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C4 Chapter 4

*Characters thoughts*

Asher marched over to our table once he stood in front of us, and he glared down at me. “We need to talk now,” he demanded in a low growl, grabbing for my arm.

My friends stared at Asher with wide eyes. Stephanie stood quickly. “You can’t just order her around, asshole!” She snapped, irritated.

Asher turned his gaze from me to Stephanie. “Stay out of this. It has nothing to do with you,” He sneered, shoving her lightly back into the booth.

That’s when I felt a wave of deep anger inside me rise. “Hey, you can be a fucking dick to me all you want but never touch my friends again,” I countered with my fist clenched so tightly my hand turned pale.

Asher grabbed me, pulling me away from the booth, and my friends ran after us. He swiveled back around towards them, letting out a ferocious snarl. “Back off,” He said in a low tone. My friends looked petrified.

I glanced at them, reassuring them. “It’s okay. I’ll be right back,” I told my friends, and they nodded hesitantly.

I couldn’t say anymore before Asher pulled me away by my hand out of the coffee shop and around to the side of the building. He stopped abruptly, which made me run into him. I pressed my lips together, and my face grim. He turned around to face me. His face tense.

“What is the problem now? I told you the school would probably call your parents,” I said, lifting a brow in confusion why he would come looking for me. He only stared at me, not saying a word as if he is fighting himself.

I pulled my hand away. “If you won’t talk, then I’m going back inside,” I said in annoyance.

He took a deep breath and calmed himself. “I know about Trent,” Asher said. “He came to practice telling the entire team you kissed him,” he growled at the words leaving his mouth.

My brows drew together with fury. “What?!” My lips pursed in anger. “I didn’t kiss him,” I spat. Asher’s face turned to relief at the news. I stared at him, perplexed. “Why would you even care if I did?” I asked, and his body tensed again. “Ugh, I’m done trying to talk to you. All you have are secrets,” I told him, turning to leave, but his hand gripped my arm gently.

“Wait,” he said, spinning me around to look at him once more. He sighed, biting his lip, which caused my insides to tingle. *What the hell, Paisley? Get yourself together. It’s Asher.* I shook the feelings away. “I met my wolf, and I’ve just been going through some things that I can’t explain. You wouldn’t know because you may never meet yours,” He declared.

Just when I thought he was sweet, he turned back into the same Asher. I sighed, rolling my eyes. “Thanks,” I said sarcastically, folding my arms as I am annoyed with his presence now. “You know what, just leave me alone. It’s what you have always done, and if Trent and I become friends, that is none of your business,” I announced, yanking my arm away from him, walking back to the coffee shop.

The rest of the time with my friends went by in a blur because my mind couldn’t stop thinking about everything going on with Asher and Trent.

I walked through the door to the packhouse a few hours later. I am surprised by a large group of pack members in the living room while my mom and dad walk from the kitchen. My dad smacked my mom on the ass, and I gagged inside. “Come on, you guys, seriously,” I covered my eyes, turning away from them.

They both just laughed at my embarrassment. “You will feel differently when you find your mate,” My mom declared, and my dad turned around quickly with a deep growl.

I looked at him, annoyed. “Don’t worry, dad, I am not in a rush for that to happen,” I reassured him.

A smirk appeared on his face. “That’s my girl,” he said and turned back to his friends.

Mom glanced at me. “Hunter is in the backyard with Asher. Maybe you should join them,” she suggested rubbing my shoulder then followed behind my dad. I sighed heavily, walking past all the guests.

I headed through the sliding glass door, taking a seat on the sofa. Hunter and Asher are playing something on Asher’s phone in the chairs by the pool. *Why am I stuck here with these two on a Saturday night?* I thought to myself. My phone pinged, and that caught Asher’s attention. He glared in my direction. I stuck my tongue out at him and went about reading my text.

Random number: “Hey Paisley, It’s Trent. I got your number from Elaina.”

I rolled my eyes at the text.

“Elaina, I’m going to kill you,” I whispered to myself.

Paisley: “Why did you want my number? And why did you tell the entire football team I kissed you?”

The three little bubbles were displayed and erased several times before he sent his message.

Trent: “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that. Asher confronted me when I showed up. He caught your scent on me, and I panicked, blurting it out.”

I glared at my phone. I looked up to see what the boys are doing, and I caught Asher staring at me and rolled my eyes at him, bringing my attention back to my phone.

I continued the conversation with Trent.

Paisley: “What you did was wrong.”

Trent: “I know. I am sorry, Paisley.”

Paisley: “It’s fine, but don’t do it again. So are you going to tell me why you wanted my number?”

There the bubbles were again, which took more than a few minutes for him to reply like he was trying to figure out his excuse for texting me.

Trent: “Look, Paisley, I like you. Since day one I have, just had a terrible way of showing it, and I’m sorry. I bullied you because I liked you, and I know that is a shitty excuse, but it’s true. I’m just terrible with words, but then Asher told me to stay away from you, but I can’t.”

I had my eyes glued to my screen in shock when Asher came over, taking a seat across from me in the patio chair.

“Why is your phone literally in your face?” Asher asked, putting his leg over the side of the chair.

I pursed my lips, lifting a brow. “That is none of your business. You never cared before,” I responded, clearly annoyed by Asher’s nosiness.

He got up quickly, coming over to me, and tried to grab my phone, but I swiftly avoided his grip until he tickled me like he did when we were kids to get me to give up a toy he wanted. He continued to tickle me on my sides, and as usual, I squirmed at his touch, and my phone easily slipped from my fingers, and Asher took off running as he laughed hysterically.

I got up, chasing him. “ASHER?!” I shouted. “Give me my phone!” I said breathlessly as I still chased him around the yard, grabbing for his shirt, but it slipped from my grip. He stopped turning towards me, holding up my phone, moving it side to side, teasing me. I glared daggers through him.

“Let’s just see who this mystery person is that you are talking to,” He said chuckling as I ran up trying to get it away from him, but he held it high over his head, and unfortunately, I am the size of my mother. *Curse you, mom, for giving me the legs of a corgi.* I Jumped to reach for his hand. But it’s when my phone pinged again that Asher’s friendly, fun face disappeared as he stared at my screen. I swallowed hard, knowing why his expression changed.

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