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C54 Face

Lei Tong withdrew his mind and began to comprehend the memories and scriptures on these stone tablets. No matter what the future was like, since the Ji Yuan had arrived, he wouldn't miss it.

"This Great Nirvana Scripture is truly profound. Just the memory alone is already so difficult. If I want to comprehend it, I don't know how long it will take!" Lei Tong sighed with emotion as he walked to the next stone tablet.

"Kacha, poof!"

Lei Tong turned around and saw that the stone tablet that recorded the Great Nirvana Scripture had shattered and collapsed with his departure. In the end, the crushed stones had also shattered and dissipated like bubbles. What was going on? Why do I feel that with the shattering of the stone tablet, the Great Nirvana Scripture will no longer appear?

As Lei Tong was thinking. . . The old man's voice suddenly rang out from the bottom of his heart, "You're right. Even if you f * cking learned it, everything here won't last long. It will collapse in at most ten years. "

"What, how did this happen?"

Lei Tong looked at the stone monument in front of him and silently calculated the time. He found that even if he didn't cultivate, he would need at least fifteen years to remember the things on the stone monument.

"Good boy, how much is this? How can I remember it all?" Lei Tong did not dare to delay and once again immersed himself in his memory.

A scripture book was memorized, and the stone tablets shattered one by one. Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, Lei Tong didn't know how much time had passed. Only his hair grew longer and longer, and it was now at his waist.

"The Heavenly Devil Combat Heavenly Art. What a domineering name. What a terrifying combat skill. It can destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth with just a wave of its hand. " Lei Tong couldn't help but sigh. He couldn't help but try to comprehend the technique. Right at this moment, the old man suddenly appeared and looked at him with a smile, a look of relief on his face.

"Senior, what are you doing?"

"Hehe, it can be said that you are from the younger generation! In ten years, you actually remembered a hundred thousand laws! Indeed impressive. "

" What, it has already been ten years? " Lei Tong was shocked. He looked at his waist-length hair and could not help but feel anxious.

"Haha, don't worry. Ten years in the outside world is more than a month. There's nothing to worry about. "

"The outside world? Could it be that I. . . " Lei Tong looked around and found that he was no longer in the square, nor was there any hassock.

"This is the Monolith Forest, it can also be said to be the mourning hall. A secret technique represents a mighty cultivator. " The old man gently stroked a stone tablet beside him with a sad expression.

. . . "" Lei Tong was silent, not knowing how to comfort him.

"Hehe, look at me. I'm here to tell you that it's time to go out. "

"What? Senior, you. . . " Lei Tong was startled. When he recalled what the old man had said earlier, he couldn't help but feel somewhat worried.

"It doesn't matter. There's still time. The reason I'm teaching you is because your friends seem to be in a bad situation. " After saying that, the old man waved his hand, and ripples appeared in front of Lei Tong. After that, the square slowly appeared.

"You and him are in the same boat. How could you not know his background? All of you better behave yourselves. Otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite. " Situ Kuangfeng shouted rudely.

"If he suddenly disappears, he must have obtained a great lucky chance. Such a lucky chance will definitely shake the heavens and earth. We must make him come out. " Someone shouted like this.

"Call him out, we have to call him out. "

"Capture them! They are that brat's fellow brothers! They seem to have a good relationship with each other, use him to threaten us!"

"And that girl. Maybe it's that kid's good friend who wants to capture her. If he doesn't agree, we'll f * ck her in front of him. "

"Right, right, fuck her. "

"Call out the Inventory Bag, we need to check" One of them immediately snatched the storage bags from the little fatty and Nangong Bumie.

"You, you guys have gone too far. When senior brother comes out, I won't forgive you. "

"Hmm? This storage bag seems to belong to our Yama King's Stronghold. " A brawny man with a big beard suddenly took the storage bag and examined it. After that, he looked at the little fatty with an ugly expression and said, "You dare to touch the people of the Yama King's Stronghold?"

