Abiola/C6 Chapter 6. Just friends?!
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Abiola/C6 Chapter 6. Just friends?!
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C6 Chapter 6. Just friends?!

Abiola's POV

I looked at him from my seat, it didnt seem like he was listening.

"Tobi, will you please take Abiola to where she would start her tutor?" My mom asked him, he didnt reply. Simply because he wasn't listening. I mentally rolled my eyes.

"What do you say Tobi?" Aunt Temi asked him.

"Huh.. " He said looking stupid .

" He wasn't even listening, " I said said rolling my eyes.

"Abiola, Walahi ti o ba gbenu e dake ni be yen, " My mom gave me a look and I looked down at my food, cursing under my breath. " Ki lo so?" My mom asked daring daring me to repeat what I said .

"Nothing. " I murmured .

"Better. " Then she faced him " So will you help me take her?" My mom totally changing her voice as if he didn't hear the voice she used on me asked,

"Sure, I will ma, " He said. The look I caught on his face as if he still didn't understand.

"Thank you, oko mi. " My mom said to him. Oko mi my foot!!

I hated the fact my mom was giving him attention, but I'm gonna be the good girl I am and say nothing.

After we finished we all went out, I wasn't ready to go home, so I dragged Konyii with me.

"Let's go, " I tugged on her hand.

"To?" She asked looking at her phone. God knows who she's speaking with.

"I dunno, I just don't wanna go home, let's go to your house then, " I suggested

"My dad is home, you know how he can be. " She replied. Ah, her dad is home. He doesn't like visitors at all, he would always make excuse to not have any visitor. He said, and I quote "Visitors will mess up the house and leave you to arrange the house yourself". I couldn't help but laugh, it's not as if he's the one doing the cleaning. He has two maids that does the work, well it's his house.

"Ok, lets go to the park then?" I looked at her with my puppy eyes that can make a child cry.

"Don't make that child cry please, he's gonna have nightmares, " She said laughing and pointing to a kid across the road that wasn't even looking at us.

"Idiot, he's not even looking, " I slapped her arm lightly

"Tobi is going already, " She said looking over at his car, where his friend got in the passenger seat with no effort whatsoever. While it takes me years to get in.

"What's my business, I have a feeling he wasn't listening to what mummy said, " I was still looking at him with disgust. The image of him kissing that blonde bitch crossed my vision, making me scrunch up my face more.

"If you don't stop squeezing your face, it will be like that forever. " She said trying to straighten my face, I slapped her hands away.

" Do you think I'm those kids you babysit?" I said rolling my eyes.

"Let's go before I change my mind." We got into the car and drove off.

We went to the park and had fun for sometime, but Konyii decided to be a party pooper, and said she was tired.

"C'mon a little more, please! " I begged her.

"Don't you ever get tired of playing? Ah me I'm tired oo, " She complained kicking a pebble.

"C'mon, exams would start soon. We'll get our heads buried in books, we won't have time for eachother, we would start practicals, we wou-" she cut me off.

"I hear, I hear let's go on just two more rides. " She agreed.

"Very good, because I don't even have any reason left. " I relied making us both laugh.

We went on other rides and also the arcade, I played so many games and won one stuffed bear, one stuffed panda and a stuffed cat. I love stuffed toys I know. In my parents house, my room is filled with stuffed toys. My mom usually complains about when I'll grow up, meh I dont care.

Finally we were ready to go home, Konyii couldn't stay any longer.

"Me, I don't know how you can spend the whole day playing without getting tired. " She complained, eyes focused on her phone screen.

"Is it your play?" I asked "Who are you talking to?" I added after I saw she was so focused on her phone and smiling a little.

"It's.... Someone, " She hesitated. That's strange.

"Someone, I see. So the someone has no name?" I raised a brow at her.

"It's Ayomide, we've been texting since yesterday, " She confessed putting off her phone and returning to face me. We were already by the car, resting on it.

