Abandoned Master Of Flower Palace/C3 There's No Way out
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Abandoned Master Of Flower Palace/C3 There's No Way out
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C3 There's No Way out

Lei Tong was silent. At this moment, he really didn't know what to say. Saying love was obviously a lie, it was better not to say it. He had been smart since he was young and read a lot of books. He also had that painful experience of being homeless for more than a year, fighting for food with dogs, and being homeless. He had already matured. He understood the ways of the world.

"I'm leaving, we'll meet again if fate brings us together" Lei Tong carried the bulging luggage on his back and waved his hand. After that, he resolutely turned around and left. Soon, his figure disappeared into the forest.

"We will definitely meet again. . . Hmph, will you die if you say a few heart-warming words? Even if it is a lie. . . Hmph hmph, hmph, hmph. No matter what, I have the initiative, Having a name. . . Angering those little bitches to death. . . " Zhu Yue'e pouted her chubby little mouth and forcefully stomped her feet to express her dissatisfaction. She looked in the direction where Lei Tong had left. A trace of an inexplicable smile flashed across Zhu Yue'e's face. She used her hand to pull the fat on her face. She muttered to herself, "It's time to change into a new set of skin. It is indeed a little ugly. "

"Come out. After following all the way, could it be that you still want to follow?" Zhu Yue'e suddenly turned around and said towards the road behind her. Her expression was cold, as if she had changed into a different person.

With a flash of light, a woman appeared out of thin air.

"You can actually find me? You have already found me? You can obtain rare treasures like the dragon liver and phoenix marrow. As expected, you're not simple. Who exactly are you?" The female's eyes shot out a cold light as she vigilantly looked at Zhu Yue'e.

" A mere Invisibility Talisman and you want to hide it from me? Who I am is not important. I just want to advise you not to act willfully. It is best that you do not participate in the battle above. You also do not have the qualifications to participate. Be careful that you will attract trouble. "

"You even know this? Who exactly are you?" The woman raised her jade-like hand. A sparkling and translucent small sword appeared out of thin air in her palm. Multicolored light flickered about, and its radiance was intimidating.

"Hmph. " Zhu Yue'e coldly snorted and her fat palm struck out. It seemed casual and slow, but in fact, it only lasted for an instant and did not give the lady any chance to dodge.


The girl did not even have the chance to react as she spurted out blood. Her body had already been sent flying. She broke four or five trees in a row before coming to a stop. The woman was shocked. Boundless fear attacked her, making her tremble uncontrollably. This strength was too terrifying. The difference between the two was enormous, not even on the same level. She believed that. . . If Zhu Yue'e wanted to kill her, she might be able to do it with one finger.

What kind of terrifying existence was this! Why did she want to help Lei Tong? Above, above. . . Could it be that she came from above as well, and was sent by Lei Zhentian?

"This is just a warning. You take care of yourself. " Zhu Yue'e's voice was heard and she was already gone. The Great Elder spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood and forced himself to stand up.

"Great Elder, Great Elder. You, you are injured?" Cuihee and a few inner sect disciples rushed over. She had received a sound transmission from the Great Elder to chase after Lei Tong. In the end, she found the Great Elder lying under a tree covered in blood.

"Who hurt you? Who in the Heavenly Flower Province can hurt you?" She couldn't help but ask while taking out some healing medicine and feeding it to the woman.

"Great Elder, are you injured?" Liu Ruyan also rushed over with a few disciples. She wasn't here to capture Lei Tong, but to find an opportunity to help him.

"Ahem, ahem, it's a very fat woman, it should be the woman who sells buns. " The Great Elder said with lingering fear: "He's very powerful, very powerful. "

"What? Fat pig woman, how is that possible?"

Zhu Yue'e was a celebrity in Hundred Flowers City, and there were many people who didn't know her. The buns she wrapped were the best under the heavens, and could be called a delicacy in the world. Even cultivators who smelled it would want to eat a few. However, she was only a mortal, so how could she possibly injure the Great Elder? Those were Nascent Infant Cultivators.

