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“Oh, shit!” Leonard widened his eyes. “Isn’t it the one that mocks you all the time?”

“Yes, exactly. She didn’t like me from the beginning when I started studies. All because I’m a totally opposite type and that Fred was with me then. She was infatuated with him, so I guess it was the main reason she hated me.

You know, she had many guys and liked smoking pot sometimes. And several other girls are her friends. Such companies don’t accept those who are not like them. So, unfortunately, she’s not the only one that mocks me. But I don’t allow them to break me. I just ignore them, at least for now. But I can protect myself if needed.”

“I see. Just don’t let them humiliate you,” Leonard said “but you know, I’m just dying to punch that filthy bastard’s face if I meet him one day, for all your suffering.”

“Now, now, Leonard, we’ve been through this already,” Alice frowned. “Don’t start a fight. No need to get your hands dirty. He’s not worth that. Also, you might have problems after that – you could be blamed for starting a fight and beating a human. So calm down, ok?”

“Ok, ok, if you say so,” Leonard winked to her. “But in case, I’m good at judo, you know.”

“No doubt,” Alice smirked. “If it gets totally bad, then we will be the last to laugh.”

“Right!” Leonard approved, and both siblings burst into laughing when suddenly Mother’s voice resounded from downstairs:

“Leonard! Alice! Time for lunch!”

“Alright, let’s go then,” Alice said, standing up. “Can’t wait to enjoy one of my favorite dishes.”

“Yeah, me too. I’m hungry like hell”.

Mother had already laid the table when both her offsprings came into the dining room. The air was filled with the aroma of Mexican dishes.

“Come, have a sit, my darlings,” she said gently, putting a large plate of Enchiladas on the table. “I hope I succeeded in this Mexican stuff. I’m aware of how much you like it, so I tried to do my best. I’ll make more when Karl comes home from work, so eat how much you want.”

“Thanks, Mum,” Alice said, sitting opposite her brother. Mrs. Moral then sat down herself and they began their lunch.

“How are your studies going, son?” she asked. Leonard swallowed what was in his mouth and replied:

“Quite good. A few years more and I finally can become a lawyer, as I always wanted. When the last year comes, I will begin practice. So the professor said.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear it. What about you, Alice? What are your plans?”

“As I’ve told, I was searching information for my thesis. I told Leonard about the theme I’d like to speak about. Rather specific one, but it’s worth the time. I plan to write about the affection of horror fiction on real life.”

“Hm… May I ask for details?” Mother asked.

“Sure. We know that people committed hideous crimes like the one in Columbine high school. For most part, the criminals were teens. And I’ve read that many of them were affected by some work of fiction in horror genre – film, game, etc. So I’d like to explore how this could happen. What exactly the motivations were and in which moment the border between reality and fiction started to blur. I think it’s a good job for a psychologist, and if we manage to understand how it works, it might be possible to prevent such crimes in the future.”

Mrs. Moral was lost in thought for a few minutes and then spoke:

“That’s an interesting theme you chose, dear. Maybe you could be right. I was somehow always sure that children play too much of shooting games and then try to imitate it in real life. And often they have no one to talk with. Such people indeed need the help of a psychologist.”

“Or even a psychiatrist,” Leonard added. “I’m only worried about one thing. Alice will definitely need to interview such psychos, and I’m afraid some of them might harm her.”

“Come on, Leonard, there will always be someone watching all the process behind the door. And if anything happens, they will intervene at once,” Alice huffed, rolling her eyes.

“All will be fine, son, don’t worry. Alice knows what she’s doing. I have no doubt about her,” Mother said with a gentle smile.

“At half past four I have to go and collect Mina from school,” Alice said. “Her mother has some meeting and father still will be at work. So they asked me to come for her. Mrs. Park will be home approximately at six, so I’ll take Mina for a walk till


“She sure loves you,” Leonard smirked. “Isn’t her mother jealous?”

“Not at all,” Alice answered. “I’m like an elder sister for her. From the moment I stood up for her when she was bullied, Mina grew attached to me. And she’s a very sweet little girl.”

“Sure, dear. It’s now one o’clock, so you can have a rest before you go,” Mrs. Moral said, putting a piece of meat in her mouth.

“Yeah, I think I’ll take a nap for an hour,” Alice replied “and then I’ll go for Mina.”

Lunch had passed in a cheerful chat and laugh. Alice helped her mother to wash dishes and then went upstairs. Leonard was sitting at his computer again and Alice went to her room to take a peaceful nap.


Calix Vergara was walking around his territory, checking all the traps he had set. All these long months were so long and boring, no living soul has stepped in the territory of Camp South River. All he could do in winter and spring was resetting the traps and just walk around without any job.

But now the situation has changed. The summer has just started, and it meant the beginning of camping season. Soon the teen campers will begin to visit this place, and Calix will finally get the chance to have his fun.

And so he stood on the hill, watching the lake and waiting… patiently waiting…

He knows that he can get someone soon, and he can’t wait it to happen. He devilishly smirked.

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