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C17 Big Mouth Fatty

In the courtyard of the Sun family. . . The little fatty was like a bullied wife, kneeling pitifully on the ground, not daring to raise his head.

"I told you to cultivate well, what did you do? Secretly ran out to drink flower wine. " Sun Wanfu used his hand to point at the little fatty's head. He was so angry that he blew his beard and glared at him.

"Don't reject a friend's invitation. " The little fatty muttered softly, feeling wronged.

"If you drink flower wine, then drink flower wine. Why do you care? Can't you stop that mouth of yours? What should I say, what shouldn't I say that you don't know? How can you tell others that Lei Tong wants to go to the Qianyuan Mountain? Why don't you have a brain?"

" I. . . I was so happy that I spilled the beans. They usually had no contact with the Zhao, Qian, and Li families. Some of them even had a grudge. That's why they're so quick with their words. . . "

"Do you know how much trouble you will bring Lei Tong if you speak too fast? What if he hates our Sun family because of this? What if he thinks that we purposely spread the news? "

"I. . . " The little fatty opened his mouth and tried to defend himself, but in the end, he felt powerless. He knew that this matter was really hard to say. He only hoped that Lei Tong could distinguish right from wrong. When he arrived in Qianyuan Mountain in the future, it seemed like he needed to explain it to him properly.

"Alright, Jun-er didn't mean to make a mistake. Now, it's better to think of a way to remedy it. " Sun Longshuo said with some regret. "Why didn't you give him a sound transmission jade talisman at that time?"

"Father, why don't you send someone to deliver a letter to him?"

"It's already been a few days, what kind of person should we send? Maybe he already knows. "

On top of a huge mountain, Lei Tong stood proudly, and a dozen corpses of cultivators were lying around him.

" This little fatty, I'll teach him a good lesson later. " Lei Tong finally found out that it was actually the little fatty who exposed his whereabouts while drinking wine. He attracted the attention of all the major powers to follow him. He couldn't help but feel angry and amused at the same time. He did not want to carry the three beautiful wives at home and insisted on going to that kind of place!

Lei Tong pondered, Looks like I need to change my itinerary. If I go directly to Qianyuan Mountain like this, there will definitely be resistance. Perhaps the three main families of Zhao Qian and Li Family would send people to kill him when they got the news. If it was Qi Cultivation Stage or ordinary Foundation Establishment stage cultivator Lei, he would naturally not be afraid, but if there was a higher level cultivator who noticed him. That would be dangerous. After all, everyone knew that he had robbed the treasures of Qian family and Zhao Family.

A few million Spirit Stones, even a Golden Core Stage Cultivator would be tempted.

"This is really troublesome!"

Lei Tong threw out a few fireballs and incinerated the corpse, then he activated the golden sword. Lei Tong originally wanted to fly south. Now diagonally to the southeast. The golden sword's speed was several times faster than ordinary flying swords, and as it flew at full speed. . . Even Golden Core Stage Cultivator would find it very difficult to catch up to it. After flying for half a day, Lei Tong once again changed directions. He changed to Northeast, at dusk. Lei Tong changed his direction to the east. Along the way, Lei Tong was looking for desolate places with few people. He tried his best not to come into contact with people. He flew for two days straight. Only when he was ten thousand miles away from the original route did Lei Tong change back to an ordinary flying sword. He changed his path to the south.

On this day, Lei Tong was flying on his flying sword while slowly recovering from the huge consumption of energy he had used to travel crazily for the past few days. Suddenly, he saw dust flying in front of him. People were shouting and horses neighing, and there were crying sounds coming from them.

"Hmm? Could it be that we've encountered robbers?" Lei Tong urged his flying sword and arrived in front of him in the blink of an eye.

"Immortal, Immortal, save me! Immortal, save me!" Lei Tong arrived on his flying sword. Someone immediately knelt down and kowtowed.

"What happened?"

