Absconded/C4 Chapter 4
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Absconded/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

James parked his car right in front of the uncompleted building he normally visit and he knows that's the right place to find Jason, he picked his gun and hid it at the back of his waist before alighting from his car. He entered the building where there's no traces of electric bulb the only light beaming is the torch James was holding to find his way, he pointed his torch directly to a corner where Jason always keep his hostages and to his surprise he met Rose and Smith being tied to a pole. He rushed to where they were and started loosing them but suddenly he heard a voice.

"Not so fast, why are you in a hurry?". Jason said as he switched on the light and everywhere in the building brightened up.

James raised his head and saw Jason's bodyguards, he quickly brought the gun he's hiding out and point it at Jason. Jason's bodyguards quickly brought their guns out as well and point it at James.

"Welcome back James, it's so nice to see you here again and I must say you are really a sharp guy". Jason said clapping his hands as he moved closer to where James was standing.

"I've got your money here with me and no one followed me here so please just let me and my kids go". James said apologetically still holding his gun firmly.

"Where's the money". Jason asked.

"It's inside my car". James replied handling over his car key to Jason.

Jason sent one of his bodyguards to get the money in the car, a minute after his bodyguard entered the building with two bags filled with money.

"You know what James? I would have let you go but if I do others won't learn from your mistake so I've decided to use you as a scape goat to everyone here so that they will know what will happen to them if they betray me". Jason said bringing out his gun and point it at James as one of his bodyguard hiding behind James suddenly grabbed him and collected his gun from him.

"Please don't do this to me I've already given you your money". James said pleading.

Jason cocked his gun and James closed his eyes saying his last prayer he heard gunshots but he opened his eyes when he realized there's no bullet in his body, he turned around and saw Rose and Smith lying down lifeless on the ground.

He ran and hold them both in his arms shouting their names and crying uncontrollably as he was crying he felt something hard on his head and he fainted.

He woke up after some minutes and felt a sharp pain on his head, he discovered that Jason and his men are gone, he turned to his left side and found the dead body of his kids, he moved closer to them and hug them so tight.

James who was busy weeping couldn't hear the footstep of the policeman that entered the building.

"Freeze, drop your gun and put your hands where I can see them". The policeman said.

James didn't notice there's a gun in his hand and he was surprised when he looked at his hand and saw a gun, he quickly dropped the gun and put his hands at the back of his neck.

* * *

Michelle wakes up and struggled to where her phone was, the ringing tone of her phone actually woke her up.

"Hello Michelle on the line". She said with a weak voice.

"It's me Kate, hope you are watching the news". Kate said at the other end of the line.

"The news? No I'm not I'm so tired right now, I'll watch it later". Michelle replied trying to sit down on the couch.

"I think you need to right now". Kate said with a serious tone.

"Alright I will". Michelle replied hanging the call.

Michelle stood up and moved to where the remote was she pressed the power button and the television set was on, she couldn't believe what happened next.

"What is James doing with cuffs on his hand?". She asked with shock.

The question she asked was answered immediately she saw the corpse of her two kids in an ambulance, she screamed so hard and she started crying.

A man who was testifying on the television set said he normally see James occasionally entering the uncompleted building with bags in his hands.

Michelle couldn't wait to hear the remaining story the testifier was saying, she picked her bag hurriedly and ran out of her apartment she starts her car engine and zoomed off.

* * *

Five hours earlier Jason entered his sitting room and was surprised to see a woman with a hat on seated on one of his chair, she has a veil on and this make it so difficult to recognize her.

"How the hell did you get in here?". Jason asked looking surprise.

"Hi Jason you're here, I've been waiting for you to arrive". The woman answered skipping his question.

"You even know my name? Who the hell are you?". Jason shouted and this called the attention of his bodyguards who ran inside to check if he's alright.

"My name is of no use to you, I'm just here to strike a deal with you that's all". The woman replied him.

"A deal? What deal? We've not even met before". Jason replied the strange woman.

"I think it'll be more better we discuss privately".The woman said waiting for Jason to discard his bodyguards.

Jason hesitated a little before he decided to send his bodyguards away.

"Can I hear your deal now?". Jason asked.

"I'll go straight to the point Jason, the two kids you have in your custody, I want you to eliminate them". The woman answered.

"What? I can't do that, they've done nothing wrong to me, so why will I do that?". Jason asked.

"You'll do it because I asked you to". The woman replied.

"And what if I don't?". Jason asked again.

"Then you left me with no other choice than to submit this to the cops". The woman answered as she dropped the files she was holding in front of Jason.

Jason opened the file and what he saw baffled him.

"How the hell did you get this?". Jason asked in shock.

"You know what? I’ll tell you a secret about me. I get everything I wanted and I think you know what will happen if I give those documents to the cops". The woman answered.

"Are you threatening me, what if I decide to kill you here?". Jason asked.

"No you won't be able to do that Jason, this compound is filled with snipers and any mistake from you they won't hesitate to put a bullet on your head". The woman replied.

"What the hell do want?". Jason asked looking frustrated.

"Well all I requested for is for you to kill those kids and you'll be rewarded with a huge amount of money, also no one will ever make mention of this documents to anyone". The woman assured him.

Jason who has no other choice accepted the offer, the woman promised to pay part of the money into his account in the evening while the rest will be paid after the job is completed. Jason later asked the woman to unveil herself before leaving.

"Why should I unveil myself to you". She asked.

"I think it'll be more polite if I see the face of the woman I had a deal with". Jason replied.

The woman unveiled herself but Jason was unable to see her clearly before she covered herself back with the veil and walked out of his house.

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