Abiola/C8 Chapter 8. Tutor starts
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Abiola/C8 Chapter 8. Tutor starts
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C8 Chapter 8. Tutor starts

Abiola's POV

When we got to the estate, it was a really nice estate. Ayo's house was a two storey building, I wonder what a bachelor would be thinking living in a two storey alone. I couldn't even live in a two bedroom apartment alone, that's why my parents had suggested I stayed with my cousin while my dad went to manage his business.

His house has this manly feels to it, not the homey feels. It is covered with manly cologne. I knew if there was a woman living in the house, it would have the homey feels to it.

I looked outside to where the guys were talking, it looked like Ayo was mad at Tobi for some reason. He was throwing his arms around looking pissed, I so wanted to eavesdrop but I didn't.

I looked around the sitting room, it has a picture of Ayo and Tobi hanging on the wall facing the door, then a family picture with Tobi in it, Are they brothers? They don't look anything alike. They looked really young, probably still in university. There were three girls, two of them looked around my age, atleast when I was younger. While one looked younger, I couldn't help but go close to it. My gaze lingered on Tobi for some seconds, even the editing of the picture couldn't hide the tired look and dark circles around his eyes. He looked tired and vulnerable.

I was distracted by the guys entrance, making me turn to look at them. Ayo was still looking pissed while Tobi looked like a spanked kid that was trying so hard not to cry. The view made me want to laugh, but I held myself.

"Are you guys done?" I asked moving away from the picture.

"Yes, let's go to the cafe outside the estate. The cleaner needs to come and clean the house. " I looked around the house looked spotless, what is there to come and clean again?

" Don't worry, it's just the kitchen and my room. I made some mess there. " He said as if reading my thoughts. I just nodded.

"I'll be leaving then, I have some work to do. " Tobi said, bro hugging Ayo before giving me a slight nod. I didn't even acknowledge it and turned around to pick my bag up.

"Let's all leave then." Ayo suggested and we all went out and got into our respective cars. I noticed Ayos car was a black jeep too similar to Tobi's car.

We drove to the cafe, while Tobi drove on and didn't stop. Me and Ayo went in to the cafe. He opened the door and I got in, he came in after me. We chose a seat beside the window, well more like I chose it. We ordered coffee and I brought out my jotter and pen.

"So what department of medicine?" He asked after some silence

"Gynecology department, my love for babies made me choose that course. " I replied.

"I see, I'm a surgeon. After one of my younger sister died of heart problems, when they said a doctor wasn't on seat, I took it that I must do my best to save other peoples life's by the grace of Allah. " I was touched, so one of his sisters died.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know. " I said with genuine concern lacing my tone. He just laughed.

"We believe it was her time to go, so we just have to keep on praying for her. " He concluded with a smile. He has such a brave heart.

Then the waiter brought our order, the aroma took away the tension in the air. I could see him smile, but I knew Tobi's smile would be better for me.

Wait a damn minute, where did that come from?

I shook my head a little and focused on my coffee. Extra goodness of milk.

Then we got to work, he gave me 250 questions which I had to answer under an hour. I looked at him with horror, which he just smiled and said your time starts now! I scrambled with my pen, did this man want to kill me ni?

Immediately it was an hour, he dragged the paper from me. I had only answered 200 questions out of all.

"That's not fair, I'm not done!" I whined. He just chuckled and started marking the answers. I started praying under my breath.

After what seems like eternity, in reality only 20 minutes, he handed me back my work. I had got 195 out of all. I banged the table in anger, not too Loud though, what?! How??!

"I'm very sure you hadn't read in a very long time, you seem smart. Getting a 195 out of all, that's a good mark." He said to me after sensing my anger. I'm not going to show my mom, never!!

It's not like they are those strict parent when you get bad result, but the fact I had bragged about being sure I'll pass completely, my mom would make fun of me.

I looked at him and nodded, which made him smile. I really wanted to know how Tobi's smile would look li- ok stop!!

"Practice more, I'm very sure you could get all 250 correct.Mind you, I won't be giving you the same questions all the time. I would be changing it, so be at alert. " He warned me. Damn, it's gonna be harder than I thought.

After some minutes of asking oral questions and answers which I had surprisingly failed just one, we got ready to leave.

"Thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate it," I said genuinely, He just smiled

"So glad to help." Then when we got outside he stopped and hesitated for a second, then asked, " What's Konyii's favorite restaurant?" He asked shyly. OH MY GOSH! I laughed at his expression, then the look on his face made me stop but not completely.

"She likes any place not too expensive, she believes what's the point of wasting money, when most cheap restaurants cook better than the expensive ones, when you could donate the money. " I replied. That was actually what she said, so we only went to normal restaurants for not too rich people. While me I believed, as long as I eat food I like, let's go.

