Abiola/C1 Chapter one. Busy streets
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Abiola/C1 Chapter one. Busy streets
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C1 Chapter one. Busy streets

Abiola's POV

Walking through the overly crowded and overly busy streets of Aberdeen, walking past people you might have passed before more than a thousand times but can't remember. Everyone too busy with either their phones or other things. I have no destination of where I'm going just decided to take a stroll and I found my self in town so I'm just walking around taking busy routes...

"oops, sorry, " Someone said to me as they bumped into me

"Omma sorry, my bad, wasn't looking where I was going, " I said as I walked passed him and we were facing each other. Thank God my slushy didn't pour because I would have cried, I don't joke with my food. And I would have cried harder coz this summer sun can boil water and still boil egg. Being a hijabi isn't helping at all, I'm all sweaty underneath my hijab and can't wait to go home and take a cold shower....

"Let's go, day dreamer," Konyii said as she dragged my hand

"What I was only apologizing," I replied looking up only to not find the person I just apologized to

"Yeah someone that already left hours ago." Konyii exaggerated making me roll my eyes, then we continued walking.

"Can this dumba** b*tch just leave me alone?" Konyii said showing me her phone screen.

"Tell her that, why are you telling me," I rolled my eyes. Kelsey is an annoying girl that goes around pissing the sh*t outta people. She once told a guy from my faculty in college that I like him, which isn't true of course and that made me mad resulting in me blocking her in all means of speaking to me. People said I went to far, that it shouldn't make me block her, some even went as far as bringing my parents in saying they pampered me too much and I dont know the difference between a joke and seriousness. And I blocked them too.

"You don't know how many times I've told her, I would have blocked her but she post funny relatable memes. " konyii replied

There are so many contacts on my phone I don't talk to anymore we only check each others statuses and stories, I have a bad habit of not talking to people if they don't talk to me atleast that what mycousin said and I quote it's a bad habit to not check up on people. But to me it's not, why would I send you a message first it's like I'm forcing my self to speak to you. Except if we do talk on a normal basis

"Ugh, I'll just ignore her." She said scrolling through her phone. We just kept on talking about random things while walking back home.

"Where are you guys coming from?" My cousin aunt Temi asked as soon as we got to the front of the house.

"We just went for a walk, " Konyii said as we walked passed her and entered the house.

"I called but you didn't pick up. " She replied coming to my front.

"Maybe it's on silent. "I mumbled then I walked to my room. I needed a cool shower I'm sweaty.

"B*tch I'm going to the bathroom first! " Konyii said barging into my room and jumping on the bed. She has some clothes and some toiletries here so she doesn't have a problem, this is practically her second house.

"Use the bathroom downstairs," I said removing my top leaving me in my bra top.

"Not if I enter first!" And that's how the struggle begins, and guess what, she won, I'm a weakling.

"See ya when I'm done!" She hollered from the other side of the door.

I love this girl..... Not

"Just hurry up before I drag your a** downstairs. " I shouted back. Now let's wait for 10 hours, shall we?! OK I'm exaggerating she takes long showers though.

After what felt like hours and in reality it was only thirty minutes she came out, all the while I just sat on the floor beside the bathroom door waiting for her to come out.

"Were you giving birth in there?" I asked standing up making my voice high pitched

"Yes, I had quadruplets. Their names are abi-" She was saying but I cut her off

"I hear, shift for me joor," Then she moved aside, she was wearing a sweatpants and my spongebob tank top.

" You will be wearing my clothes as if you don't have yours," I rolled my eyes

" If you don't stop rolling your eyes, it will fall out and besides your clothes are more comfy, considering you're chubbier than I am. " she dragged the edge if my clothes, demonstrating.

It's true I'm chubbier than her a little but she says it as if I'm a hippo.

"Iwo lo mo, " I said then I sauntered into the bathroom.

"Hurry, when you're done pick a movie, I wanna make noodles. " she said bringing out my laptop from my drawer

"Okie. " Then I closed the door, now how to turn on the shower

After my 10 minutes shower I came out of the bathroom the tip of my hair dripping water, I wore my Mickey mouse trousers and tank top with the hair band after putting my hair in a low and lazy bun, then wore my Mickey mouse fluffy slipper. I'm fan of cartoons, almost all my nightys are cartoon characters. My mom used to buy them for me when I was little, I had every single thing I wanted. My cousin would come for holidays and I would mostly lock myself up in my toy room because I didn't want to share my dolls. Looking back at the memories now it was all dumb.

I picked a korean series 'Sweet revenge ' Konyii hates korean dramas, kpop all in all which is why I'm picking it. She cant get away with taking her bath before me.

"Change that rubbish!" She shouted making my heart leap against my chest

"Gosh, woman calm down, " I held my palm against my chest "Do you want to give me a heart attack? Don't kill me for my parents oo, I'm the only one they have!"

"Well change it!" she scrunched up her face

"Just watch one episode, you'll like it ah," then I jumped on the bed taking the popcorn from her.

"I dont- " she was cut off my Bola barging in

"Hello sisters, what are we doing today?" And she jumped on my bed, on the part where Konyii wanted to stay, earning a slap from her

"What was that for now?" Bola asked rubbing her thigh where she got the slap

"Stand up joor, can't you see that place is arranged well with pillows?" Konyii said as she dragged her off the bed

"Both of you will arrange my bed if you dare pull the covers out!" I said looking sternly at them making them stop to looked at me, looked at eachother and then continued. I should have known they wouldn't stop, so I waited for them to stop. When they were tired after two minutes they stopped and rested on the bed panting hard earning a giggle from me.

"What's funny?" Konyii Asked looking over at me

"Let's just watch abeg, " I said turning the laptop while they made themselves comfortable on the bed

" I'm not watching this with you guys, " Konyii said giving a straight face

"C'mon please, " I pouted, she looked over at Bola.

"I'm only here for the food!" She said making us laugh.

"Ok fine!"

"Yay!" I gave her a wet peck

"Ew, get yo nasty a** mouth off me." she said pushing me away, we laughed and we began watching the series and munching on snacks. That's how the night went and we all slept off on my bed in wierd positions.

Iwo lo mo- that's your business.

Ok that's it for the first chapter, how do you guys see it.

Abi likes rolling her eyes too much, this character is sponsored by my cousin she can also roll eye for africa.

Pls give me your feedbacks, I'll really appreciate it.

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