Abandoned Master Of Flower Palace/C4 Possession of the Wedding Dress
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Abandoned Master Of Flower Palace/C4 Possession of the Wedding Dress
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C4 Possession of the Wedding Dress

"Your mother has a red mole at the bottom of her thigh. It's really red. . . If you don't believe me, you can ask her. Haha! Haha!" Lei Tong laughed loudly and jumped down the cliff. This was a dangerous place. Lei Tong was once the young master of Baihua Palace, so he naturally knew a lot about the nearby places. When he found out that they might be following him, he made a decision.

"Die!" Yu Qingtian rushed forward. Sword qi gushed out, leaving two bloody holes on Lei Tong's shoulder and abdomen. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Lei Tong's clothes, trying to pull him back. He was furious. It was too easy for him to jump off the cliff and die just like that. He had to let him taste the torture of the human world before he died to relieve the anger in his heart.

Lei Tong chuckled. A half-inch long knife appeared in the palm of his left hand. Although it was extremely short, it was incomparably sharp. The knife spun in his palm, and with a thump, a thin and tough rope was cut off.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" With a bang, Lei Tong's clothes were completely torn, and seven or eight inches of cold light shot out from his chest.

"Hmph, do you think these ordinary weapons can hurt me? Go. . . Damn it. . . "

"With a tearing sound, Lei Tong's clothes were completely torn apart, and his body fell to the ground.

Everything that happened back then was still vivid in his mind. Lei Tong was thrown into the bathroom of the Great Elder in a daze, and his body started to react inexplicably. Until now, he still did not understand what was going on.

At that time, he was only eleven years old. Even if he developed earlier than other children, he was still young. How could there be a reaction? It was obvious that he had planned this beforehand. But why was he thrown into the Great Elder's bathroom? Not just the bathroom of the grand elder or the senior sister. There must be something hidden behind this. He could guess the clues, but he couldn't figure it out.

Since the moment Cuihee ruthlessly attacked in Hundred Flowers City, Lei Tong knew that the Great Elder's group was going to attack him. They definitely wouldn't let him go easily. Today, it was confirmed. However, what he didn't expect was that the one who came was actually Yu Qingtian.

Yu Qingtian was the son of the Hundred Herb Hall's Jade Peak. He had successfully built his foundation at fifteen years of age. Now, he had even reached the peak of the mid Foundation Establishment stage. Facing such an expert, Lei Tong felt powerless. The moment he arrived at the cliff, he had already made his decision.

"Hehe, goodbye. If I don't die, I will definitely take my revenge. "

" Bastard, you won't have the chance anymore. Die, die. Die. . . "Sword Qi swept out, striking the top of the cliff, causing rocks to fly everywhere. Wood and grass flew everywhere, and a large amount of sword Qi rushed towards Lei Tong who was falling. Lei Tong's expression was calm. He stared unblinkingly at the top of the cliff, and calmly watched the sword qi coming towards him. Numerous wounds were cut on his body, and there were many bloody holes on his body.

"Damn this Absolute Immortal Cliff, damn it. . . " He would never be willing to die without seeing Lei Tong's death with his own eyes. If it was any other region, he would have already chased after Lei Tong with his sword, but this was the Absolute Immortal Cliff, let alone the Absolute Immortal Cliff. As a Foundation Establishment cultivator, not even a Golden Core or Nascent Soul cultivator would dare to set foot in the ultimate immortal land.

"Hmph, you want to live after falling into the Absolute Immortal Cliff? Dream on. "

"Hm?" Yu Qingtian reached into his bosom, and a Sound Transmission Jade Talisman flickered with light. His divine sense swept over it, and his expression couldn't help but change.

"Damn it, how could this be?"

Yu Qingtian's expression changed indeterminately. In the end, he clenched his teeth and flew over on his sword. Just as Yu Qingtian left, the air rippled like water. Zhu Yue'e appeared out of thin air and looked in the direction that Yu Qingtian flew towards. Then, she looked towards the bottom of the cliff and her fingers moved. She seemed to be chanting some kind of mantra and seemed to be communicating with someone. After a moment, she left with a frown.

Below the cliff, Lei Tong seemed to have fallen onto a super large spring bed. The leaves that splashed up were at least twenty feet tall. Even so, the tremendous impact still knocked him unconscious.

"Kaka, kaka. . . " The quiet cliff was broken by a burst of unpleasant laughter. A gust of wind blew past, and a half-inch tall five-colored figure appeared in midair. It was clearly a Nascent Soul.

The Absolute Immortal Cliff was known as the ultimate land of immortals. Not to mention cultivators, even immortals would not be able to fly after falling into it. However, this five-colored figure was actually flying in the air. It was clearly not ordinary. If someone saw this, they would definitely be shocked beyond words.

"Kaka, what a young body, let me take a look. En, his aptitude is ordinary. Even though his cultivation was crippled, his foundation is still quite sturdy. Kaka, with this body, I can leave this damn place. Kaka, kaka, kaka. The heavens really won't kill me! " The little figure laughed loudly, his voice full of excitement.

The little guy was clearly a bit impatient, and he even ignored the damage to Lei Tong's body and the serious injuries he suffered. His head burrowed into the Niwan Palace above his head.

