Abiola/C5 Chapter 5. Tutor preparations 2
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Abiola/C5 Chapter 5. Tutor preparations 2
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C5 Chapter 5. Tutor preparations 2

Tobi's POV

I looked at her after she said if we could branch at Tesco, I ignored her. It feels good to piss her off.

"Can we please make a quick stop at Tesco?" She asked

"Can you just stop ignoring me? I'm speaking to you!" She screamed and I didn't budge.

"Stop screaming like a dog bitten crazy woman. " I replied, raising my voice a little.

"I'm very sure you're talking about your mom and not me, " I pressed the brakes really fast, did she just bring my mom into this? If anything, I don't joke with my mother.

"Get out, " I said in a dangerously low tone, she didn't flinch.

"And what if I don't?" She said crossing her hands over her portable breast, that would have been a different case if it wasn't for the tension in the car.

"Get out, I won't say it one more time " My breathings was getting fast like someone in an asthma attack, she was still acting stubborn

"No I wo-" she was saying but I cut her off

" GET OUT!!!" I screamed at her, she scrambled out of the car from fear from the intensity of my scream, " I don't want to ever see your face again, you stupid spoiled rich nuisance!" And I sped off.

I was really mad at her, and even mad at myself for screaming at her like that. But things wouldn't have gone that far if she hadn't talked about my mom. I'm very sorry mom. If she was here and she knew what I did, regardless of my age, it won't stop my mom from dragging my ear so hard.

I decided to call Georgia, my ex. She chose some bastard over me, saying I don't usually have her time, as if she doesn't know the nature of my job.

"Hey sugarplum, busy?"

" No, wanna meet up?" She asked in a flirtatious tone, making me cringe. She's just a slut and I'll use her to my advantage.

" Sure, I'll be at your house in ten, " I replied her, turning from the street I was in.

"Ok wait outside. " And she hung up.

In ten, I pulled up to her gate. She was already outside.

"Hey, " She came to me and hugged me and I hugged her back, wrapping my hands around her waist.

"Hey, " I kissed her lips, while she wrapped her legs around my torso. I missed this.

" Missed you so much, " She moaned, while I nibbled on on her earlobe.

"Really?" I pulled away looking at her swollen earlobe. She tried pulling me back but I don't know what got into me but I completely pulled away, a particular face flashed across my eyes. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I'm not ready for this.

"Ahh Tobi, you can't stop half way, " She moaned again pissing me out. But I controlled my anger.

" I'm sorry, it's just.. Forget it. I'll come over tomorrow I promise. No I don't promise, we aren't together anyways, " I told her, forgetting she can be stubborn.

" I don't care if we aren't together, you can't come and make me feel this way and decide to leave," She said almost raising her voice.

" Well you should have thought of that before accepting to see me after you chose me over that fool. " I sounded hurt and angry. After what she did, she dare told me that.

"Whatever, fuck off. " She said. Then she dropped her bottle and I picked it up for her. Then I saw a lady jumping on one leg she probably helps herself, she looked familiar tho.

" Who are you?!"Georgia asked irritatingly, probably from our little fight just now.

" Who are you?!, " The lady mimicked Georgia using a not so good british accent. Then I recognized her. Abiola.

" Didn't I tell you I don't want to see your face again!" I bellowed angrily,

" Didn't I tell you I dont want to see your face again, " She mimicked me, " How would I know you're here, when you dropped me off in the middle of the road and sped away? " She was right tho. But still. She walked away and I just watched her. Something stirred inside me.

" Who is that?" Georgia asked still looking at the direction Abiola had gone.

" She's a friends cousin " I replied and she just rolled her eyes and left. I shrugged and got in my car and drive home. Really need a cool shower. I kept thinking about her while I drove. Abiola. She's someone I can't handle, but at the same time she's easy to handle, though she acts stubborn.

I got to my apartment and went straight to the shower. Needed to cool down. After 15 minutes in the shower I came out and my phone was ringing. One hand on the towel on my waist and the other I used to pick up the call, it was aunt Temi.

" Hello Tobi, good evening. Sorry to disturb, but daddy wants to speak to you. If that's alright with you " She asked politely, I still wonder who Abiola got her attitude from. I know it's definitely not from he parents or aunt Temi.

" Sure, no problem, " I replied. I stared thinking he wanted to talk to me for acting that way towards his only daughter and child.

" Hello, Tobi. I'm really sorry, Abi was just complaining to me that you left her in the middle of the road. I'm very sure she did something for you to do that. And I'm really sorry. " He was rather apologizing, wow!! Where did she get her attitude from?

" No it's ok sir, I've for-" I was cut off by Abi,

"Daddy I didn't tell you so you would apologize, he dropped me off in the middle of the road!" She sounded pissed.