I saw the smile tugging on his lips, this guy is getting whipped!

"Ok, thanks." He replied after recovering from his little bubble.

"But she prefers Nandos more." Which made his smile wider,

"That has always been my sister's favorite place too. The deceased one." He said making me smile. He definitely loved her so much.

"That's nice, how many sisters do you have?" I asked

"I had three, but now two. I know you saw the picture, no we aren't brothers and one of them is his sister. I'm not going to say much and I have to go now, I'm on night shift. " He concluded checking his wrist watch. We said our good byes before he got in his car and I did the same.

I stayed thinking about the picture, I noticed that it was only one of the girls that looked like him. She is the youngest one among them, and she's very pretty with curly hair, light skin and brown big eyes.

I looked around before driving out of the cafe's parking lot. I kept on thinking about it, first Konyii said his parents are sad topics for him and now this. I just cleared my head from the thought and increased the volume of the radio that was playing 'break my heart by Dua lipa', I started humming to the part I don't know and singing the part I know.

After some minutes I got home, don't ask me how. I had asked for directions. The house was unusually quiet. Where's everyone? I thought to my self.

"Momma, I'm home!!" I shouted on top of my lungs, making me cough a little.

No reply. Weird.

"Momma!!!" I shouted harder this time. Someone clamped my mouth shut, and I started panicking. Then I heard a famous laughter of my mom and Konyii. I turned around and saw my mom doubled over, laughing really hard.

"Aunty Bisi, did you see her?" The idiot known as Konyii was laughing so hard tears were falling out of her eyes. I had to admit they got me good.

"Mummy, it's not fair." I whined and pouted.

"Sorry, Konyii said we should do it." Of course she's gonna be the one to initiate something like that and my mom would agree.

"Anyways how was your first tutor with Ayo?" My mom asked me, I was about telling her the truth but decided against it. She has made enough fun of me for today.

"It was really good, he teaches well. My memory was being refreshed." I smiled at them, in the corner of my eyes I could see Konyii blush. I guess he's not the only one whipped then. That thought made me chuckle to my self.

"What is making you laugh?" Konyii asked sounding annoyed.

"E gbami, So I can't laugh in my father's house again?" I snickered at her expression.

She dragged me to my room and I knew exactly why.

"Did he ask about me?" She gushed like a high school girl whose crush noticed her.

"No, it was strictly studying," I said looking serious.

"Oh. " She sounded disappointed. I started laughing like a mad woman.

"She is disappointed!!" I was laughing harder this time.

"What na?" She rolled her eyes.

"Ok, I was just joking ohh. He asked about you, I said you sleep like a goat with saliva coming out of your mouth, and you snore like there's no tomorrow." The look on her face can make you shit your pants out of laughter. But I held mine for best effects.

"You didn't say any of that did you? Because I swear you're lying, I don't even snore?" She sounded frustrated.

"He asked about you and I said so, besides he wasn't specific what he wanted to hear." I said shrugging.

"I swear, I'll kill you if he doesn't chat me up again." She sounded pissed, really pissed. I contemplated on if I should just talk, but I didn't. She started pacing around.

"Be serious, did you actually say that, I won't kill you." She said again biting her nails. This is so fun!!!

"What's my business?" I shrugged.

"What's your business? Are you really asking me that?" She whisper shouted.

"I to-" Her phone pinged cutting me off, I waited. The smile that broke on her face could bring back the dead, making me smile. All of a sudden she starts jumping up and down.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" She jumped really high

"He asked for a date!!!" She shouted to the extent my mom came in to ask what was wrong. 'Nothing ' we both said, but the smile on her face made my mom push it.

"Tell me joor!" My mom whined making me laugh hard!

"Mummy when did you start whining?" Konyii said laughing too.

"I just wanted to feel like a youth again since you guys don't want to tell me."

"Ok oo, I'll tell you," I dreaded Konyii telling my mom, I won't hear the end of it. But I didn't say anything. "Ayo asked me out!!" Konyii squealed making my mom squeal with her. Ah!!

"When so I could make reservations so we would go out for your makeover," My mom sounded more exited than Konyii herself.

"He said on saturday!"

"Very good, enough time to make a reservation," My mom said bring her phone out from the Ankara gown she was wearing and started walking out, but then stopped, " See your friend is already having a date, you're still here. Only God knows if you're not already pushing your soulmate away." She hissed and went out. Ouch! That hurt.

Konyii looked at me, "I didn't mean it, I'm sorry. " I shrugged.

"This is not the first time so.... Yeah." I swallowed.

"So you didn't tell him anything?" She asked hope in her eyes and also changing the topic to ease the tension.

"Even if I did, if he was the right person, he won't listen to rumors about you. But I didn't, so you don't start an awkward conversation on Saturday. " I said making us laugh.

E gbami-help me

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