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C5 Chapter 5

As Asher stared at my lit screen, my heart dropped. He looked down at me, and his eyes looked as if they caught fire. “You’re talking to Trent?” He asked in a low tone.

I glared at him with so much anger. “I told you it is none of your business. You had never cared before if a boy liked me. Why act like the friend you should have been a long time ago now?” I questioned, and he couldn’t answer me. “Ugh,” I huffed, yanking my phone from him. As I looked to my right, I realized he is standing very close to the edge of the pool. I didn’t hesitate and shoved him in.

When he broke the surface, he let out a growl under his breath. “STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!” I shouted and took off for the door.

I opened the door with so much force; it got everyone to look in my direction, but I didn’t care. I’m tired of these games. “What?” I growled, and my dad gave me a look, letting me know I better watch my tone. The door opened again, this time to a soaking wet Asher glaring at me.

“Paisley?!” He growled.

The crowd stared at us, knowing this will not be good.

I spun around, placing my hand on my hip. “What ASHER?” I retorted, sounding his name out louder to piss him off.

He lifted the corner of his lip and gritted his teeth. “Stay away from Trent,” He demanded with his jaw clenched.

My parents, along with Amelia and Paul, hurried to our side. “Hey, you two, what is going on?” My mom asked, placing her arm on my forearm.

I glanced at her. “Oh, nothing,” I answered, then moved my gaze back to Asher. “No!” I spat back.

A deep growl escaped Asher, and he tried to move forward towards me, but Paul placed his hand on his chest. “Calm down, son,” Paul said, standing between us.

I peered around Paul. “You. Don’t. Own. Me.” I said slowly, so maybe he would understand. “I don’t have to listen to you. What are you afraid that I might take your friend from you?” I said, laughing to torment him.

My mom tugged on my arm. “Paisley, stop!” She said with a scolding look. I gave her the side-eye.

My dad stepped in with Paul separating us more, and turned to the guests, “Hey, we will have to cut this night short. See you next weekend.” He told them, and they all gathered their belongings before walking to the door. After they left, my father turned back to us. “What is this all about? And I better have some answers now. I won’t tolerate this behavior in my home or pack,” He said sternly.

Asher lifted a brow. “Why don’t you ask your daughter” He grinned mischievously. I hoped the stare I was giving him would actually throw daggers at him.

My dad turned his gaze on me. “Paisley?” He said with a clenched jaw.

I sighed, but then a smirk appeared on my face. “Oh, Asher here finally hit puberty and had to be a douche just like the rest of the men that want to control all the women in the world. He is only mad that his friend Trent might enjoy being my friend more,” I replied with a laugh escaping me. Asher tried to push past both my father and his but had no luck.

My father looked at us both. “I think you two need to talk this out. We are family in this pack, and when we have problems like this, that is when we mess up and get the entire pack in trouble.” He declared in his Alpha voice.

I looked around and realized my dad is right. “Fine, I’ll talk to him,” I responded, gazing at the floor.

Asher sighed. “Fine,” He agreed.

My dad looked around. “Let’s give them some space,” He commanded, and they all headed for the kitchen.

We both stood there with nothing to say when Asher finally began. “Why Trent? He has treated you like complete shit,” He said, almost as if it hurt him to think about it.

I looked away for a moment, then returned to Asher. “Tell me why you even care when only two days ago I was your target just as much as his,” I said with pain in my voice.

He stared at me with a look of regret, bringing his hand to a piece of hair that fell in my face and placed it behind my ear. “I’m sorry, Paisley, I haven’t been a good friend. I know how I’ve treated you is wrong, and I wish I could take it all back.” He said as his hand grazed my cheek as he brought it back to himself. My face tingled at his touch.

I stayed focused on his face. “Why do you care now?” I asked curiously.

He shook his head. “I can’t tell you right now, but I will soon,” He declared, and I stepped back, looking baffled.

“Still hiding stuff, I see. Just go home, Asher. You’re getting my floor wet,” I replied, bumping into his shoulder as I walked past him, going upstairs.

Once I entered my room, I flopped down in my beanbag chair and let out a sigh of relief when my phone pinged again. I brought it up, swiping it open. It’s still on the message with Trent.

Trent: “I’m sorry if that was too forward, but I had to get it off my chest.”

Paisley: “It wasn’t too forward. I like that you told me.”

Trent: “Really?” He sent a cheesy emoji to show his excitement.

Paisley: “Yeah, it’s a surprise but nice to know that someone could like me.”

Trent: “I’m sorry I made you feel like that.”

Trent: “I have a question. Would you like to attend the Aberdeen ball with me?”

I stared at my screen in disbelief that this is happening. I exited out of Trent’s message and went straight to my group messages with Stephanie and Elaina.

Paisley: “Girls?”

The bubbles go crazy, as they are messaging at the same time.

Stephanie: “Hey!”

Elaina: “What’s up, chica?”

Of course, Elaina had to put in her two cents of Spanish for the day.

Paisley: “Trent asked me to the Aberdeen ball. What should I say?”

I got both their messages simultaneously.

Stephanie/Elaina: “Tell him hell yeah!” They both said. It’s like they are mind-linked. I laughed aloud at their craziness.

Paisley: “Okay, I’ll talk to you later, besties,” I said in my last text, then returned my screen to Trent’s messages when my phone pinged, and Asher’s name appeared on my screen. I placed my phone on my lap and ran my hand through my hair in frustration. I picked it back up and opened Asher’s message.

Asher: “Meet me in your backyard in 10 minutes.”

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