Abandoned Master Of Flower Palace/C10 Killing Indiscriminately
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Abandoned Master Of Flower Palace/C10 Killing Indiscriminately
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C10 Killing Indiscriminately

"Impossible, how could he be so strong. . . " An elder of Lee family took advantage of the chaos to launch a sneak attack. He actually succeeded and struck Lei Tong's body with his palm. However, Lei Tong's body only shook a few times. A circle of yellow ripples appeared, but he was still unharmed.

This elder of the Lee family was at the sixth level of Qi Refining, but he wasn't able to shake Lei Tong at all. This was enough to show how powerful Lei Tong was. The gap between the two of them was huge.

"Lei Tong turned around and kicked the elder. The elder of Lee family was shocked and quickly retreated. He wanted to dodge Lei Tong's kick, but no matter how hard he tried, he was still unable to dodge it. With a cracking sound, his left leg and calf broke into a V shape.

"Little thief, how dare you!" The other elder of Lee family didn't know how powerful Lei Tong was and came to rescue him. However, he was slapped away by Lei Tong and couldn't get up for a long time.

"Everyone, don't be afraid. Let's attack together! We have more than a hundred people with him. We will tire him to death even if we are tired. Don't fight him head on. Use magic talismans and flying swords! "Qian Wu didn't dare to move forward, and kept encouraging everyone.

"Shut up!"

A few of them were about to use magic charms when Qian Wu shouted. Lei Tong's body flashed and he rushed into the crowd again. The crowd was so angry that they scolded Qian Wu, as if it was all because of Qian Wu. Otherwise, they would have been able to take Lei Tong down with their spells.

"Hehe, did you think you were the only ones who knew spells? Don't tell me that I don't know how to do it?" Lei Tong was amused by their expressions. He mumbled something under his breath and formed a seal with his hands. He raised his hand and unleashed a thunderbolt.


An elder of the Qian family and four to five men of sacrifice were engulfed by the thunderbolt. The elder was the first to be struck by the lightning, and he was instantly turned into charcoal. As for those men of sacrifice, although they didn't die, they had all lost their combat strength.

Not far away, the little fatty was carrying a thick wooden stick that was as thick as a duck egg. He sneakily approached Qian Wu.

"Brat, you bungee jumping quite happily huh?"

"Ah, I, I, Second Young Master Sun. . . You are. . . " Qian Wu turned around and saw a big fat face that was very close to him. It was Sun Jun.

"I hate people like you the most. " Sun Jun held a thick wooden stick in his hand. When Qian Wu turned around, he knocked Qian Wu's head hard.

"You. . . " Qian Wu pointed at Sun Jun and fell to the ground.

"Hehe. " Sun Jun smiled. He took Qian Wu's belt and tied him up. He bent over and ran to his next target.

"Li Bei Er. "

"Sun Jun, you are here too. Quickly ask your Sun family to help. "

"What are you busy with? Help who?"

"Of course I'm helping to catch the treasure thief. " Li Bei'er blinked her large eyes and said as if it was a matter of course.

"What treasure thief? That's my big brother. " Sun Jun suddenly swung the wooden stick in his hand. He chuckled. "You are here too. "

"You. . . " Li Bei Er swayed a little and also fainted. The little fatty laughed slyly. He touched Li Bei'er's pink little face a few times before reluctantly taking it away.

Everyone's attention was attracted by Lei Tong's battle. Those who were weaker than the 3rd level of Qi Refining didn't dare to step forward and could only watch from afar. Little Fatty's movements were agile. One by one, he went forward to hit them with Sap.

"Kid, what are you doing? Go and die. . . " Just as the little fatty was about to launch a sneak attack on a youth from the Zhao Family, He was discovered ahead of time. The young man from the Zhao family shouted loudly, and a cold light flashed in his hand. A flying sword shot over. "Fly, flying sword. Qi Disciple level four, I miscalculated. " The little fatty was so frightened that he fell to the ground. He rolled and crawled, then turned around and ran.

Every three levels of the Qi Refining Stage was a dividing line. The first to third levels were the foundation. According to different spiritual roots, one could learn some of the simplest spells such as fireballs and water balls. The fourth level could start learning the Object Controlling Technique. After mastering it, one could control flying swords to defend against enemies. The seventh level could control flying swords to fly.