"She's definitely extraordinary, definitely surpassing Deity Transformation Tier. . . "

"What, just a palm. . . " Great Elder did not hide anything, and there was no need to hide it either. All the disciples of Baihua Palace were shocked and in disbelief. This was too terrifying. Cuihee was nervous and her face turned pale. After all, she had attacked Lei Tong before.

The Great Elder seemed to have suddenly thought of something and his face turned pale. He hurriedly took out a communication jade talisman and sent a message.

A hundred miles away, Lei Tong stopped running and slowly turned around to look behind him with an ugly expression. Not long after he separated from Zhu Yue'e, He had an inexplicable feeling that he was being followed. He tried his best to escape, hoping that he could escape. He ran for a hundred miles, but he didn't expect to come to such a dangerous place. It could be said that there was no way out.

"Hehehe, what's wrong? Not running anymore? I thought you could directly fly over this Absolute Immortal Cliff. " A man's figure slowly walked out. He had a slender figure, thick eyebrows, and thin eyes. His face was as white as jade, and he held a folding fan with the picture of a roaring white tiger in his hand. He looked at Lei Tong with a smile that was not a smile, and the corners of his mouth carried a mocking and mocking smile.

"It's you? Young master Yu, Yu Qingtian. I really didn't expect that for the sake of a cripple like me, I would have to trouble you, young master Yu, to personally take action. The Grand Elder is really related to your Hundred Herb Hall. "

" Hehe, I came to Baihua Palace as a guest. It's just a coincidence. "

"You. . . " Lei Tong suddenly remembered a rumor. Twenty years ago, Hundred Herb Hall suddenly appeared and became prosperous. It was said that the relationship between the hall master and the Great Elder was not ordinary. They even suggested merging Hundred Herb Hall into Baihua Palace. On the surface, Hundred Herb Hall would become a branch of the Baihua Palace. In reality, they had conspired with the Great Elder to annex the Baihua Palace and turn it into Hundred Herb Hall's harem.

"Jade Green Phoenix, Great Elder's only disciple. . . So that's how it is. Yu Qingluan should be your elder sister, right? I didn't expect Great Elder to have two descendants! "

" You are really smart, smart enough to surprise me. However, smart people often don't live long. "

"If the Great Elder hopes that Senior Sister Qing Luan will take over the Baihua Palace, just say it. She should know that I don't care about these things. In fact, even if it wasn't for what happened last time, I wouldn't have been able to become the Palace Lord of the Baihua Palace. My identity wouldn't be able to be hidden for long. "

"Hehe, I don't know why my mother is doing this, but I think there must be a deeper meaning behind it. Alright. It's about time to send you on your way. After killing you, I still have to look for Sister Ruyan. . . "

" Do you really have to kill me? "

"Actually, there's no need to do that. I can only blame you for being too unruly. In the life of a mortal, A hundred years in a hurry, actually, it doesn't take a hundred years. In just thirty years, when you have no more hope of the Great Dao. . . You can leave freely. Marry a wife and have children, and live a peaceful life. Hehe. You've said too much, die. " Yu Qingtian folded the folding fan in his hand. The true essence of the folded fan seemed to have turned into a sword as it shot out a two foot long sword light. He waved his hand towards Lei Tong.

"Wait. . . I have a secret to tell you. "

"Hmm?" Yu Qingtian was stunned. He shook his wrist, and the sword light brushed past Lei Tong's ear. Not only did it cut off a strand of his hair, it also left a long scar on his face, and blood flowed out.

Lei Tong was once the young master of Baihua Palace. Yu Qingtian was really interested in listening to the secrets that he knew.

"Aiya, I'm really sorry, I didn't stop you. I don't know what kind of secret it is, tell me about it. "

"Bastard, go to hell. . . "

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