ABDUCTED BY THE BILLIONAIRE/C3 The Businesstycon, Cuhen Malcogn
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ABDUCTED BY THE BILLIONAIRE/C3 The Businesstycon, Cuhen Malcogn
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C3 The Businesstycon, Cuhen Malcogn

The towering falls on her right were sending out a strong flow of water, which she could see. And though she thought swimming in the water would be nice, her current state made her uninterested. She was abducted by a demon who had destroyed her life and taken to a mountain!

An unexpected cold breeze blew in. She hugged herself and went back to bed. What will she do to leave this place? She has to do something, but what should she do? Where does she start? She's not particularly good at it. Her life revolves around her world, which includes school, home, and the family business. As a result, she's having trouble deciding what her first step should be.

When the door was opened and someone entered, Ellah was instantly filled with dread and fear when she saw the man. She hugged herself as she pushed herself up against the headboard.

"Eat," he said, placing a tray of pancakes and juice on the bed.

She only became hungry after staring at the food. Of course, she didn't eat last night, and she’s not going to eat the food he brought. Nobody knows whether it's poisonous or not. Will he kill her with poison? She will not eat it even if she dies of starvation.

"No!" she exclaimed, wrapping her arms around herself even tighter. The man immediately grinned like a demon when she said that. It looked at her as if she were a timid little creature afraid of being eaten by an eagle.

"All right," he said, as he walked towards the door. "Don't eat until you're dying of hunger," he said as he slammed the door shut.

She can't help but cry once more.


CUHEN was astounded by the stunning flowers in the garden of his rest house. This was his perfect sanctuary with his beloved fiancée, Florae. Until his mother and fiancée, Florae, were murdered by Don Hernandez. He'll never forgive the old man, and he'll seek even more restitution for what he's taken from him. He was not in the Philippines when his mother and fiancee were murdered. Her mother was hit twice in the chest. Meanwhile, three blows to his fiancée's head; their wedding was only two weeks away.


He shouldn't have left to begin with for a business meeting. What is all the money worth if the woman he loves is no longer alive? He couldn't blame his mother and Florae for going out to eat that day.


Cuhen shut his eyes tightly, fighting back the tears that were on the verge of falling. However, the fact that the powerful agency was unable to identify the killer of the two women who were important to him made him even more furious. He was helped by his friends Herrence and Farhistt, but the killer was so skilled that there was no way to catch it, which only made him more furious. He therefore decided to pursue the truth on his own terms.

He served in the Army before becoming one of the most successful businessmen, amassing billions of dollars. When he met Florae six years ago, he left the military and went into business. He'd rather have a family with Florae than serve in the military without her. He got a small lead from his investigation, and it was enough to prove that no one else but Don Hernandez was responsible for the death of the important person in his life.

It's time to pay back! When he discovered who the culprit was, he waited for Mr. Hernandez at his mansion. When Mr. Hernandez's daughter appeared from behind him, he had the gun loaded and ready to murder the old man.

The woman embraced and kissed the old man on the cheek. His original plan to kill the murderer was derailed when he had the idea to murder his only daughter instead. The old man wants to play a game with him, but now he'll play fairly, just like Don Hernandez did to him, he grinned.


ELLAH opened her eyes. She hadn't even realized she'd fallen asleep crying. She looked down at her clothes, relieved to see that she still had clothes on. She grabbed her stomach. She was starving, and it was as if time had betrayed her because she could smell the delicious, cooked food from where she was. Her stomach was churning from hunger.

Later, the door suddenly opened, revealing the person she had been cursing in her mind. The aroma of the food on another tray he was carrying was mouthwatering.

"Eat," he suggested.

His voice... It felt good to listen to, but she quickly dismissed that thought. She hasn't even looked at this man’s face since this morning!

"I w-wont! What if you put poison in it that will kill me right away?" She squeezed the side of the bed again, but the truth was that she really wanted to eat it.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm not going to kill you right away. First, I'm going to show your stupid father how to lose someone important in his life."

She took a deep breath as he said it. He'll never be able to win her over. She'll do anything to escape this hellhole! God alone will determine what she does.

She raised her head and glared at him angrily. He appeared unbothered with his bored expression. He sat on the edge of her bed, he set the tray down on the mattress. She's seen it on TV, the internet, and social media many times because of his wealth. The billionaire, Cuhen Malcogn, is the person standing in front of him. Cuhen Malcogn turned down her father's offer to make a business deal when their company was about to fail as a result of a number of problems, and instead offered to buy it. Her parents had been working on it for a long time, despite the fact that they were not as wealthy as the young man. She and her father did not sell it, and their business gradually recovered with the assistance of Kleve Vergan.

Business tycoon Mr. Cuhen Malcogn is like an eagle in the business world. All that he desires is his; he has no fear or mercy when it comes to the world of money and business, which is why he is so wealthy today. He overthrows those who disagree with him and crushes those who betray his trust. She knew that his mother and his doctor's fiancee had passed away recently.

Her attention was no longer drawn to what was going on around her. Her heart swelled with anger, and the fear she had felt dissipated. She leapt onto the bed and smacked him across the face. He's so narcissistic!

"You're a complete idiot, Mr. Malcogn! Do you believe my father murdered them? It is obvious that my father is not to blame in this situation. You've gone insane. You'll die. You'll die, demon!"

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