"Don't hurt my young master!"

"Boom!" A defensive talisman flew out diagonally and hit Fatty's body. It lit up with a layer of earthen yellow light and bounced the flying sword away. The Zhao family youth took back his flying sword and did not continue to attack. The little fatty ran far away and looked. He muttered: "I miscalculated. I miscalculated. You're actually at Qi Disciple Level 4. "

Lei Tong moved like the wind, not giving them the chance to lock onto him. If he could not lock onto him, the magic talisman would lose its accuracy and would not be able to pose a threat to him. The only troublesome thing was the flying sword. Fortunately, the wide sword in his hand was strong enough. Since there was a flying sword, he could block it in time.

"Kill!" Lei Tong was like a god of slaughter. He rushed left and right, sword radiance flying everywhere. Wherever he went, people would be thrown off their feet. With every shout, one person would die. In just a dozen breaths' time, Lei Tong had killed more than a dozen people. A layer of blood mist floated up from the forest.

"Open up the distance and spread out. Everyone, use magic to attack. Don't let him get close. " Someone woke up and shouted again. All kinds of magic charms whistled. They didn't care if they could hit Lei Tong.

"Damn it, where are you throwing fireballs? Are you courting death?"

"F * ck, are you f * cking stupid? How are you going to throw a Vajra Talisman at him?"

"F * ck, there's also a defensive talisman. A bunch of idiots. . . "

"Aiya, my divine force talisman. "

The disciples of these great clans had already experienced this type of slaughter, already feeling fear. Right now, they had long lost their minds. No matter what talisman it was, it was just a talisman that was tossed about wildly. Their existence greatly affected the performance of the elders and the dead soldiers of their respective families. The sky was shining brightly. Among them, there were a few low-grade intermediate-level talismans, which Lei Tong could only avoid by staying far away.

"Stop, stop, stop, everyone has run away. "

. . . "Miss Belle. . . "

"[Mo. . . ]"

The crowd gradually calmed down. The guards of the Prefecture followed the direction where Lei Tong had left without any expression on their faces. Some of the surviving elders of the Zhao, Lee family, and Qian family followed along with their men of sacrifice. Some stayed behind to protect the disciples of their families and treat the wounded. Soon, they discovered that some of the weaker disciples of their families had gone missing.

"It's that little fatty from the Sun family, it must be him. . . " The young man from the Lee family shouted. The three major families were furious, pointing their spearheads at the Sun family.

"Haha, it's me. You should thank me for bringing them away from the battlefield and saving their lives. Now, they're meat in my hands. If you want them, give me the money. " The little fatty looked like a mountain king kidnapping and extorting.

"Sun Jun, let go of my third brother!"

"Sun Jun, let go of Miss Bei'er! If you dare touch a single hair of Miss Bei'er, I'll make sure you can't bear the consequences!"

"Haha, I'm so scared. . . Come and bite me. " The little fatty twisted his butt and made a funny face. He even deliberately pinched Li Bei Er's face, praising how slippery it was.

"Bastard, I'm going to kill you!" The few of them were about to rush forward to save Li Bei Er when the little fatty took out two long swords that he had picked up from nowhere and placed them on Li Bei Er's and one of the Qian family's young masters' necks. He rubbed them back and forth like a saw and said: "Don't come over. I'm a coward. It won't be good if I accidentally kill you. "


Sun Jun shouted out loud. "Sun Jun, you are bringing trouble to the Sun family. "

"Sun Jun, aren't you afraid that the three of us will seek revenge and exterminate the Sun family?"

Everyone shouted and threatened, but none of them dared to step forward. The battle cries from afar shook the sky. It was coming and going, accompanied by beast roars and miserable screams that sent chills down one's spine. These sons of rich families didn't dare to stay any longer, and under the protection of the elders, they all retreated.

Lei Tong's strength was formidable, but he couldn't withstand the combined attacks of over a hundred people. In particular, all kinds of talismans and spells flew all over the place. He was indeed shocked.

"Hmm? He really dared to chase after me. Hehe. "

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