Abandoned Master Of Flower Palace/C317 Perform the World Becoming a God Ending
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Abandoned Master Of Flower Palace/C317 Perform the World Becoming a God Ending
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C317 Perform the World Becoming a God Ending

"Don't speak such nonsense. Once this news spreads out, my Immortal Mountain will become the target of everyone. After all, the Great Art of Accumulating Yin Soul is too evil. "

"Of course I know about it. However, there are actually quite a few secrets about it. After all, Young Sect Master has used it many times. It's just that I don't know why he has mobilized so many people this time. Could it be that he has really fallen in love with these few girls?"

"We don't know the exact reason. However, there was a limit to the Great Art of Accumulating Yin Soul Devouring. It required both of them to be in love with each other. Otherwise, the effect would be greatly reduced. I estimate that Young Sect Master must be trying to win the hearts of the women. He wants to capture their hearts first, then obtain their bodies and devour them in one go. "

"Why do you know so clearly?"

"Heh, to be honest, I was fortunate enough to obtain a part of the Great Art of Accumulating Yin Soul Devouring. Unfortunately, it is only a small part of the introduction, and I am not fated to see the entire technique, so I am unable to cultivate it. "

Lei Tong heard the conversation between the two clearly. He found a place where no one was around and revealed himself. With a sway of his body, he turned into a middle-aged man wearing the uniform of an elder. He was the elder who was killed by Lei Tong.

"You two, come here. " Lei Tong waved at the two of them.

"Elder Wei, you called us?" When the two disciples saw Lei Tong, they hurriedly greeted him.

"Is the setup here complete? Did you see Young Sect Master? I have something to discuss with him. "

"Replying to Elder Wei, the basic arrangements here have been completed. Although we didn't see Young Sect Master, we also know where he is. He must be at Madam Young Sect Master's place right now. "

"Nonsense. I just asked. Young Sect Master isn't here at all. " Lei Tong's face darkened as he scolded. Lei Tong actually didn't know if that so-called Young Sect Master was here, but he absolutely trusted his woman and believed that they wouldn't betray him. At this time, if Young Sect Master went to find them, he would definitely not be welcomed. Therefore, Lei Tong estimated that Young Sect Master definitely wasn't there.

"Elder Wei, you are looking for Young Sect Master? I saw him heading in that direction just now. However, that was a restricted area, ordinary people were not allowed to enter. If you want to find Young Sect Master, you can only wait. " Another disciple came over and said. He naturally wanted to please Elder Wei, but he didn't want to help Lei Tong.

His Divine Sense spread out and quickly entered the courtyard. However, after scanning the Immortal Mountain several times with his Divine Sense, he couldn't find any trace of the girls. Lei Tong had a guess. Either there was a powerful formation master that trapped the girls within, and this formation had the ability to isolate Divine Sense. Or they weren't even on the mountain right now.

"Sister-in-law, your martial arts are getting better and better. I wish I could die on you. "

"Tell your brother to know. I will skin you alive. "

"He, hehe, is just an idiot who only knows how to cultivate. He doesn't use such a beautiful wife and only knows how to go into seclusion all day. He didn't expect that it would benefit me in the end. Unfortunately, his talent is too poor, and he can only be a Celestial Immortal for the rest of his life. "

" Hmph, even after getting off easy, he's still pretending to be good. If you do something like this, then be careful of retribution. "

" Haha, dying under a peony flower, even if you're a ghost, you're still dissolute. To be able to obtain a beauty like sister-in-law, it's worth it to calculate your death. "

"Save your sweet mouth. Me, I'm ruined by your mouth. Alright, hurry up and leave, be careful. Your wives won't let you into the room tomorrow. "

"Since they won't let me in, I'll come to sister-in-law's place to consummate my marriage. . . "

"The more I say, the more improper it becomes. Hurry up and get up. . . "

The two of them hugged each other and chatted. At this moment, Lei Tong passed through the wall and silently appeared in front of the two of them.

That girl was indeed quite pretty, but it was a pity that it was difficult for her to catch Lei Tong's eyes. As for that man, he was the so-called Young Sect Master.

"Young Sect Master?" Although Lei Tong was sure that he was Young Sect Master, he still asked to confirm it.