"Which Ayomide?" I asked not sure if it's the person I'm thinking about.

"Tobi's friend, " She cleared my suspicion,

"You mean that huge bulky guy?" I asked again, I knew she was getting tired of my question, even I was tired of my own question. Just need to satisfy my curiosity.

"He's not that huge, probably a little more than Tobi. He does gym instructor when he's free, which is very rarely. " She said, she already knows him in the span of how many hours.

"Wow, you already know him in the span of how many hours, or did you know him before?" I asked, speaking my thoughts out.

"We talked for a long time yesterday, " She said acting a little shy. Eh!! What is this guy doing to my almost tom boy bestie.

"I see. " That came my short reply, honestly I didn't know what to say.

"That's it?" She sounded surprised.

"Yes, let's go I'm tired. Wanna hit that bed." I said walking over to the driver's side. She stayed rooted to her spot, I guess still at shock I didn't say more than that. Only if she knew my plans. Tsk tsk.

"Will you get in the car or you'll walk home?" I asked her getting into the driver's side. Then I came out again. " Bitch drive, my legs are tired. " I threw her the keys.

"So your own legs can ever be tired after you've been playing since morning, " She replied after catching the key with one hand.

"Which stupid since morning, ah you can exaggerate!" I walked over to the passenger side while she walked to the driver side.

"Shut up joor. " We laughed. We got in and buckled up, she sped all the way home only stopping when we get to a traffic stop.

When we got home my mom called me.

"Ajoke, please come here, " Ajoke is the name of my maternal grandma, I was born after she died. So my dad gave me her name, she was so fond of my dad. They were really close. Now for my mom to call me that name, she needs something she knows I won't accept to.

"Yes momma, " I walked to the sitting room finding only my mom and aunt Temi.

"Come and sit please, " She said patting the space beside her. Ehh I'm fearing oo.

"Mummy what do you want me to do?" I asked her giving her. Suspicious look, making her laugh.

"Ok, I want you to come back home. Since you'll be stating your tutor very soon. With what Temi told me, Tobi's workplace is closer to the house, so it would be easy for him to pick you up. " She ended her speech.

"I still dunno why you want him to be taking me, it's not as if I have a broken leg or I don't have a driver's license, I'm perfectly fine. So I'll go on my own, he just need to send me the address. " I replied her removing my scarf, after I almost forgot I'm wearing one.

"Ok he can can take you on your first day, you will find your way back home. And can be going on your own from then. " She reasoned. I think this woman is forgetting that she and her husband don't live in that house all too well. And I'm very bad at remembering my routes, it doesn't take me a day to remember.

"Ok no problem, I'll start packing." I stood up and went up to my room. I'm not going to remind her.

I went up to my room to see Konyii on my bed with a towel on her body, she probably just came out of the shower.

"Konyisola Adesewa Ibrahim!!!!" I shouted her full name pulling her legs making her fall with a heavy thud on her butt.

"What is it?!" She snapped rubbing her butt.

"Why are you all wet on my bed, with a wet towel, and wet hair. Madam, stand up!"

"Which stand up should I stand up again, have you not dragged me to the floor? " She hissed and stood up going to my closet to probably steal one of my clothes again.

"Is you that know, please don't wear my clothes. " She didn't even acknowledge what I said she just went carrying her phone. I sat on the floor and crossed my legs.

"So tell me about this Ayo, " I put my hands under my chin.

"I knew it was too good to be true. " She said making me laugh.

"Why, did you think I was willing to let this amebo go?" I raised a brow.

"Nothing much, just friends. "

" I see, just friends. I don't know when you started hiding things from me, but all is well. " I said standing up and went to the bathroom.

I looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, I stripped and got into the shower. I opened the cold one, I always love old shower after a long day. Then there was a knock.

"What?!" I shouted, and immediately slapped my hands over my mouth. I should not talk in the bathroom.

I wrapped the towel around my body and went out.

"I'll tell you the full gist tomorrow. " She said blocking my way.

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