Abiola/C9 Chapter 9. I don't do please
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Abiola/C9 Chapter 9. I don't do please
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C9 Chapter 9. I don't do please

Tobi's POV

I still don't know why she ignores me like that, I didn't do anything to her. She just acts like I'm invisible and I don't know why that hurts so much.

I was driving to work when my phone rang. I checked the caller id and it was my younger sister's nanny.

"Hello Mr Tobi, Tope is having an attack again!" She sounded really panicked. Shit! I made a quick U-turn and hung up on her. I called my colleague and asked him to cover up for me.

I started praying. I hope I make it home in time, she's the only one I have left. I promised I'll make sure nothing happens to her. I called her nanny again to fill me up on what's happening.

"Her eyes are beginning to roll backwards, and she's foaming!" No, no no no no!!! Not foaming!!

My sister suffers from arthilopedia, a sickness she got from premature birth and in a very risky circumstance. It makes her collapse at anytime, which makes her eye rolls backwards when she doesn't get her medication on time. I am happy she made it, even though my mom didn't.

In ten minutes I got home. Ayo was there already, making me relax a little. I rushed into the elevator and tapped the button for my floor. On reaching my apartment, I barged in.

"Where is she?!" I ran into her room.

"She's calming down man, get your shit together!" Ayo slapped my head.

I saw her lying on her bed, the foam subsiding slowly and her eyes going back to normal. I released a very long breath.

"Did you give her the medications on time?" I asked looking over at her nanny. The look told me she didn't.

"I- I w-was cooking when it was time to g-give her t-the med-medication." She stuttered and that angered me more.

"You were cooking when it was time to give her the medication, you couldn't pause? What's the use of hiring you when you won't give her on time?! That was the main reason I hired you, to give her her medication on fucking time!!" I shouted, making her flinch. Just then I realised what she was wearing. She has the audacity to wear a dress that barely covers her ass.

"I'm sorry si-"

"What is this you're wearing?" I cut her off raising my voice. She looked at what she was wearing and started shaking.

"It was a mistake si-"

"A mist-" I was cut off by Ayo

"Tobi, if you want to shout at her, please do it outside. But considering your voice is really loud, please, let Tope rest." Then he looked at the nanny, "You shouldn't have worn this when you know he'll be coming back home after you called for Tope's attack, yet you didn't change the clothes. I'm guessing you want him to notice you. Well sadly, he has eyes for someone else. So please, if you don't want to lose your job, don't wear something like this again. " He stood up and handed me a bag.

"Thanks man." I looked over at my sister, she was fast asleep. The attack always weaken her system, making her sleep for hours. Atleast she'll be really quiet when she wakes.

I followed Ayo downstairs, I guess he's going home now.

"What did you mean by I have eye for someone else? If you mean Georgia, then no. I have no inten-"

"Just shut up man, who's talking about a walking Barbie. I meant Abiola, and you can't lie to me." He looked at me sternly.

"As if. That girl that hates my gut to the highest hate, she doesn't even like to acknowledge my presence."

"I didn't say she does acknowledge your presence, I said you like her." Why is this question hard to answer?

"If that's what you want to hear, I don't like her. She's too rude. "

"Pot calling kettle black. Remember you were once like her, mummy's boy." I hate it when he calls me that, because it's true.

"That was the past, besides that same thing had made me lose them. So... "

"Did you notice she's always rude to only you? Like she's not rude to me or any other person, just you. Maybe she also likes you?" He said the last part more of a question than a statement. I chuckled.

"If that girl ever likes me, I'll dash my lambo out to any random person." I said, because it's obvious how that girl hates me.

"Is that a bet?" He asked

"Yes!" I nodded my head

"You know I always have a recording of conversations right?" I nodded my head again. He shrugged and we said our goodbyes. He left and I looked at his retreating car. Little did I know, I should be kissing my Lamborghini good bye in a few.

I went back to my apartment and the sight of my sister's nanny was really getting on my nerves, Tope would have to decide if she wants her fired or not.

"I'm really sorry sir, nothing of such would ever happen again." She bowed her head. She had changed into a jean and a loose top. She was hired because she wasn't too older than my sister, making it easier for them to relate. That is, if you say 7 years is not much of an age gap.

"That wouldn't happen again, if you'll last longer." I picked my phone and went to my room. My colleague had called and asked when I'll be coming back, too bad. I've ended my day. I took a nap after praying, I was really tired.

"Big brother Tobi, I'm awake!" I know that voice.

"Hey baby," I dragged her over the bed in a playful manner making her fall on the other side, beside me.

"When did you come back?" She collected my phone

"When you had your attack."

"Who's this, your girlfriend?" She asked showing me a picture of Abiola I had taken the day in Ayo's house.

"Your big brother has no girlfriend, because a particular girl hates him." She giggled.

