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The storm in Heavenly Cliff City gradually died down. Lei Tong's name had risen to fame, but the Sun family had become the final fisherman. No one had expected such an outcome.

In a spacious hall in the City Lord's Mansion, Lei Tong and the little fatty were having a feast.

"Boss, I still don't understand why you would help our Sun family. Do you have a grudge with those families?" The little fatty was holding a roasted spirit crane leg and eating it until his mouth was full of oil.

"Like I said, I'm a rogue cultivator. I wander around, and only recently did I come to Tianya City. The reason I helped you guys was because the Qian family wanted to plot against me first. The enemy of an enemy is a friend. " Lei Tong said with a smile. He didn't hide anything from them.

"So, if the Qian family doesn't plot against you, won't you help the Qian family to deal with us?"

"It's possible. "

"It seems like even the Heavens are helping the Sun family! " When the little fatty thought about how Lei Tong had successfully killed one of the four great Foundation Establishment cultivators, and then how his grandfather had appeared and killed another person, he felt a lingering fear. If Lei Tong helped Qian family deal with his own family, who would be able to resist the enemy?

"Boss, are you really going to leave? No more consideration? Actually, it's not bad to stay in our Sun family. "

" Hehe, my character is too strong. Aren't you afraid that I will bring disaster to your Sun family after a long period of time? Besides, my path is different from yours. I need to walk out of here, and you need to sit down. "

" Boss, what are you talking about? Go out and sit down. Why don't I understand? " The little fatty scratched his head, pretending to be confused.

"Hehe, your dad married you three wives. He's waiting for you to carry on the family line. " Lei Tong laughed loudly. The little fatty said with a bitter face, "Ai! Every one of them is older than me. Every one of them is stronger than me. You don't know. How fierce those three are. You said my dad isn't old either. Why can he give birth to a few younger brothers for me?"

"Damn fatty, come out. Who are you calling fierce?" A hand suddenly reached out from behind the little fatty and grabbed his ear. The little fatty slanted his body and froze. He tilted his head and cried out in pain, "Aiya, it hurts, it hurts. Big brother, save me!"

Lei Tong smiled and looked at her. For some reason, he thought of the fat pig granny, Zhu Yue'e. He could not help but shiver.

"I should leave. You don't have to send me off. Wait for me to say hello to uncle and old man. " After saying that, Lei Tong took out his flying sword and was about to step on it. At this moment, Sun Wanfu and Sun Longshuo came together and said, "Little friend, please stop. "

"Uncle Sun, old man. " Lei Tong paused and cupped his fists to greet them.

"Haha, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep you. This Sky Cliff City is just a small pond, how can it contain a true dragon like you!"

"Uncle Sun is too kind. "

"Hehe, I won't say anything else. This is a small gift from me and my son, you can accept it. " After saying that, Sun Longshuo took out a storage bag and tossed it to Lei Tong.

"This. . . Thank you. " Lei Tong received it and scanned it with his Divine Sense. He couldn't help but be stunned. The space inside was not very big and could not be compared to the Storage Ring, but the things inside were what he needed the most. Ten high-grade Spirit Stones, a hundred mid-grade Spirit Stones, and ten thousand low-grade Spirit Stones. Then there were all sorts of pills and talismans.

"Compared to your help to our Sun family, this is just a drop in the ocean. "

"Little friend, I have a jade token from the Qianyuan Mountain. With this token, you will be qualified to participate in the disciple recruitment competition in the Qianyuan Mountain. With little friend's talent, it shouldn't be a problem for him to join the Qianyuan Mountain. Calculating the time, The day of the Qianyuan Mountain opening its mountain once every ten years is about to arrive. "

"This, old mister, is really too precious. . . " Now that Lei Tong had not just entered the Divine Continent, the Qianyuan Mountain naturally knew that it was one of the famous first-rate sects in the Divine Continent. It had been passed down for thousands of years and had countless experts. It was a holy land that countless cultivators in the Divine Continent yearned for. It was said that there were cultivators who surpassed the Soul Formation realm residing in the Qianyuan Mountain. The Baihua Palace of the Heavenly Flower Continent could not be compared at all.

"Hehe, little friend, there's no need to decline. Our Sun family actually belongs to the Qianyuan Mountain and is a subsidiary family. There are a few spots every year. If Jun-er is outstanding enough, he can naturally enter the family and receive special nurturing. He will also have the opportunity to enter the Qianyuan Mountain in the future. If his talent is mediocre, it will only be a waste. "

Lei Tong suddenly understood. No wonder Fatty looked at him with disdain when he said that the City Lord was a disciple of a big sect. It turned out that the sect behind Sun family was even more powerful.

That was true. If they didn't have a powerful backer, how would they dare to attack Zhao Qian, Li Jun, and the four families of the City Lord?

