Abiola/C4 Chapter 4. Tutor preparations
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Abiola/C4 Chapter 4. Tutor preparations
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C4 Chapter 4. Tutor preparations

After I woke up I sat still on my bed crossed leg, looking at nowhere in particular. Flash backs of what happened started flashing across my eyes, making tears sting the back of my eyes but I looked up to prevent the tears from slipping out. Then there was a knock on my door, it was my mum.

"Oko mi, I'm not here to apologize because you know you're wrong. You need to stop being the daddy's girl everyone knows you are, you need to grow up. We have accepted the fact that your dad spoiled you to this extent, don't you think it's time you start acting your age. At 23 I had you, but here you are at 22 still acting 16. Which man do you think is willing to marry a daddy's baby like you?" she said looking at me in a motherly way, I just kept mute because I know she's right after all, but I won't admit it. I know I still act daddy's girl, but why is she bringing marriage now?

"I don't know why you're talking about me getting married, but I know I'm not getting married anytime soon. Besides you said it yourself, who will marry me?" I replied her carelessly.

"Children of nowadays, well, that's your business. If God decides to take my life or your father's now, I won't see my grandchildren. It's ok, just change your ways. " She stood up and left. What is it now?

I layed on my bed facing the ceiling, I'm not getting married now, God won't take them away from me. Then another knock,

"What?!" I shouted, and the person just entered. Of course it's Konyii.

"What, " She mimicked me " Abeg, Tobi said I should come and ask you, when do you want to start the tutor session with his friend?"

"I'm not doing any tutoring session with them. " I said firmly, but the stupid fellow beside me wasn't having it.

"I know you're smart, but his friend is a doctor already, he can help you, "

"Konyii it's non of your business, im-"

"Don't it's non of my business me, in not the rest!. And tell your dad you don't want a tutor. Keep your rudeness aside, "She snapped, did this girl just talk to me like that?

"Did you just raise your voice at me?" I asked her standing up from my bed.

"Yes I did, and I would do it again. What is your problem, your rudeness goes one sky above everyday. I wonder how we are still friends, " What with people making me cry today,

"Leave my room!" She walked out.

I layed on my bed looking at the ceiling again. I'm sick of all this, I rolled off the bed and picked up my car keys. Picked my wallet and left the house. My name was being called by my dad, but I didn't turn back talk more of answering him. I drove around with no destination just to clear my head, I met myself parking in the parking lot of the amusement park. I came down and went to the gate, paid for the unlimited bracelet and went inside.

I decided to go on the pirate boat first and the the rope climbing and then the teddy darts (A/N that's what I call the game you play to get free Teddy's) I couldn't win any so I just bought a very big blue human size teddy and carried it along like the big baby I am. I bought the blue cotton candy and was about taking a bite when my phone rang I decided to ignore it, but then it rang again just after when it cut. I checked the caller id and it was an unknown number, I looked around, a habit of mine as if I'll see the person calling. Then I picked it.

"Hello? "

" Where are you?" Straight forward much, It was Tobi.

"And how is that your business?" I asked raising a brow at if he could see me

" I can't do this, " He said then I heard shuffling, shortly after Konyiis voice came through

"Abi where are you?"

"Why are you asking, as if you care, " I scoffed and rolled my eyes

"See, just put your stubbornness aside where are you?"

" Stop acting like you care, you do- ahhhhhhh" I screamed as I felt a hand carrying me and throwing me over their shoulder " Put me down now!" I screamed as I continued hitting the person's back, the human wasn't even flinching. Ya Rabb, if this is how I'm gonna die, please forgive all my sins. Ya Rabb- I cut short my prayer when I saw a very stupid fellow in my front. Konyii.

"Sorry, I knew you'd be here, " She said holding my teddy.

"I hate you, " my voice was getting strained from not breathing well. How can this human carry me, I'm heavy!Then it hit me, I don't even know who is carrying me.

"Ok please drop me, I can't breath well. " Then I was dropped carefully on the floor on my two feet. It was TOBI CARRYING ME ALL ALONG!!

"What the hell!" I screamed earning disappointing looks from mother's with their little kids, like I care.

