Abiola/C2 Chapter 2. Mr jerk
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Abiola/C2 Chapter 2. Mr jerk
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C2 Chapter 2. Mr jerk

The next day we woke up with backaches, next time I'm chasing them away from my bed, everytime I say this I don't keep my word.

"Next time, I don't want to see you guys on my bed, ni to ri Olorun" I told them stretching my body, hearing the cracking sound they looked at me and I looked at them.

"Was that your back?" Konyii asked.

"No your back " and I rolled my eyes standing up and going into the bathroom "E lo sha lu wala oo" I shouted from the other side of the door.

"Yes ma!" that is definitely Bola.

We prayed and went back to sleep didn't even have breakfast, guess we'll be having brunch.

"Aburo mi, bawo ni?" I heard my cousins voice all the way from my room.

"I'm good aunty, " I heard a masculine deep voice talking in Brits

"Gosh you're much taller than the last time, making me look like your baby sis, " Then they both laughed

"C'mon sit down let me get something for you "My cousin said going back to her Brits english. She has disturbed my sleep I might as well go and see the person downstairs.

I quickly put on my spongebob pants and my long sleeves black shirt then I put my hair in a low bun and wore a cap, put on my Micky mouse shoes I opened the door and went out, I heard Konyiis voice,

"My gosh Tobi you're back!"

"Yes babe I'm back," Babe?! When and how did that happen and Konyii didn't tell me,

"You'll not stop calling me babe ba?" she asked him, I wonder who that person is, so I walked into the sitting room, he was backing the door so I couldn't see his face well.

"Ahh you're awake,"Konyii said after she spotted me just then my cousin came in with a tray of chin chin and drinks.

"Abi-Tobi, Tobi-Abi, " Then he smiled at me and I just kept a straight face,

"Hey" He said looking at me from head to toe, if I know I was coming to see a cutie I wouldn't have worn my spongebob nightwear.

"Hi" I replied looking down at my trousers, then I entered the kitchen.

"Abi that was rude, " Konyii said immediately she came into the kitchen with me.

"How was that rude oo, madam?" I replied opening the fridge bringing out milk then closed it back and carried corn flakes.

"Hi and you walked away, I dunno if you'll ever have a boyfriend with this character of yours." She said going back to the sitting room. Eh eh which character again, she knows I'm a softie, ok lemme apologize. No I won't, it's not as if I insulted him.

Then I went back to the sitting room and my cousin called me.

"Hmm?" I asked looking at her.

"Can you help me get to the shop ASAP?" She asked looking at me from her phone.

"I dont want to drive and I'm still eating, " I couldn't care less that there was a stranger in the house, he's probably thinking what kind of girl I am.

"C'mon now, please, as if you dont eat while driving, "

"Call an uber I'm not driving " I told her going up to my room to get dressed. One thing I might act like I don't want to go but she knows I'll still go. So I went to dress up, I wore a black leggings and a white long top with short hands, then I put on a black light jacket and put on a black scarf tying it in a low bun, then wore a white sandal and picked my black bag putting my credit card inside and any earpiece.

I went downstairs and saw the Tobi guy with his car keys, I guess he's leaving.

"Did you call an uber already?" I said dropping my plate on the kitchen counter.

"Rinse your plate Abi, and no I didn't, Tobi said he would drop you off, " She used the mom tone on me which I don't like, now whether I like it or not I have to go with him. I dont want to!

"Okie. " I mumbled rinsing my plate, must I go with him? I was gonna ask that but I know my cousin better she'll tell me not to go anymore meaning she's angry. She treats me like a teenager *rolls eye*

When I was done I turned around and gave him a disgusting look thinking he wasn't looking at me, but he was. I quickly gave him a fake smile but he wasn't buying it, he just looked away with a disappointing look, who is this one giving that look?

I brought my phone out from my bag and walked outside making him trail behind me. When I got to the car, it was those high truck, given that I'm 5'3 I couldn't reach it. Then I turned and saw him he was talking to my cousin, while she had a sorry expression on her face, I couldn't see his because his back was to me.

Shey he will not hurry up now?Then Konyii came out of the house to meet me.

"Aunty Abi, when will you come back?"

"Which one is the aunty there, and I don't know when I'll be back. You don't want me to go? I know you'll miss me, but you can live without me for some hou-" I was saying when I was interrupted by non other than Mr Tobi!

"Let's go I have something important to do. " Then he walked over to his side, fool. How do I climb this truck now? Then Konyii started laughing.

"What's funny now?" Looking at her, I knew she knows what's going on in my mind.

"Climb now, don't waste his time," I dont like this man, not one bit.

"I can't, can't you see that it is high?" I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe if you weren't rude he would have helped you?"

" I wasn't rude, did I even talk to him?" Then I tried looking over at him but the window was higher than my face.

"Just help me up will you?" I opened the door to ask him and he acted like I didn't just ask him a question. Shey you have something urgent, we will wait here.

"Can you hurry up? I have something urgent to do, than watching your childish behavior," Did he just call me childish? Konyii interfered, she knows I can blow up anytime.

"Let me help you up ok?" Then she did. Immediately I closed the door he sped away, I didn't know when I started screaming.

"STOP!! Don't kill me for my parents oo, I'm the only one they have!!" and I kept screaming stop until he finally slowed down, then I quickly put on my seatbelt, I won't let this tall for nothing fool kill me before my time. The car ride to the shop was quiet, I couldn't say anything to him, is there anything to talk about with him? No so, we didn't talk.

Then he dropped me off in front of the shop, while coming down I almost fell. And he just sped away, JERK!!

Ni to ri Olorun-For God's sake

E lo sha lu wala oo- Go and do you Ablution( Wudhu) a ritual muslims do before praying

Aburo mi - My younger one

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