"Yes, yes, who are you? How dare you barge into the Cui Wei Residence? Don't you want to live anymore?" After a short period of panic, Young Sect Master quickly calmed down.

"Heh, as expected of Young Sect Master. He stole someone to his sister-in-law's bed and was caught cheating on her in bed. How can he still be so self-righteous? You are really a lascivious genius!"

"What exactly do you want?"

"I don't want to do anything. I just want to tell you that Zhu Yue'e, Dongmei, Tu Erniang, Juan and Wang Faang are all my women. If you want to forcefully marry my woman, why do you think I came to find you? I don't want to do anything. I just want to tell you that Zhu Yue'e, Dongmei, Tu Erniang, and Juan are my three sisters. FEMALE, they are all my women. If you want to marry my woman, why do you think I came to find you?" Lei Tong had a smile on his face but his eyes were flashing with killing intent.

"You, you, you are Lei Tong. You, how can you be so strong?" Although Young Sect Master didn't know what Lei Tong's cultivation base was, based on his senses, he knew that Lei Tong's strength was far greater than his.

"What's so strange about that?" Lei Tong smiled and raised his hand to slap Young Sect Master's head. Lei Tong's speed was very slow, as if he had grown up kindly. He reached out to touch the forehead of his favorite junior.

"No, don't kill me, don't kill me. I, bastard, I'm not a human. Please let me go. " Young Sect Master suddenly knelt on the ground and begged with tears and snot.

"Hey, if I don't come today. . . Will you let my women go? You won't. If you can't get their hearts. . . What would you have done in the end? I think you must have done a lot of work to please them, right? That's why you thought of a way to force them to marry you. It seems that you also know about the history of Earth. "

" No, no, I won't force them. Really, this isn't my fault, it's my father, he forced me to marry them. . . "

"If that's the case, other than you, I'll go back and meet your father later. " Lei Tong's hand did not stop. He pressed his palm on Young Sect Master's head. With a cracking sound, Young Sect Master's head was like a coconut with an open shell. The brain inside had turned into bean curd and flowed all over the ground.

"No, don't kill me. I, I am willing to be your woman. You can do whatever you want to me. I beg you, don't kill me. " Seeing Lei Tong looking over, the woman on the bed was so scared that her expression changed even more. She was naked, kneeling on the bed, and kept kowtowing.

"Indeed, I seldom have the habit of killing women. Furthermore, you stealing people has nothing to do with me, so I can spare your life. However, in order to not reveal the news of my arrival, I can only knock you unconscious. It's best that you don't resist, or you'll regret it. "

"No, no, I won't resist, I definitely won't resist. " After saying that, the woman closed her eyes and faced Lei Tong with her back. Lei Tong laughed lightly. He struck the back of the woman's neck with his palm and sealed her cultivation in an instant.

Lei Tong reached out his hand to collect the Young Palace Lords from Young Palace Lord and the woman, then he put away Young Palace Lord's ring. As for the woman's ring, Lei Tong took out what he could use from it. He threw the rest of the items back.

"This. . . Is actually a mature Lightning Flame Divine Fruit. The heavens are truly helping me. " Lei Tong found a jade box in Young Sect Master's Storage Ring. Inside it was actually a Thunderflame Divine Fruit. Lei Tong was surprised and surprised at the same time.

With this fruit and some immortal medicines that Lei Tong already had, he could refine a cauldron of Thunderflame Divine Fruits. With this, Lei Tong could try to break through, evolve the world, and finally become a god.

"Boom! Right at the moment when Lei Tong was rejoicing, a series of loud noises suddenly sounded in the sky. Following that, more than ten elders rushed over from all over the Immortal Mountain, heading in the direction of Lei Tong.

"Heh, I never thought that this fellow would have a mark left behind by an expert from the Immortal Mountain. " Lei Tong was a little surprised. Looking at the crowd surrounding him, Lei Tong was not afraid nor regretful.

"Where did this maniac come from? How dare he behave atrociously in my Immortal Mountain?"

"Ah, Young Sect Master. . . Madam Cui Wei. . . "

"Third young master. . . "

The group of old men and women suddenly saw the dead Young Sect Master and the unconscious Madam Cui Wei. Their expressions changed drastically, but they felt extremely ashamed after that.

