three, "We've already passed the time for an incense stick to burn, don't waste time here. Who am I? Believe me, I will catch up."

"Alright!" Fan Mu hesitated no longer. "Let's go, Brother Lingyun be careful. We'll wait for you at the treasure trove." Fan Mu clenched his fists, took one last look at Lingyun's back, and led the other two to the next barrier, which was the wooden door.

The Ash Wolf's head was burning with anger, charging left and right to block the three of them, but he was once again sent flying by Lingyun's water sword, "Your opponent is me, looking around, the next one to die is you." Ling Yun pointed at a Ash Wolf, and its tyrannical aura was revealed. Brother Ling Yun, how are you feeling?! "

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