"Your Yama King's Stronghold is nothing. Let me tell you, my name is Ma Jun, a member of the Ma family. His name is Nangong Bumie, a member of the Nangong family. Her name is Lu Xiaoya, a member of the Lu family of Medicine King Valley. We are all disciples of the Qianyuan Mountain now, and you are bullying the weak with your own strength. The Qianyuan Mountain and our families will never let you off. "

"Little bastard, you sure have a sharp tongue. Others are afraid of your Qianyuan Mountain, but your so-called families. In the eyes of the Yama King's Stronghold, that's bullsh * t. "

"Yama King's Stronghold, Lord Fatty will remember you all. Aren't you just a Foundation Establishment cultivator? What's so great about it? You are so old. Don't you find it embarrassing to cultivate to Foundation Establishment? And you even have the cheek to show off. Give Lord Fatty three years. No, two years. Lord Fatty would definitely be able to reach Foundation Establishment. At that time, Lord Fatty will definitely destroy your Yama King's Stronghold. Of course, If you're afraid, you can do it now. " The little fatty said fiercely. His face was full of disdain.

Actually, he was very scared in his heart, but at this time, he couldn't act like a bear anymore. Although he knew he couldn't win, he couldn't be weak. Once he was weak, the situation would become even worse.

"What a good little rabbit, you still dare play tricks on me? Let me tell you, Even if I don't do it myself, I can still kill you. Guo Huai, teach him a lesson. "

" Don't worry, Third Master. Are you going to die or be half-dead? "

"Don't talk so much nonsense. Don't kill him for the time being, cripple him for me. "

"Take a look. " The young man called Guo Huai looked at Little Fatty, and a trace of a disdainful and cold smile flashed on his face. After that, his hands successively formed seals, and his entire body flickered with a dazzling and resplendent light.

"F * ck, what kind of magic is this? It's even emitting light. "

"Fatty, be careful. This isn't an ordinary magic. This is a metal-type magic, and it has tens of thousands of multicolored lights. What shot out wasn't light. It's a golden needle condensed from magical energy. It's even more powerful than an ordinary golden needle. It specializes in breaking through defenses. It's very terrifying. " Nangong Bumie's expression changed slightly when he saw this. He hurriedly reminded.

"Golden needle? Fuck, there are so many of them, this is too abnormal. " The little fatty originally wanted to use his magic power to form a protective shield to protect his heart and soul. After Nangong Bumie's reminder, he was so frightened that he hurriedly activated a small shield. Then, he felt that it was uncertain and built a few defensive talismans.

"Hmph, it's useless. Enjoy it well. " Guo Huai snorted with disdain. He pushed his hand seal forward and countless golden needles flashed with a piercing light as they shot towards the little fatty.

"Sizzle sizzle sizzle"

The golden needles pierced through the three defensive layers of the talisman effortlessly, and all of them struck the round shield that was suspended in front of Little Fatty.

"Crackle, crackle, crunch!" In just a few breaths of time, the round shield had withstood over a thousand concentrated attacks. Finally, it was unable to withstand them, and was completely crippled. It shattered into seven or eight pieces that fell to the ground.

"Fatty, be careful. " Nangong Bumie was shocked. He raised his hand and struck out a palm, hoping to shake off those golden needles. Right at this moment, he thrust out his palm diagonally. Waves of ice energy drifted out from his palm.

"You. . . " Nangong Bumie's palm was pushed away, and his palm was invaded by a wave of cold energy. His entire body was piercingly cold, and he was trembling. The one who attacked was the big bearded man, the Third Master of the Yama King Palace.

"Since this is a fair fight, no one else can interfere. "

"Damn it! You think you can kill Lord Fatty like this? Dream on! Ah! Heaven Devouring Earth!" The little fatty suddenly opened his mouth, and an enormous suction force came out from his mouth. The golden needles that flew over seemed to be bound, and they spun and gathered towards the fatty's mouth.

"Hmph, you're courting death!" Guo Huai coldly snorted and lightly spat out a word, Explode! The golden needles that had just been sucked into the fatty's mouth all shook intensely, and were about to explode.

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