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When I say my day was horrible, I wasn't joking. So after Mr Jerk sped away, I went into the shop and saw lots of customers, it would have been easy to ditch but I don't want my cousin to be angry at me, so I stayed. I went into the kitchen, washed my hands, put on my special apron which no-one must use except me, or else, Lord help that person and then put on the disposable cap, picked my pen and paper and got to work.

I collected an order from table 14 and dished it out, went to the table and met with a couple, I then proceeded to drop the order and I was about leaving when I heard my name pronounced wrongly by one person I would never forget their voice. Kelsey.

"Abbey?" I turned around back to the table, I hadn't noticed she was the one, I hadn't even noticed the guy was the idiot from my first year in college.

"Hey, Kelsey, " I faked a smile at her, ignoring Bob sitting in front of her.

"I didnt know you work here, or did daddy go bankrupt?" She said with a sarcastic sad tone.

"Oh no honey, he didn't, in fact he became more successful. You know I'm not some lazy asshole who depends on men. So here I am working so I don't depend on daddy. " I gave a fake smiley face looking contended when she couldn't speak again.

"Oh honey, cat got your tongue? Never mind anyways, c'ya!" Then I waved and cat walked away from the duo.

"What was that you did in table 14?" Mimi, my cousins worker asked me.

"None of your business!" Then I rolled my eyes and got back to work.

After hours of helping I called my cousin.

"Aunt Temi, I'm tired so I'm coming home now, "

"Ok aburo, thanks so much. I'll tell Tobi to come pick you up, "

" No!, I mean, it's fine, I'll just get an uber driver "

"No, besides he's coming to the shop now, he should be there any moment now, " Just then the Jerk himself came in ringing the bell.

"He's here, " I said in a sad tone to her.

"C'mon love, don't be like that, you don't have any reason to not like him. What you did this morning was disappointing,"

"Whatever, bye, "

"Bye. " Then I saw him talking to Mimi. Then he turned to me

"Aunt Temi said I should come pick you up and I want to order, " He said and I just hissed and went to the kitchen. Shortly after his order came in and I dished it and packed it. We went outside to his car together, he was a little behind me.

"I don't know why you hate me, " He said making me stop to look at him and I just hissed. I got into the back seat, his friend was in the front.

"Hey, aren't you the girl that bumped into me yesterday?" Whoa what?, ok I remember bumping into someone yesterday but not the face.

"Maybe, " And I turned to my phone. I kept on wondering what Tobi had said, why do I not like him? Or in his words 'hate' him. I dont even know myself, I just don't like him. You know this feeling where you just don't like someone, well that's what I feel near him. I kept on thinking for reasons why I don't like him, till I slept off.

Tap! Tap! Who's that?

Tap! Tap!

"Get up!" I opened my eyes fast looking at the fellow that disturbed my one second sleep, my eyes were a bit blurry for the fact I just woke up and there's definitely water in my eyes. It was none other than, Mr jerk.

"What?!" I snapped.

"You're in my car sleeping, get off!" He snapped back. What a gentle man! Note the sarcasm. I came down my legs a little wobbly almost making me fall down, but then a muscled hand caught me. I looked up and it was him, I pushed him away and stood straight. Looking ahead, my eyes widened, all trace of sleep vanishing from my eyes.

"Daddy!!Mummy!!" I ran and jumped on my dad's welcoming hands.

"My princess!" He kissed my cheek. I havent seen my parents in two years, we only do video calls.

"You can't jump into my hands, Abi?" The dramatic Queen of all dramatic queens, My mom asked. I released myself from my dad's arms and went to her.

"Mummy, I missed you!" I hugged her tightly. My mom has always been my bestest friend (if that's a word) since my birth, sure there are sometimes she'll want me to stop being daddy's girl, but I can't help it. I didn't know when the tears started their waterfalls.

"Stop crying I missed you too, you know that and we always do video call, so why the tears?" She said cleaning my tears.

"It's different from seeing you in person!" I said hiccuping

"Come here Princess, " I went over to my dad. " It's ok, we are here now, aren't we? " I nodded my head and looked up at my dad "Good girl now stop crying and lets go inside. " When we proceeded to go inside, I caught the smirk on Tobi's face, asshole!.

We went inside and I sat beside my dad, while he wrapped his hands around my shoulders. The asshole kept on throwing smirks my way, how much I want to slap it off his face.

I ignored him for the rest of the time, then my dad took interest in him.

"So Tobi right?" My dad asked while I pushed my glasses up. I had to go wear it, my eyes had watered several times.

"Yes sir, " He sounded like someone important, fool.

"Temi here told me you are a lawyer, " My dad looked at him like all this professor with the way he pushed his glasses down.

"Yes sir, " He smiled, you could tell he was proud of his job and himself.

"I have a lawyer...... " And I zoned out. I was looking at him and the way his brown orbs sparkle while talking about his job is heart melting, my dad seems interested in him. They could even become friends. My dad easily makes friends also my mom, but me? no I don't. I don't even like being around people but I know how to act when I'm all caught up in the middle of people.

"So Abi, what do you say, your exams are coming soon anyways?" Huh? What do they mean?

"Huh, " I voiced my thoughts out loud.

"What are you thinking of? Tobi said his friend will help you revise for your upcoming final exams. His friend is a doctor, " No I don't want.

"Why can't I just study on my own, besides he's going to be there to be disturbing me, "

" Who?"

" Forget it, and no I'll study on my own, ' Konyii being the stupid mind reader she is said.

"You know his friend is already a doctor, it won't be bad if he helps you study. Remember you always get distracted?" Ahh I hate this girl.

"Konyii Shut up your mouth, no-one asked for your opinion, "

" Did I ask?"

"Daddy.. " I looked over at my dad

" Why are you calling daddy, In fact let me spill the beans, " Aunt Temi decided to talk " Abi doesn't read for her exams at all, when I go into her room she quickly opens her books as if she's been reading, thinking I'm dumb and forgetting I also did it when I was young. I never complained because she always comes back with good result. " My dad looks at me, he never gets angry at me. Even when I drove his brand new Rolls Royce Phantom and broke the windshield and side mirror, when I was 14 years old. He only fixed it, and told me to never go near any of his cars again, that he would buy mine when I'm old enough.

"Why?" He asked me

"Daddy I don't need to read, I'm not dumb. I'm brilliant and one of the top students in Uni, so I don't know why your making such a big deal out of it. " I rolled my eyes, my mom being the person that has always wanted to get rid of my behavior said,

"You're asking your dad why he's making a big deal out of it? " Then she turned to my dad " Didn't I tell you, you spoiled this girl beyond control, I always told you. You said when she goes to Uni she'll grow up and be responsible, I wanted to keep her under my care, but no, you threw her out of the country claiming you want her to experience life. What life is she experiencing other than destroying herself. I pity the man that will marry you. " She turned to me saying the last sentence.

" Mummy what do you mean?" I said tears already stinging my eyes, she never spoke to me like this.

"Olabisi just apologize to her, those words were too harsh, don't make her cry after seeing her after two whole years, " My dad said looking at her,

" No, I won't, you always make me apologize even when she's wrong and I stupidly oblige as if I'm not her mother. " She walked out.

"Abi, you know she doesn't mean it, she's you-" I cut him off

"She definitely always wanted to say that. " And I walked up to my room. And cried myself to sleep.

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