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C1 C.M

"Please d-don't!" Ellah exclaimed, her voice trembling. Her innocent eyes glistened with tears as her body trembled in fear.

"You must pay for what your father did to me, sweetheart." His voice was lethal.

She winced, and the tears that were about to fall fell in her eyes like rain. Even though she couldn't see the man's full face because they were in a dark room with only the light from a lampshade, she could tell he was up to something bad.

She drew closer to the bed's headboard and hugged the blanket tightly to her body, as if the blanket could hide what the man in front of her was about to do.

She couldn't believe what he said. Ellah knew he was fabricating a story against her father. This man is lying! Her father is a well-known businessman with a good heart. Her father never hurt anyone because he understood what it meant to be kind to others.

"You're sick! My father is a kind man. H-how come you accuse my father of that?" Ellah knew her voice was weak from fear, but she managed to defend her beloved father.

She heard him curse in the air. She almost had a heart attack when she noticed that his face had darkened, even though she couldn't see the man's entire face. Why won't this man just let her go? She, like her father, is completely innocent.

"Killing your father is what I need, but when I saw you, his beautiful daughter... I changed my mind; I will make your father suffer the pain he caused me."

"You're a demon!" In front of her was a lunatic. She wanted to attack and hit the man, but she knew it wouldn't work. She'll only end up hurting herself more.

He smirked. "Yes, I am, and hell is my domain," he said as he moved closer to her.


Her entire body went cold. She tightened her grip on the blanket even more. Whatever he intends to do, she will ensure that he fails! He'll have to wait for her to die before he can do what he wants. She wanted to escape, but her mind was so preoccupied that she couldn't think clearly.

My God! Help me!

"S-stay away from me..."

The man in front of her just grinned foolishly. He was already at the foot of the bed when she noticed him removing his shirt and throwing it somewhere. Her hair stood up on her body, and she began screaming in fear, terrified of what might happen. She is not a fool if she does not understand what he means; he will do something bad to her! Fear gripped her, but she quickly wiped the tears from her eyes. She jumped on the bed to run to the door and escape that hell, but he grabbed her waist.

She resembled a piece of paper that he had pulled out. She screamed her head off in fear, but her back fell and landed on the soft bed. He tightened his grip on her hand and pressed it against her head. Because of the exerted pressure on her wrist, causing her to scream even louder. The man won't be able to touch her body, she swears!

God, please no!

She tried to break free, but she almost exhausted all of her strength. Again, tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Yeah, scream. Nobody will notice you. You're in my territory," His voice sounds deadly and fatal.

She closed her eyes as tears ran down her cheeks. She didn't want to see this stranger's face. Whatever she does to plead, and fight seems meaningless. Was this the end of his false accusation against her father?

"P-please, I beg you... Let go of me! My father is worried—" When he tightened his grip on her hand, the pain overwhelmed her even more.

Ellah felt as if she were drowning when the man's weight landed on top of her, but that didn't matter, all Ellah wanted was to get out of this hell.

"Don't worry, you're not going to return to your father."

Fear gripped her entire being as she pondered what the man had done to her father. She was able to examine this man's face freely thanks to the lampshade. For a few seconds, she was stunned and speechless. If his eyes hadn't already turned to hers, filled with rage, lust, and vengeance, she wouldn't have regained her senses.

"You?!" Anger suddenly rose in her heart when she finally recognized the man in front of her.

He didn't say anything; he just grinned and gave her a forceful kiss on the lips. She closed her eyes and resumed her fight. He can't have her body because she's getting married in two months.

She sobbed as she realized there was nothing, she could do to stop this man. When he pressed his lips against her neck, it felt like thousands of volts passed through her body. She yelled for help, but he covered her mouth so she couldn’t make a sound. Nothing happened, no matter how much she begged and struggled, because a demon appeared to be in the form of a person in front of her now. A sob almost mixed with cold and tears on her cheeks as it escaped her throat.

"Ready?" He smirks like a demon.


She sobbed at the thought of him doing something she couldn't bear. Until she felt him yank her summer dress and tear it.She attempted to stop him, but one of his hands grabbed both of hers. Whatever she does, nothing happens. Nothing. This is almost certainly the end of her. She had to inform her father about this demon. She loves her father, and the thought of something bad happening to him sends shivers down her spine. Her father was her only family.

He ripped the scanty cloth that hid her private parts. She wished she could wrap her hands around them, but she couldn't. As one of his hands freely moves over her body, instilling that unforgivable fear. Her sobbing and screams grew louder. Her body refused every caress it gave her.

She cried out, "N-no, please!" but understood that her voice was helpless. His kisses on her appear to be crushing her from the inside out. Her mind was troubled by the strange heat that his hands were creating in her body. She's confused!

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