"Exalted Immortal, I beg of you to save my young lady. . . " An old man who looked like a housekeeper crawled two steps forward to Lei Tong. He knocked his head and said: "We are from Gong family thousands of miles away. This time, we are sending my young lady to Qianyuan Mountain to participate in the selection. I didn't expect to meet bandits here, and the guards were killed. Those who escaped, the young miss was also taken away by the bandits. . . Please show mercy, Exalted Immortal. Save my young miss. "

" Since your lady has gone to the Qianyuan Mountain to recruit disciples, her aptitude should be pretty good. She should also be a cultivator, right? How could she be kidnapped by bandits? "

"There's something that the Immortal doesn't know. There are also cultivators among the mountain bandits, and they are very powerful. Initially, my young lady was on par with them in terms of strength, but who would have thought that the mountain bandit would suddenly take out a powerful magic treasure and trap my young lady in an instant. That's why she was defeated and captured. "

"Oh, what's your young lady's cultivation level?"

"My young miss is a heaven warping genius, even though she is only thirteen years old. She has already cultivated to the peak of Qi Disciple Level 5. " The old butler had a proud expression, but then he suddenly came to a realization. This Exalted Immortal in front of him seemed to be even younger than him, so wouldn't his aptitude be even more extraordinary? Immediately, he said in fear, "My young lady naturally can't be compared with the Immortal, presumably, the Immortal has already surpassed the seventh level of Qi Refinement. "

"Hehe, looks like you have quite a bit of knowledge about the cultivation world" Lei Tong chuckled and pointed at a mountain path in the distance. "Where did those bandits go?"

"That's right. " The old butler was overjoyed. He knew that Lei Tong had promised to save his young lady.

"Wait a moment. I will be back soon. "

The fifth level of Qi Refining at the age of thirteen was not bad, let alone going to Qianyuan Mountain. Lei Tong also wanted to go to the Qianyuan Mountain, perhaps he would be in the same sect in the future, Lei Tong naturally would not ignore it.

Lei Tong's speed on his sword was naturally not what the bandits could compare with. By the time he arrived, those bandits had yet to return to the mountain.

"Hmm? No. " Lei Tong's eyes swept over, but he did not find the young lady the old butler was talking about. He could not help but frown. The old butler obviously would not lie to him. That meant that the person had already been transferred.

"Stop right there!"

"Ah, Exalted Immortal!" The mountain bandit was startled by Lei Tong's sudden appearance. When he saw Lei Tong standing in the air on his sword, he immediately knew that he had encountered an Exalted Immortal. A few of them quickly knelt down and kowtowed.

"Let me ask you, where did the girl you kidnapped go?"

"This, this. . . " The mountain bandits looked at each other. They kept kowtowing, "Exalted Immortal, please spare us! Exalted Immortal, please spare us! If we say it, we're dead meat! "

"Speak. . . Or die!"

"This. . . " The robbers lowered their heads and did not speak, but Lei Tong could see that their eyes were intentionally or unintentionally looking at a few of them. Although these people weren't considered cultivators, they had clearly cultivated before. They should be the leaders.

"Tell me. . . " Lei Tong pointed at one of the leaders.

"I, I, I don't know. She, she was taken away by master. "

"I don't know. What's the use of keeping you? Die. " Lei Tong threw out a ball of fire, wrapping it up and turning it into ashes in the blink of an eye.

"Tell me. . . " Lei Tong pointed at another person.

"I, I. . . "


"I'll tell you, I'll tell you. . . Master wants to cultivate. He thinks we're walking too slowly, so he took us up the mountain first. Master cultivates a mystical cultivation method that can be used by women to cultivate, female cultivators are the best. "


"[So it's an evil cultivator who cultivates the method of harvesting nutrients. ]" The Art of Accumulating Vitality was different from dual rest. It was simply using the other party as a furnace to plunder the other party's life essence and power. It was the most lewd and evil. Lei Tong's expression was somewhat ugly. He was originally a disciple of Baihua Palace. He had been influenced by the environment and was the most disgusted with this kind of cultivation method.

Lei Tong waved his hand and threw out a few fireballs, turning these mountain bandits into ashes. After that, he controlled his flying sword and rushed to the top of the mountain.

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