"Gbenu e soun, " I heard her mom say followed by murmurs I'm guessing should be from Abiola.

"I'm inviting you for dinner lets meet in Tasty T's " Her dad said once again, probably tired of Abiola. I won't blame him. She's a pain in the ass.

"OK sir, let me get dressed. "

" Daddy, I thought it was just us?" She stated sounding irritated.

"Princess, stop that attitude, " Her dad scolded her calmly, "Bring your friend over too please, we would need to make some schedules. " He said giving me back his attention. I could hear her murmur, definitely not agreeing with him.

"Sure sir, " I replied

"Ok bye, "

"Bye sir. " I called Ayo to tell him about it and he said he would meet me in 15 minutes.

I wore a black ripped jeans and a white T-shirt with a black sneakers. I picked up my car keys and my card, then left my apartment.

On getting down I saw Ayo resting on his car,

"Yo bro, " We hugged and did the hand shake thingy.

"Yo, how you doing?" I asked after we released eachother

"I'm good man, " Then we started talking about other stuff, we took my car. Ayo has been my best friend since I was very young, when my......

"So she's hot?" He asked I knew very much who he was talking about but I feigned obliviousness

"Who?" I raised a brow, throwing a quick glance at him.

"The Abiola, " What is he trying to do now?

"She annoying " I tried steering away from the question

"I didn't ask that, I said, Is. She. Hot.?" He said laying emphasis on the sentence.

"Why are you asking me? You'll see for yourself. "

" I see you find her attractive?" He said more like a question, I'm not going to answer that. Luckily we got to the dinner and I saw everyone outside. Probably waiting for us.

"We are here!" I replied parking beside Abiola's car, a small silver Lamborghini

"I see what you did there. " He said referring to me avoiding the question. And we just chuckled coming out of the car, my eyes landed on the princess herself. She had a scornful look, probably thinking on how to have my head on a stick, making me smile. She looked hot in her body fitting high neck brown long sleeves top and a black ripped jeans not showing her skin. And black sneakers. We are almost matching, I should have worn my brown long sleeves just to piss her off.

" Good evening sir, " Ayo and I said at the same time bowing a little to show respect, in the corner of my eye I could see the princess herself giving me a death glare. if looks could kill, I'd be in hell.

" How are you my sons, Ayo?" Her dad asked looking at Ayo

"Yes sir, " Ayo replied bowing a little.

"Very well then, " We greeted her mom and aunt Temi, giving Bola and Konyii a hug. somehow, Sandra, Bola's best friend was also there so I gave her a hug. I couldn't go near Abiola, her looks were terrifying. I saw Konyii whispering something to her, making her want to cut my throat off. I need to find out what Konyii told her.

"I guess we can go in now, I'm hungry. " Abiola said not even waiting for anyone before going inside dragging Konyii along.

"I'm really sorry, " Her mom apologized, looking sorry for her child's behavior.

" It's Ok ma. " Then we all headed inside. She was pouring out her anger to a Konyii that didn't look like she was listening, she gave up and kept quiet seeing us come in.

"Let's order, shall we?" Her dad asked, raising his hands up to get a waiters attention. We all ordered what we would like. Abiola ordered a chicken wing and salad, murmuring something about watching her weight. Then she saw what Konyii ordered and swore ordering the same thing, everyone laughed at her and she also laughed then saw me laughing and stopped. I was sitting in the far end corner.

"Aren't you watching your weight again?" Aunt Temi asked in mock concern

" Weight can wait, I'm not even fat. " She took a fry from konyii's plate, earning a scowl from her. But she didn't even care and chewed on it.

After sometime they made a conclusion on when she would be having tutoring lesson with Ayo, and the idiot was looking forward to it. Why didn't I study medicine? Maybe I would have been the one tutori.....

"What do you say Tobi?" Aunt Temi asked. Shit, what did she say?

"Huh.. " I said looking stupid .

" He wasn't even listening, " Abiola said rolling her eyes.

"Abiola, Walahi ti o ba gbenu e dake ni be yen, " Her mom gave her look and she looked down at her food, cursing under her breath. " Ki lo so?" Her mom asked daring her to repeat what she said .

"Nothing. " She murmured .

"Better. " Then she faced me " So will you help me take her?" She asked, her tone changing from the daring one used on Daddy's Princess to a motherly loving tone.

"Sure, I will ma, " I still didn't understand where I was taking her to.

"Thank you, oko mi. " When we were done, we all parted ways, I asked Ayo what Abi's mom had said and he made fun of me before telling me.

Walahi ti o ba gbenu e dake ni be yen - I swear ,if you dont keep your mouth shut.

Kiloso- What did you say

Gbenu e soun- Keep your mouth shut

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