Absconded/C1 Chapter 1
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Absconded/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

It's almost winter, snowy owls came rather too early this year and woodpeckers are seen sharing the same tree, the monarch butterflies have already migrated and there was heavy and numerous fogs during August these sign shows that this year's winter will be a harsh one.

Michelle came back from work early today, she entered her apartment where her husband and her two kids welcomed her warmly.

"You are home rather too early today hun, are you okay?".James who was surprised his wife returned from work early asked curiously.

"I'm okay James,I thought I informed you that our organization is hosting a dinner party tonight,don't tell me you've forgotten so easily".Michelle replied dropping her bag on the couch near the hall way that leads to her room.

"Oh.....don't mind my ignorance it skipped my mind". James replied trying to remember when Michelle told him about the dinner party.

"Well....it's fine I'm home to prepare for the party."I have an important meeting to attend tonight too so I won't be around". James said with a full spoon of chocolate in his mouth.

"Then who is going to stay with the kids?". Michelle asked slightly annoyed.

"Don't worry mum we'll stay with John and Huggins". Rose said smiling at Michelle.

"Oh....that's a great idea Rose". Michelle answered starring at James still annoyed.

John and Huggins are their neigbour's kids.

Michelle has noticed some changes in James for the past few days but she kept mute, although she's having some dirty thoughts running through her mind but she always dispose of them.

"He's changing rapidly". Michelle murmured to herself as she entered her room. Michelle dropped Rose and Smith in their neigbour's apartment promising to pick them later in the night. She entered her car after dropping her kids and headed towards the road that leads to the hotel where the dinner party is taking place.

"Wow.....she's gorgeous". Kate said admiring Michelle's dress.

"Thank you Kate you are not bad as well". She replied pecking Kate on her cheeks.

"Thanks Michelle but even with your make up on your face look so pale,what's wrong?". Kate asked leading her to the bar to have some drinks.

"It's James I don't seems to understand his movements anymore and I'm getting tired of it". Michelle replied gulping half of her drink.

"You need to take things easy on yourself Michelle, maybe he has some important things to do". Kate said patting her on her back.

After a while their boss came on the podium to give his speech, he thank all the staff and member of the organization for their relentless effort to make his organization a great one. He further thank Michelle for the success she recorded during the last contract she held.

Michelle was called to the podium to also give her speech, she firstly thank her boss for giving her the privilege to be able prove her worth in the organization, she also did not forget to appreciate her team who worked together with her and also supported her. She therefore promised that she'll never rest until the organization attain her desired goals.

Michelle was later given an award to appreciate her for her great effort, she was the topic of discussion throughout the dinner party.

Michelle graduated from one of the most ranked University in the world which is Stanford University where she read digital marketing and she graduated as one of the best student in her set.

James met Michelle during his visit to her school where he came to visit his uncle who was one of the lecturers in the school, they had bumped into each other and James fell in love with her at the spot.They met once again in a hotel when Michelle came for a seminar holding in the hall of the hotel, they exchanged contacts and within a short period of time they become fond of each other. He later proposed to her and she accepted, they got married a year later and their marriage have been blessed with Rose and Smith whom they loved and cherished so much.

Although they're a busy parent but they've never failed to perform their duties as a parent .

* * *

James parked his car in front of an uncompleted building near a river at the outskirt of the town, he alighted from his car and entered the building without hesitating and that was because it was not the first time he's visiting the location, few hours later he came outside holding a black leathered bag, the contents in the bag are not seen, he dropped the bag in his car and starts the car engine again but instead of him heading back to town he took another direction which leads to the border.

He was to deliver the contents in the bag to one of their dealers, he stopped the car engine and makes a call before alighting from his car, he gave the bag to a man who had a suit on and a shade on his eyes after delivering the package he collected the money that was to be paid for the contents in the bag and he drove off but instead of him driving back to the uncompleted building to deliver the money with him to his boss, he changed his mind and he decided to take the money with him and leave the town to start a new life with his family.

He has planned to do this a long time ago but he was waiting for his boss to strike a mega deal before executing his plans and today he has executed his plan.

James drove past a car that was parked by the road side and the driver bend down so that James won't be able to see him, he started his car engine and followed him but he stopped when James took a turn into the city instead of returning to the base.

James worked in Stancy Bank Plc for four years before he was sacked due to his non-chalant attitude towards work, Mr Right who happened to be his boss noticed he felt so unconcerned about his work decided to call him and discuss with him and also warn him but he failed to heed his boss's advice. A week after he entered his office and met a letter on his desk he checked the message in it and discover it was a sack letter.

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