"Grandfather, you don't have confidence in me? I am now at the 4th level of Qi Refinement. "

"The difference is too great. If you have half of my little friend's strength. . . Perhaps you still have a chance. "

"Am I that bad? I am not comparable to him. He is a freak. He even killed two Foundation Establishment cultivators. . . " Little Fatty muttered to himself.

"Then thank you very much, fatty. I'll wait for you in Qianyuan Mountain. " Lei Tong didn't say anything else, but he remembered this favor. Lei Tong had killed so many people from Zhao Qian, Li Ma and the other three families. Although the Sun family had accepted all the grudges, the four families would never let this matter rest. They would definitely send someone to hunt him down. Their future days would surely be very difficult.

Although Lei Tong wanted to use this opportunity to train himself, it would be good if he could have a backer. Qianyuan Mountain was undoubtedly a good place to go.

Lei Tong didn't stay in Tianya City any longer. He cupped his fists, jumped onto his flying sword, and left on it.

"Boss, I will definitely go to the Qianyuan Mountain to find you. . . " The little fatty shouted towards the direction where Lei Tong had left. His eyes were filled with determination.

"Alright, as expected, I didn't misjudge you. Jun'er, from today onwards, I will urge you to cultivate and strive to advance to the fifth level of Qi Refining as soon as possible. "

"Dad, didn't you say that the disciples in Qianyuan Mountain are not based on their individual strength, but their aptitude? My aptitude shouldn't be a problem, right? "

"Hmph, what do you know? Of course, aptitude is the most important, but disposition, perseverance, and cultivation are equally important. Hurry up and go cultivate. "

When the little fatty heard this, he immediately wilted. However, when he saw that the three wives behind him were eyeing him covetously, and their eyes were filled with lust, he immediately ran into the cultivation room eagerly.

Lei Tong flew for an entire day. After sending the letter, no one followed him, and he chose a secluded mountain to descend. He used the flying sword to open up a large stone room that was 450 feet in length and width. He prepared to tidy up the things he had obtained and the things in the Storage Ring. In the past, he could not use the things inside the Storage Ring. Therefore, Lei Tong did not pay too much attention to it. But this time, the golden flying sword automatically flew out to recognize it as its master. His thoughts had completely changed.

The fact that the golden flying sword automatically recognized its owner was enough to prove that the flying sword itself had a spirit. How extraordinary was this flying sword? Lei Tong was sure that the things in the ring that he could not use were probably on the same level as the golden flying sword. They all had their own spirituality.

Lei Tong wanted to try to communicate with them and see if he could find another one or two that could recognize him as its master.

Of course, there were still many precious materials inside, and all of them were of very high grades. With Lei Tong's current strength, let alone melting them, it was impossible for him to create some powder. Although he could not use them for the time being, he still needed to adjust them. At least there were some things that he needed to know.

Lastly, the large amount of resources obtained from the Qian family and the Zhao Family's treasure vault also needed to be sorted and organized. These things were what he needed the most at this stage. In addition, he also needed to choose a passable flying sword to deceive others. The golden flying sword was too eye-catching.

Lei Tong did not do this in Sun family. It wasn't because he didn't trust the Sun family, but because he didn't want to complicate things. As the saying went, money moved the heart. Any one of the items in his ring would cause many old cultivators to be tempted. It was hard to guarantee that Sun family wouldn't be greedy.

The space within the Storage Ring was huge. Every single one of them was like a huge warehouse. There were a lot of random items stored inside, and it was a mess. It was certain that the colorless Nascent Soul had never tidied up the things inside. It was very likely that it had been casually tossed inside.

It took Lei Tong two days to sort out the things inside. All kinds of precious ores, refining materials, and other things were filled with Storage Rings. The rest were all kinds of broken weapons. There were countless of them, no less than a million of them. They were filled to the brim with three Storage Rings. Lei Tong really did not understand why the colorless Nascent Soul collected these broken weapons. Could it be that it still wanted to repair them?

Lei Tong did not understand, but he did not simply throw them away. Since the colorless Nascent Soul was like a treasure, there must be a reason for it to be kept.

Lei Tong sorted out the items in the two treasure vaults and stored them in a Storage Ring. He was prepared to find an opportunity to sell some things that were of no use.

In addition, there were hundreds of intact weapons and defensive treasures. Lei Tong could feel that each of them was extraordinary and gave him a great pressure. But none of them could be used. Lei Tong tried his best to communicate with them, but there was no response. He had no choice but to give up.

"Why do I feel like they are mocking me for overestimating myself?" Lei Tong put the weapons back into the Storage Ring suspiciously.

"It's time to go to Qianyuan Mountain," Lei Tong said to himself. He put the Storage Ring back into the beast tendon and hung it around his neck. There were hundreds of low grade Sun families in the storage bag given to him by the Sun family hanging around his waist. He stepped on his sword and flew up into the sky, heading in the right direction.

Lei Tong left. Not long after, a few extremely fast sword lights and shields flew over. After circling a few times, they slowly descended. A few cultivators jumped off their flying swords and walked into the stone room that Lei Tong had dug with a gloomy face.

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