Absconded/C5 Chapter 5
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Absconded/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

Kate couldn't get over the shock she was when she saw James being handcuffed and led into the police van in the television set, tears began to drop from her eyes when she saw the dead bodies of Rose and Smith, the most painful part is that it was their own father that murdered them.

"Why did James indulge himself in such an evil act". Kate asked as droplets of tears fell from her eyes.

She picked up her phone again and dialed Michelle's number but no one answered, she tried it again several times but no one was answering the call, series of thoughts begin to flow through her mind.

"How will Michelle get over this shock? I hope she's alright". Kate couldn't help it anymore, she picked her bag and car keys and heads straight to where she parked her car, she entered her car and was about to start the car engine but couldn't when she saw her boyfriend drove into the compound.

"Where are you going to by this time of the night?". Henry asked walking over to where Kate's car was parked.

"I'm heading to Michelle's house". Kate said trying to hold the tears gathering in her eyes.

"Michelle's house by this time? And why are your eyeballs swollen, have you been crying?". Henry asked rubbing the tears in Kate's eyes off.

Kate who couldn't hold herself anymore hugged Henry so tight and she started crying again, Henry allowed her to cry in his arms, after sometime Henry led her back into the house and asked her what happened.

Kate narrated everything that happened to Henry. "How could James possibly do that?". Henry asked starring at the picture Kate took with Michelle at the dinner party on the wall.

"I can't believe this is happening". Kate said resting her head on Henry's chest.

"Calm down Kate, everything will be alright". Henry said kissing her on her fore head.

* * *

Michelle parked her car in the parking lot at the police station, she ran into the station and met a woman in her early 30's at the counter.

"Please I'm here to see my husband". Michelle said sobbing.

"Why are you crying ma'am? And who is your husband". The woman asked.

"He was brought here tonight, his name is James Logan". Michelle answered the woman skipping the first question she asked.

"Oh......that man that murdered his kids, are you his wife?". The woman asked again.

"My husband is not a murderer". Michelle hit her fist on the counter and shouted at the woman.

"I'm sorry ma'am I don't mean to hurt you, he's over there". The woman said apologetically and pointed the place where James was held to her.

She turned to the direction the woman was pointing at and walked towards it, she met with another man and told him she'll like to see James.

The man immediately called one of the officers and told him to take Kate to the visitor's room while the man went to get James from the cell.

"What are you doing here Michelle?". James asked breaking the silence.

"Why did you do it?". Michelle asked with tears on her face.

"Do what Michelle? I don't know what you are talking about". James replied

"Don't you dare pretend you don't know what I'm talking about, why did you kill our kids". Michelle asked angrily

"So you believe that story too? Michelle I didn't kill our kids, I mean why will I do that?". James said trying to convince his wife.

"I've noticed some changes in you for a long time now, that does not even matter for now just tell me why you do it". Michelle asked once again

"I swear with my life I didn't kill them, they are the ones that killed them but no one believed me". James said fighting the tears in his eyes

"Who are they? What are you talking about?". Michelle asked looking surprised

The time given to them expired and one of the police officer entered the room and informed them their time has expired

"I didn't do it, trust me Michelle I didn't kill our kids". James kept shouting as the officer drags him out of the room

Michelle left the station so confused and devastated, tons of questions kept running through her mind but she couldn't get the right answers to the them.

* * *

Kate draw her window's curtain and saw Michelle's car entering the compound, she quickly walked up to the entrance and opened the door for her to enter. Michelle's eyeballs were swollen, she's been crying while driving, Kate noticed her swollen eyes and this make her more heartbroken.

"Michelle please stop crying already, you'll keep hurting yourself the more if you don't stop". Kate said leading her to the sitting room.

Michelle sat on the couch while Kate entered her kitchen to get Michelle a glass of water.

"Where are you coming from by this time Michelle?". Kate asked.

"I'm coming from the police station, I was there to meet James". She said sniffing.

"Oh.......that's great, what did he say happened?". Kate asked curiously.

"He confessed that he's not the one that murdered the kids, but he keeps emphasizing on the word "THEY" I don't really understand what he meant by that". Michelle answered and gulped her water.

Henry heard their voices from the bedroom and came out to greet Michelle.

"Hi Michelle, how are you doing". Henry greeted.

"I'm fine Henry and you?". Michelle replied.

"I'm good, I heard what happened, I'm really sorry". Henry said.

"Thank you Henry, I really appreciate your care". Michelle replied sobbing.

"Oh C'mon Michelle don't start this again". Kate said hugging her.

"How's James doing? Have you talked to him". Henry asked.

"Henry I think the questions are enough for now she'll answer them later all she needs now is rest". Kate said.

"I need to start going now, it's already getting too late". Michelle said trying to stand up from the chair she sat on.

"No Michelle you ain't going anywhere, it's too late and also dangerous, you're sleeping here with us tonight". Kate answered.

"I'll be alright Kate, don't worry about me". Michelle replied her.

"I'm insisting Michelle, c'mon stand up let me show you your room". Kate said as she helped her up leading her to her room.

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