"Don't start your drama, we don't want people thinking you ran away from the hospital. " He said smirking, is he serious right now, I was about to reply when Konyii interrupted me

"Let's go, we've received enough disapproving looks, "

"I'm not going with you guys, I came alone so I'll go alone. " I dragged my teddy from her and started walking away but got grabbed again.

"Can you stop doing that, it's fucking annoying!" Then I realized we were by the gate so he just carried me again over his shoulder

" I don't know how they cope with you, " He muttered

"Excuse me?" He just ignored me. I can get used to this * note the sarcasm * I just sighed while bouncing on his shoulders because of his movement.

When we got to his truck he threw me into the passenger seat, making me hit my head on the roof of his truck, he didn't even say sorry! I just rubbed the hurting place.

"Your keys?" Konyii said stretching her hands towards me.

"Why would I give you my car keys?"

" Ok then we could leave your car outside, I'll just sit in the back, " She was about to open the car door when I gave her the keys,

" Here, take it. In fact why don't I take my own car?" I said about to open the door, but heard a click sound. " Seriously, you had to lock the door. " I rolled my eyes and folded my arms then sat back.

"Bye! " Konyii said as she walked away from us swaying her hips, who is she shaking hips for now?

"So we are going home?" I asked looking over at him and he just ignored me. Hmmph.

We drove in silence, then I remembered I wanted to buy ice cream from Tesco,

"Can we please make a quick stop at Tesco?" I asked and he ignored me yet again. What is his problem?

"Can you just stop ignoring me? I'm speaking to you!" I screamed and he didn't budge.

"Stop screaming like a dog bitten crazy woman. " I felt insulted. Who is this guy treating me like this? He isn't even scared I could make him lose his job in a snap of my fingers, I could just accuse him of rape. But I won't, God is watching me.

"I'm very sure you're talking about your mom and not me, " The speed he used in pressing the brakes is faster than that of light, receiving angry hoots from drivers.

"Get out, " He said in a dangerously low tone, I was scared but I won't let it show

"And what if I don't?" I said crossing my hands over my chest

"Get out, I won't say it one more time " His breathings was getting fast like someone in an asthma attack, I was still acting stubborn

"No I wo-" He cut me off

" GET OUT!!!" He screamed at me, I scrambled out of the car from fear oozing out of my body from the intensity of his scream, anger radiating off it like water gushing out of a spoiled tap. " I don't want to ever see your face again, you stupid spoiled rich nuisance!" And he sped off.

"What was that?" I asked myself as I was still shaking from fear. I decided to call an uber, then branched in Tesco and walked home since it wasn't far from home.

I followed a short cut and was walking home when I heard voices, my heart started beating fast. I squeezed the bag of ice cream close to my chest from fear. Ta ni ran mi? I started reciting any supplication that comes to mind. I wanted to go back but it was darker than before making my heart beat faster, as if it was ready to rip out of my rib cage. The voices became louder, it was a female and a male voice. That voice sounds familiar, where have I heard it from? My heart beat increased again as I heard a metal falling down, atleast it sounded like one.

"Ahh Tobi, you can't stop half way, " It was a moaning sound. Tobi. Is it Tobi Tobi or just Tobi.

" I'm sorry, it's just.. Forget it. I'll come over tomorrow I promise. No I don't promise, we aren't together anyways, "

" I don't care if we aren't together, you can't come and make me feel this way and decide to leave, " The lady had a thick British accent.

" Well you should have thought of that before accepting to see me after you chose me over that fool. " He sounded hurt and angry.

"Whatever, fuck off. " The lady said. I shouldn't be listening to this, then I tried walking away but hit my leg on a metal that wasn't really visible because if the dimmed place. I started jumping on one leg making my ice cream drop to the floor.

" Who are you?!" The lady asked irritatingly

" Who are you?!, " I mimicked her using my not so good british accent.

" Didn't I tell you I don't want to see your face again!" oh no, not him. I mentally whined.

" Didn't I tell you I dont want to see your face again, " I mimicked him, " How would I know you're here, when you dropped me off in the middle of the road and sped away? " I started walking away when he kissed the girl in my front, not just any kiss but they were sucking each others face. Assholes. I sped walked away with a pang of pain, probably from the fear of thinking I was going to be kidnapped or worse, raped and killed. Or was it?

Oko mi- my beloved

Ta ni ran mi- Who sent me

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