"Kaka, little sweetheart, don't resist. I, the old ancestor, am the kindest. I guarantee that I will swallow it in one gulp without suffering any pain. "

"You! Who are you?! Where is this place?!" Lei Tong, who was in a coma, suddenly felt a tremor in his body, followed by a trance. When he opened his eyes, the world had turned gray. In the rolling gray fog, the world had turned gray. There were also countless black dots, which looked like small insects.

"Quack, quack, where are you looking?"

"Ah. . . " Only now did Lei Tong realize that it was not those little insects that were talking, but two five-colored pillars that were further away. Uh, two legs. Such a tall person - Lei Tong raised his head and could not even see the other party's head.

"Haha, little bean, you are really small! It was simply not enough to sift through the gaps between his teeth. However, in order to completely fuse with this body, I still have to eat you. "

" What. . . You, this, this is my sea of consciousness. You, you want to possess me. " Lei Tong never thought that this would be the first time he entered his Sea of Consciousness.

Resistance? Impossible. The other party was too powerful, as if he was facing a mighty Immortal God.

Why, why did this happen?

Lei Tong was unwilling to accept this. No, I can't just die like this. I want to find out the truth. I want to find my parents. I want revenge. Even if it's an Immortal God, I can't just sit there and wait for death.

This is my sea of consciousness, everything is mine.

"Kaka, interesting. You want to fight back? Kaka, I'll play with you. "

Perhaps it was because he had been lonely for too long, or perhaps it was because of a sudden impulse. The five-colored Nascent Soul didn't seem to be in a hurry to eat Lei Tong. He opened his mouth and blew. Lei Tong felt that the entire heaven and earth was filled with turbulent winds. A gust of strong wind blew him away.

"Kaka, kaka, hahaha, haha!"

"No, this is my Divine Sense, I am the master of it! I am the ruler of my territory!" Lei Tong rolled up to the sky and let out an angry roar.

"Kaka, now this place belongs to me, the Old Ancestor. "

"No, wind, you use the wind to blow me, I will also use the wind to blow you. " Lei Tong roared. He also opened his mouth and blew fiercely, but in the end, there was no reaction.

"Why can't I? Why can't I?"

"Haha, haha, let me teach you. . . " The five-colored Nascent Soul seemed to have the intention to tease him. It even wanted to play with him like a cat or mouse. It actually taught him some ways to use his Divine Sense.




Lei Tong roared. Along with his roar, wild winds howled in his sea of consciousness. Swords and swords rained down like rain. Thunder rumbled as it rushed towards the Five-Colored Nascent Soul and engulfed it.

"Kaka! Interesting! Too bad you don't have enough strength. " The Five-Colored Nascent Soul didn't care at all. With a wave of its hand, it shattered everything.

Lei Tong did his best. Although he was getting more and more skilled, he still couldn't hurt the five-colored Nascent Soul.

"Kaka, little bean, let's stop here. " The Five-Colored Nascent Soul seemed to have lost interest in playing with Lei Tong. It opened its mouth and sucked. A terrifying suction force was felt. The entire sea of consciousness shook along with it. Lei Tong's divine sense origin light ball flew uncontrollably into the Five-Colored Nascent Soul's mouth.


Lei Tong wasn't willing to give up. He crazily manipulated everything in his sea of consciousness and unleashed all kinds of attacks.

"Kaka! Stop struggling! It's useless!"


Lei Tong's divine sense started to shine with a colorful light. The black dots floating in his sea of consciousness suddenly trembled, and then swarmed over as if they had been summoned. Lei Tong's divine sense origin was like a magnet attracting iron chips, sucking all the black dots over, as if he was wearing a layer of armor.

"En? What's going on? It still exists, it hasn't fused yet. " The five-colored Nascent Soul swallowed the ball of light from Lei Tong's Divine Sense. It instinctively felt that something was wrong, but it couldn't figure it out.

"Kaka, no matter what it is, let's first refine and merge with this body. "

The five-colored Nascent Soul sat cross-legged in Lei Tong's sea of consciousness. It formed a seal with its hand and began to refine Lei Tong.

Ten minutes, two hours, one day. . . The Five-Colored Nascent Soul finally realized that something was wrong. He discovered that not only was Lei Tong not refined, but his energy was also being absorbed by his Nascent Soul, as if it wanted to refine him.

Two days later, the absorption became even more obvious. At the same time, the fluctuation of Lei Tong's Divine Sense became stronger and stronger. The Five-Colored Nascent Soul felt uneasy.

"Bastard, what's going on? Get the hell out here!"

The Five-Colored Nascent Soul was going crazy. He wanted to get Lei Tong out of his body, but Lei Tong seemed to have grown inside his body and couldn't get him out no matter what. He even thought of a way to cripple himself, and forcefully dig his body apart, but it was still useless.

The layer of black matter that wrapped around Lei Tong's Divine Sense radiated countless tentacles that looked like fungus. They penetrated into the Five-Colored Nascent Soul's body and kept absorbing its energy.

The Five-Colored Nascent Soul struggled violently. It wanted to escape from Lei Tong's Divine Sense, but unfortunately, it found out that its Divine Sense seemed to be confined and couldn't get out.

"Nirvana Soul Silk! It's the Nirvana Soul Silk! Ah! Who is it?! Who is it that is plotting against me?!" The Five-Colored Nascent Soul's expression was filled with terror and grief. It had worked hard for thousands of years, but in the end, it had become someone else's wedding dress.

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