Absconded/C6 Chapter 6
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Absconded/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6

Maxwell Craig is a detective and apart from him being a detective he's also known for his great ability to interrogate a suspect or a criminal. Maxwell studied criminal justice which is a four years course in Florida State University in the United States. After acquiring his Bachelor's degree in criminal justice he later went to study criminology in the University of Maryland College Park. College Park, MD.

Maxwell was later discovered by the former chief of police when he show cased his skill by arresting a criminal who has been on the wanted list for a long time with his tactics during his internship program in the state. He was therefore employed by the former chief police before he retired, he became popular after he arrested the man on the wanted list and this make all the drug dealers and even the gangsters in the state fear and respect him, they've tried to kill him several times but he always escape their traps and plots but the fact about him being good doesn't mean he doesn't have his own weakness and the weakness he has is Jason.

Jason has been on his list for a very long time now and there was a time he had an encounter with him it was a brutal one in which he lost his partner during the fight, it took him a little while before he could recover.

Detective Maxwell was the one to interrogate James, he entered the interrogation room and met James looking dejected, he sat down on the chair opposite James and for about 20 minutes he didn't talk he kept observing James.

"You know I've gone through your file and I kept wondering how a man whose name has never appeared on the criminal record for the past 28 years he's been living in this state could commit such a crime". Maxwell finally said breaking the silence.

"A crime? What crime? I don't know what you're talking about". James said staring at Maxwell.

"Why did you do it?". Maxwell asked trying to force the truth out of him.

"How on earth would I have killed my own kids. I'm not the one that killed them detective, they only framed it on me". James said repeating the statement he has been saying for the past four days.

"If I may ask who are you referring to as THEY". Maxwell asked again but this time he stands and moved close to where James was sitting.

"I'm not saying anything until my lawyer arrives". James replied him.

"Your lawyer is already on his way and he'll be here any moment from now, but I need you to just open up to me before he arrives who knows I might be of help too". Maxwell said trying to be nice.

"I'll like to talk to my lawyer first". James replied once again.

Maxwell stared at him for a while and decided to try another method

"Let's say you aren't the one that killed those lads what could have transpired between you and the person that killed them". Maxwell asked expecting a positive answer from James

"I've told you I'm not saying anything anymore until my lawyer arrives". James replied once again.

Maxwell decided to leave the interrogation room when he couldn't get anything from James, he went back to his desk and sat down."There's something fishy about this case but what could that be?". Maxwell asked himself.

He picked his rain coat and decided to go to the crime scene to check things out himself maybe he can get a lead on the case.

* * *

Detective Maxwell entered the crime scene around 9:45pm in the night everywhere was dark and quiet but the police yellow barricade tape can be seen even in the darkness, he brought out his torch and passed under the tape into the crime scene, the chalk outline showing the shape of the dead bodies are still clearly drawn, he pointed the torch opposite his direction and he saw a door locked with a padlock.

He moved towards the direction and used his gun to break the lock, he opened the door and discovered that the room is empty. He closed the door and went outside, he pointed his torch upwards and discovered there's a CCTV camera there.

"A CCTV camera? This should help my investigation but how can I get the CCTV footage?". Detective Maxwell was still thinking of how to get the CCTV footage when suddenly he heard footsteps outside the building and he hides himself, the footsteps happened to be that of Jason's men, Maxwell peeped and saw them carrying a box.

"Stop right there and put your hands where I can see them". Maxwell ordered pointing his gun at them.

The two men stopped and turned around to see who ordered them, when they discovered it was detective Maxwell they brought out their guns and started shooting at his direction, Maxwell retaliated and shot one of the men on his hand but they eventually escaped with the box.

Detective Maxwell ran after them but they were gone before he could make another attempt of shooting them, he entered his car immediately and followed them he trailed them but unfortunately he couldn't catch up with them.

"I can't believe I lost them". Maxwell said hitting his steering wheel.

He turned his car around and head back to the station.

* * *

After speaking with the detective James returned to his cell and sat on his bed, series of thoughts on how to escape from the prison kept running through his mind.

"How I wish I can just escape from this damn prison and find a way to prove my innocence". James who was lost in thought didn't know when he uttered the statement.

One of the prisoners in the cell opposite James heard him and he felt so sorry for him.

"There's no way you can possibly escape from here". The prisoner said.

James turned around to see who uttered the statement.

"This prison is filled with CCTV cameras and apart from that the security here is tight so it'll be a suicide mission if you ever try to escape from this prison". The prisoner said now standing in front of the iron metal door in his cell.

"What made you think I wanna escape from here". James asked him.

"Well you just said that not quite long". The prisoner replied.

"I said that? When did I?". He asked again.

"You must be lost in thought when you uttered the statement".The prisoner said.

They both kept mute for almost a minute before the prisoner finally said.

"There's only one way you can escape if you really want to"

"There's a way out?. How?". James asked looking surprised.

"Now listen almost 50% of prisoners with the similar case as yours are always transferred to another prison, there's a possibility you might be transferred as well so I think you should start making plans on how to escape while you're been transferred". The prisoner explained.

"How the hell did you know these?". James asked.

"Well I've been in this prison for the past fifteen years". The prisoner replied.

They suddenly heard footstep approaching them and they quickly pretended as if they were sleeping.

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