"This is preposterous! How dare you frame Young Sect Master and Madam Cui Wei? You deserve to die!" An elder with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks rolled his eyes and suddenly shouted, startling everyone.

"Framed? That's right, it's framing, that's right. " Everyone came to a realization.

"Hehe, there really are all kinds of people. . . You said that you're as old as an old man, with a cultivation base that doesn't even blink, and your ability to lie through your teeth is so high?"

"Little child, the truth is there, you are so embarrassed to quibble. If you surrender without putting up a fight, perhaps I will show great kindness and make you suffer less physical pain. Otherwise, I will definitely make you suffer a fate worse than death. "

"Old man, have you lived for too long? Have you turned a human's head into a pig's head?"

"Since you don't know what's good for you, don't blame me for being ruthless. " The old man discovered that the commotion had attracted a lot of people. He didn't want to waste any more time, so he immediately slapped Lei Tong. At the same time, he sent a voice transmission to the rest of them, telling them to quickly put away Young Sect Master's corpse and help Madam Cui Wei put on her clothes.

The two old women didn't dare to delay and immediately rushed towards Cui Wei's residence. However, they had underestimated Lei Tong's power.

"Hehe, are you afraid of losing face? Then I will let you lose face. " Lei Tong sneered. With a wave of his hand, a restrictive spell fell down and shattered Cui Wei's residence with a loud bang. However, the bed was still intact, and there was a layer of crystal-like restrictive spell covering the bed. The people outside could clearly see what was happening inside, but no one could enter.

"Damn it. . . You're courting death. "

A few old men who didn't want to attack were infuriated, and they attacked Lei Tong at the same time. A few other old men flew in all directions. They waved out layers of barriers to prevent outsiders from entering. But the situation here. . . Actually, people had already discovered this long ago. There were also sharp-eyed ones. They could clearly see everything on the bed. However, due to the power of the Immortal Mountain, they did not dare to speak carelessly. However, he was filled with endless contempt in his heart.

"When Lei Tong saw the old man coming at him, he didn't hold back. He raised his hand and slapped the old man's head. With a cracking sound, the old man's head shattered into a cloud of blood mist, and his headless corpse fell into the sky.

"Old Jiu, you son of a b * tch! How dare you kill my ninth brother?! You're courting death! Hand over your life!" An old man who looked somewhat similar to the old man rushed over from afar.

"Since your relationship is so good, then go accompany him!" Lei Tong sneered. With a flick of his finger, a strong wind blew over. The body of the old man who was flying over suddenly stopped. His eyes were wide open, and his face was filled with disbelief. After that, he fell down from the sky with a face full of unwillingness. He had already lost all signs of life.

A few miles away, with a flick of his finger, a powerful Sixth Grade Heaven Immortal was killed. Such strength was truly frightening.

Those elders that surrounded over no longer dared to take action, all of them trembling with fear. They looked at Lei Tong, but none of them knew who he was. They couldn't help but mutter in their hearts, wondering how they had offended this malefic.

"Little friend is truly capable. He has the strength of a Golden Immortal at such a young age. The younger generation is truly worthy of respect!" As the figure descended, a figure gradually emerged.

"Greetings, Sect Master. " When the crowd saw who it was, they hurriedly bowed. It turned out that this person was the Immortal Mountain's Sect Master.

"Little friend, I wonder what kind of conflict there is between you and my Immortal Mountain, and why did I ask you to do this?"

"It's a conflict. Hehe, my name is Lei Tong. Do you think there is a grudge between us? " Lei Tong sneered.

"Lei Tong, Lei Tong. . . He is Lei Tong. . . "

Outsiders might not know who Lei Tong was, but some of the elders in Immortal Mountain would know about him. Those were the men of the girls. Now, the man had come to find them. This conflict seemed to be a little big. No wonder he had killed Young Sect Master.

