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C4 Take My Hand

The slap she delivered did not jolt him, but it did darken his features. She was terrified again. She stepped back and resumed her previous position. She had forgotten that the man in front of her was a lunatic who was feared by all. He could have killed her right now, which terrified her even more.

"Now that you know who I am, eat!"

She screamed back at him when he yelled at her. Fear almost caused her to pass out. She shook her head. "I’m not going to!"

And what he did next caught her off guard. Cuhen Malcogn threw the tray, and the food scattered. His face is dark and irritable, as if he is upset. Her tears started flowing again.


"Damn you, lady!" he yelled as he stormed out.

If the door hadn't been solidly built, it would have given up for a long time because he would close the door loudly every time he left. But no matter how hard she tried to think of a first step if she could still escape, she couldn't come up with one. Her stomach was churning, and she was hungry. She was sorry for the spilled food, but she was simply cautious. She didn't want to die with her mouth foaming with poison and be thrown into the forest.

Her gaze was drawn to the window. She'd been staring at it for a while when an idea struck her. She examined the blanket and the two curtains hung on the wall. Right! This is what she'll use to defeat the demon in human form while she still has time. She'd rather die in the woods than be killed by him. She’s hoping to find a way out of this forest.

She grabbed the curtain and the blanket and tied the ends together quickly. She dashed to the window and tied the end of the rope to the wooden pillar that separated the windows. Ellah's mind had already wandered to another idea, so she stopped checking to see if it had reached the bottom. She doesn't have much time, and right now, leaving is all she can think about. She didn't make a sound as she dashed to the back of the door when she heard the man's footsteps. She holds her breath for a moment, trying not to make a sound. She bit her lower lip. She must escape alive!

She smirked and dashed to the window as soon as she heard him curse in the air and ran outside. She bolted out the door. Before she could congratulate herself on the brilliant scheme she had hatched, she hurried to the window and peered inside. From her vantage point, she saw the man enter the forest on the left, where there was no water flowing.

This is her one and only opportunity to escape. She didn't waste any time and quickly left the room. Ellah was ecstatic because the door to the living room was unlocked and only slightly ajar. She ran to the right side of the woods because she couldn't think any longer. During those times, she ran and walked.

She was running, oblivious to the pain in her foot, which seemed to be numbing now. Her one foot clung to the jutting roots and she stumbled. She couldn't remember how many scars and wounds she had on her knee, leg, and arm, but it’s okay. She needs to run away as far as she can!


Long runs weren't her thing, but she had to leave this place right away.


The sky was about to turn dark. She is afraid of the dark. She blinked her eyes, panicked and unsure of her surroundings. She could only see tall, towering trees. She grows more and more resentful of the forest as the chirping of nearby birds, the noise of insects, and her heartbeat increase!

She hates it! But it's better than being brutally murdered by a man named Cuhen.

"Ouch!" She screamed as a sharp stone pierced her foot. Her eyes were bloodshot from trying not to cry despite the fact that she could see the blood flowing. She shut her eyes and sat through the pain for a moment. She must control herself because if she keeps crying, nothing good will ever happen to her. She was startled, however, when she later caught a glimpse of the large, black wild boar from a distance. When it saw her, it suddenly stopped shoving against the ground and turned its hungry eyes toward her.

She doesn't want to be dinner for the wild pig! Despite the pain in her foot, she stood up quickly and began to walk. But she looked like she was giving the boar a reason to follow her. She stopped and stoned it.

"Go away!"

She was terrified when she realized the wild pig would attack her rather than run away. Despite the pain in her foot, she runs. She was startled to hear gunshots in the distance. She turned around and saw the dead boar in front of her.


She couldn't move when she noticed Cuhen Malcogn, who was standing in the distance with a gun in one hand and a dark expression on his face. He's staring at her. Her knees shook as fear spread like a parasite throughout her body. No! How did Cuhen track her down? Is she going to die right now? She's already gotten away, so why is the forest betraying her? She'd rather die running away than be killed.

"Stop running, you damn woman!" His voice was like thunder, and that scared her more.

She hurried away, unaware of the cliff's edge ahead of her, even though she couldn't escape now. All she wanted to do was get away from him and live and the next thing happen… She screamed. She would have died if she hadn't grabbed the tree's protruding root.


The man she had been running from appeared in front of her in an instant. He quickly knelt down and extended his hand to her.

"Take my hand, woman!"

Whatever happens, she will not reach for his hand. Her escape became pointless once she reached for the man's hand in front of her. Tears streamed down her cheeks once more, confirming her vulnerability.

He growls, "Bullshit, grab it now!"

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