"Well, you could be an ass sometimes." She shrugged making me push her off the bed while she laughed. "See, the truth is bitter." this time both of us laughed.

"Trust me, she hates me for no reason." I was still smiling. Everytime I look at my baby sister, I see my mom.

"Then let me meet her and show her you're not an ass." She said that's because she's literally not allowed outside. My rules.

"Nice try, no!" She rolled her eyes

"And you say you're not an ass?"

"Call me that one more time and you'll be locked in your room." She grumbled and started walking out. "C'mon, you know you can't leave the house too much." I tried to reason with her.

"True, but I'll like to meet her. Maybe she could come over?" Sometimes I wonder why my sister is dumb.

"Do you know how much she hates my gut? But she's Konyii's best friend, maybe you guys could face time." I said standing up,

"I haven't seen Konyii in so long, I wonder maybe she doesn't wanna see me because of my health issues?" I knew she was going to say something like that.

"It's not like that, everyone's busy. I'll tell her you want to see her ok? Now let's go for dinner." I dragged her hand to the dining room.


We were eating spaghetti and sauce for dinner when we heard a knock. The nanny had gone home.

"Hold on, I'll get it." I said to Tope and stood up. I walked to the door and checked the peephole, it was.... Konyii and she wasn't alone. I opened the door and let them in, she came with Abiola.

"Hey, I heard about Tope. Where is s-" Konyii started saying but was cut short by none other than madam Tope.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I missed you!!" She screamed so loud and jumped on her, I pray the neighbors doesn't call the cops for disturbance.

"I missed you too! Gosh, I'm so sorry I didn't come to check on you for so long, I was really busy!" Konyii told her.

On the other hand, Abiola just stood awkwardly by the door watching the scene unfolding before her. I didnt want to say anything, so she doesn't ignore me in my own house. So I decided a different way instead.

"Tope, I'm sure you're not having eye problems. There's someone else here." Then she looked at where I nodded at.

"Oh, hi." I didn't know when my sister started becoming shy, maybe because she hasn't seen her before.

"Hey," Abiola replied smiling, like a full blown smile. Shortly after they got comfortable while I cleared the kitchen counter where we had eaten.

I remembered what Ayo said, she's only rude to me. I'm a sweetheart I don't deserve all this.

They spent two hours on my couch, talking and talking. I had to excuse them and go to my room to finish my unfinished work.

"Big brother!!! They are leaving!!" Tope said coming into my room on the verge of crying. Ugh, not again.

"I'm coming. " I quickly put on a shirt, but then a mail came in making me quickly put back my glasses. I was reading it when Tope shouted again. I quickly ran out.

"What's wrong?" I asked when I saw my sister clinging on Abiola.

"I dont want them to go. I'm going to be bored!!" This time the tears started. I wonder how a 13 year old would act like this.

"Tope, c'mon, they are busy. They have exams to study for." I tried going near her but her cries intensified. Gosh, sometimes I feel like throwing her out the window. But then again, I'm the cause of her disorders.

"Tope, how about we do this? You will come over tomorrow morning and spend the weekend, it's friday tomorrow yeah?" I was shocked was an understatement, I was petrified! I never knew Abiola of all people could be like this.

"No, she can't. I'm not sure you'll be able to keep up with her medications." I said with a bored face, then my glasses was slipping down and I pushed it up. Then I realised I had my glasses on, no one has ever seen them on me outside of work. Just Ayo and some of my colleagues.

"Tobi, just let her this weekend. It's obvious she's always bored at home." Konyii chirped in.

"And you're always out of the house!" Abiola added.

"She has a nanny, and I'm sure she keeps her comp-"

"She's probably tired of staying in one place all the time with one particular person, with time there won't be any topic for them to talk about." I was gonna say no again but she cut me off, " I'm not a person to say please. But, for Tope." She took a deep breath, "Please, Tobi, can Tope stay the weekend with me. And if you don't bring her, I'll come and pick her myself. I didn't say please just so you could tell me no."

I looked at her, even Konyii did the same. I guess she wasn't really a person to say please. I still wanted to say no, just to get on her nerves. But as if reading my mind, my sister gave me the dont-you -dare look. I sighed and nodded my head.

"Fine, but I'll come pick her up on Sunday afternoon. She uses her drugs every four hours. Mind you, she might want to refuse it. So don't leave her to take it on her own, she'll throw them away." I told them, going over to the drawer her medications are kept. "I'll send the amount of dose to you." She nodded her head.

They said their good byes and left. I turned to Tope and she had an innocent look on her face, I just laughed and grabbed her head.

"I'm guessing that's the lady that hates your gut?" She asked.

"You guessed right. Time for bed. " While she went to sleep, I went to finish up my work, but I kept thinking about a particular lady and her hatred.

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