"So you are Lei Tong. . . Hehe, you are indeed extraordinary. You do have the right to be arrogant, but you have come to the wrong place. This was the Immortal Mountain, not a place for you to behave atrociously. I don't care who you are talking about. If you dare to kill my son, you have to be prepared to pay the price. "

" Old man, what are you talking about? Why are you pretending to be a gentleman? As the saying goes, when the upper beam is not right, the lower beam is crooked. Your son's behavior. . . You are not a good person either. If you want to fight, then fight. There's no need to find so many excuses. "

" What an arrogant junior. Since that's the case, I'll teach you how to conduct yourself. "

"Hmph, if you want to teach me, then you don't deserve it. "

The old man snorted coldly as a huge sword appeared in his hand. It was an Immortal Lord Grade Immortal Weapon. When the Immortal Weapon was unleashed, the surrounding people could not stand the pressure and retreated.

"Hey, you're making a broken sword. Who are you trying to scare?" Lei Tong opened his hand and a colorful flying sword appeared in his hand. It was the Five Elemental Sword that had been restored.

"Master, you finally thought of me. " The moment the Five Elemental Sword appeared, it immediately wrapped around Lei Tong's hand like a noodle. It buzzed and trembled, seeming to be full of spirituality.

Did you see the sword in the old man's hand? Do you have confidence?

"Tsk. It's just an Immortal Lord level immortal sword. It's a piece of cake. "

"That's good. " Lei Tong was overjoyed. He injected a surge of divine energy into the Five Elemental Sword. The Five Elemental Sword immediately buzzed, and numerous sword lotuses appeared. They were illusory and illusory, and looked very beautiful.

"Pretending to be mysterious. Little bastard, go to hell!" The old man slashed down with his sword, carrying with it the power to split open a mountain and split open the sky. It was as if the space was going to be shattered.

"Hmph, that's all. " Lei Tong sneered. The Five Elemental Sword did not dodge or evade, and instead went forward to meet the old man's sword head on.

"Heh, you actually dare to fight with the Sect Master head on? You really don't know the difference between life and death. "


"He died earlier. "

The two swords collided, forming a bolt of lightning at the intersection. With a loud boom, a circle of ripples rippled outwards. The elder and Lei Tong retreated several li at the same time. This attack was actually evenly matched. However, everyone with bright eyes could see that the old man's hand that was holding the sword was trembling slightly. His lips were tightly shut and his face was pale. It was obvious that he had suffered some losses. He was no match for Lei Tong.

"Little devil, you really do have some skills. No wonder you are so arrogant. " Right at this moment, another figure appeared. It was also an old man with a similar appearance as the previous Sect Master.

"It's the Grand Elder. It's said that the Grand Elder's strength is even more formidable than the Sect Master's. Haha, that Lei Tong is going to be in trouble. "

"He is absolutely not a match for the Supreme Elder. "

" Today, he is going to die for sure. "

As the old man appeared, the people of Immortal Mountain were overjoyed. The truth was the same. As soon as the old man appeared, Lei Tong felt a huge pressure. It was a pressure that only a peak Golden Immortal could possess.

A peak Golden Immortal was extremely close to the Immortal Lord realm. In order to express respect, everyone in the world would give him the title of Great Luo. Therefore, a peak Golden Immortal was also called Great Luo Golden Immortal.

Lei Tong was no match for a Great Luo Golden Immortal.

"Big Brother, you have broken through. That's great! From today onwards, in Tian Ju Province, Who is still a match for our Immortal Mountain? " The patriarch of Immortal Mountain was overjoyed.

"Fifth Brother, how many times have I told you? This immortal realm is as vast as the ocean, and there are as many experts as the clouds. Not to mention Immortal Lords, I don't even know how many Immortal Kings there are. What does a Golden Immortal like me count as?"

"Although the immortal realm is huge and has a lot of experts, there aren't any experts like that in our Tian Ju Province. Big Brother is the undisputed number one expert. "

"You, let's not talk about this anymore. Let's settle the matter before us first. " After saying that, the old man raised his hand and struck out a restrictive spell, intending to seal the lightning cultivation base.

"Don't resist. You should know the difference between you and me. Resistance is useless. "

"Heh, I, Lei Tong, am not someone who can be easily slaughtered. If you want me to not resist, you have to show me your ability. "

"Hmph, stubborn. "

The old man raised his hand and slapped Lei Tong. Lei Tong circulated all of his Divine Power and put it together with the elder's palm.

"Boom. . . " Lei Tong was sent flying like a kite with a broken string. Blood was flowing out of his mouth, nose, and mouth. With just one strike, Lei Tong was seriously injured.

"I can't even take one strike. . . I'm actually so weak. In front of a true expert, I'm merely an ant. I can't even withstand a single blow. "

" Hmph, a fool who doesn't know the difference between life and death. " The old man flicked his sleeve and unleashed a restrictive spell, which disappeared into his body like a bolt of lightning, immobilizing him.

"The wedding will continue. Go, Eldest Young Master. You've really let this little beast off easy. " The Sect Masters said one after another.

"Yes. " Immediately, the disciples and elders went to make arrangements.

"Little bastard, I won't kill you right now! I will let you watch your woman marry my son, watch them be ravaged by my son, then I will cut off your four limbs and put them in a jar.

"No, no. . . " Hearing those words, Lei Tong's eyes turned red. He was ruthless towards his own weakness and his own incompetence. He thirsted for power. He had never longed for power like this before. He wanted to break through. He wanted to become stronger. He wanted to break out of his cocoon and become a butterfly.

As if he had sensed Lei Tong's thoughts, the sealed luck in his dantian trembled slightly. Stars flickered and flickered. A group of indescribable Rule Force was brewing. An inexplicable aura was condensing. A faintly discernible ball gradually enveloped the entire nebula in his dantian. His dantian became hazy.

"I want power, I want to break through, I want to become stronger. . . " As Lei Tong shouted in his heart, a loud rumbling sound was heard. Endless waves were stirred up around him, and all the buildings within a hundred mile radius were instantly turned into powder. Even the Immortal Mountain's patriarch, who was humiliating Lei Tong, was sent flying dozens of miles away by the waves of Qi. He spurted out large mouthfuls of blood and was seriously injured.

The rolling Power of the World covered his entire body. Lei Tong could feel that his strength and aura were rising steadily. A tremendous change had taken place within his body. It was a qualitative change. Lei Tong found out that the power that filled his body was the true power that belonged to him.

The world, this was the real Power of the World. This was the Power of the World that belonged to him.

Lei Tong was extremely excited in his heart, and he couldn't help but let out a long roar.

"You have some ability. You can actually break my restriction. Eh? Your aura. . . You have actually broken through my defense mechanism? This aura, how can it be so terrifying? What cultivation technique are you cultivating?" The old man who had defeated Lei Tong with a single strike appeared once again. He looked at Lei Tong with a surprised expression.

"Do you want to experience this new power of mine?" Lei Tong wore a smile on his face as he looked at the old man provocatively.

"Hmph! Arrogant!" After saying that, he sent another slap towards Lei Tong. Lei Tong sneered. With a flick of his finger, the old man's slap exploded.

"This, this is impossible. Even an Immortal King wouldn't be able to break my attack so easily. You, how can you do that?" The old man's expression was one of panic. He was truly afraid, knowing that he had provoked someone he couldn't afford to provoke.

Lei Tong didn't care if they were afraid or not. His body flashed and appeared in front of the old man. He suddenly attacked and grabbed the old man's neck. A layer of Power of the World emerged and wrapped around the old man. With a slight force, the old man was crushed like a tomato. The Power of the World squeezed and turned into a blood-red pill the size of a soybean. Following the same method, the Immortal Mountain's patriarch was also refined into a pill.

The group of elders and disciples of the Immortal Mountain were so scared by Lei Tong that they collapsed to the ground. No one dared to resist, not even thinking about it.

With a flash of light, a giant red wolf appeared. Lei Tong raised his hand and threw the pill over. The giant wolf excitedly opened its mouth and swallowed it.

"Thank you, master, for the reward. " The huge wolf was naturally Hong.

"I will help you refine it. " With a thought from Lei Tong, the pill was quickly refined and merged into the giant wolf's body. The giant wolf's cultivation base was also rising steadily. Although it hadn't reached the Golden Immortal Realm, it had also reached the peak of the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

After finishing all of this, Lei Tong's body disappeared from where he stood. When he reappeared, he had already arrived at a huge palace. There were a few women locked up here. Apart from that, there were also many people from the Immortal Mountain who had come to Earth from Earth.

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