Absconded/C7 Chapter 7
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Absconded/C7 Chapter 7
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C7 Chapter 7

Jason's men got to their new base and narrated their ordeal with detective Maxwell to their boss.

"What is Detective Maxwell doing in my Ex-base?". Jason asked the men furiously.

"We don't really know boss, we just heard his voice from nowhere commanding us to stop". One of the men said.

"Did he see your faces?". Jason asked again.

"I think he did because we opened fire on him and he retaliated". The other man said covering the place he was shot.

"Then you guys left me with no option". Jason said cocking the gun on his hand and shoot the two men.

After killing the two men Jason ordered two of his boys to dispose of them, he ordered one his men to bring the box they brought back from the building to him. He opened it immediately and check if the content in the box are complete when he was sure the contents are complete he close the box and ordered his right hand man to follow him with the box.

* * *

Detective Maxwell got back to the station around 12 midnight he pulled his rain coat, hanged it on his chair and he sat down trying to recall the faces of the two men that attacked him at the crime scene.

"I'm sure I've seen their faces somewhere before". Maxwell said trying to recollect the place where he met the two men.

"What could they have been doing there and what is in the box they were holding?". Maxwell asked himself.

When he couldn't find the right answer to his questions he decided to visit James in his cell and talk to him once again.

He walked down to the cell where James was kept and he heard someone murmuring although he didn't know where the murmuring is coming from, all the prisoners keep staring at him as he walked past their cell and stopped at James cell.

"I went to the crime scene today and I saw two men moving a box out of the building, is there something you should tell me?". Detective Maxwell asked James who was lying down on his bed.

"I've told you I have nothing to tell you". James replied without moving an inch on his bed.

"Well I've come to inform you of your transfer, they'll be transferring you to another prison tomorrow". Detective Maxwell said still standing where he was.

James become surprised when he heard Maxwell mentioned he's going to be transferred. He instantly remembered what the other prisoner told him about the possibility of him been transferred to another prison some minutes ago.

When Maxwell realized James is still proving stubborn he decided to show him the picture of his partner and narrated how his partner was killed when they went to arrest some drug dealers.

After narrating his story to James, Maxwell decided to take his leave and head back to his office. He has already decided to find another way to solve the case if James insisted on not talking.

"They are drug dealers a very strong one". James finally said now sitting on his bed

"Can you give me names". Detective Maxwell said as he turn around to face James.

"I think it'll be better if I tell you the name of their leader, he's Jason the drug lord". James said expecting Maxwell to react.

"Oh.....I think I've known the exact place I met with those two guys". Detective Maxwell said as the memory of how he had a shoot out battle with them in one of Jason's warehouse in town flashed through his mind. They got away the second time.

"Thanks for this information James". Detective Maxwell said as he walked away from James' cell.

* * *

Michelle now hardly go to work, she's feeling so depressed she still haven't gotten over the shock of her children being murdered, Kate has visited her several times and encouraged her but Michelle still weeps all night before going to bed.

Sometimes she'll sit down and start playing with Smith's toys

"She's going insane, she really needs help urgently". Kate said one afternoon after visiting Michelle.

She got to work one cold afternoon, she went straight to her desk talking to no one she even skipped greetings and the staff wondered why she did that but everyone brushed the thought off with the mindset that she's still getting over the shock of her dead kids.

She pulled her coat, hanged it on her chair as she sat down, Kate who was waiting patiently for her to sit down went to her space straightway, she sat down close to her and greeted.

"Good afternoon Michelle, thank God you could make it to work today". Kate said trying to get her attention.

"I couldn't help sitting all alone in the house and also my job is at stake". Michelle replied concentrating on the picture she took with her kids before they died.

Kate noticed this and she immediately turned the picture upside down.

"When was the last time you visited James". Kate asked trying to change the topic.

"That was three days ago and I heard he's going to be transferred to another prison tomorrow". Michelle answered burying her face on her palms.

"Michelle you need to take it easy on yourself you're going to hurt yourself if you continue this way". Kate said trying to console her.

"I'll be fine Kate". Michelle replied as she raised her head and brought out a file to work on.

Kate knowing it's time for her to leave went back to her space but she just couldn't keep her eyes off Michelle.

* * *

Maxwell walked down to the deputy chief of police's office to inform him about James transfer to another prison.

"Good evening sir". Maxwell greeted.

"Good evening detective, you can have your seat". Mr Britney replied.

"I'm here to inform you about the transfer of James Logan, since you're not on seat yesterday". Maxwell said.

"Oh....thanks for the information detective, when is he going to be transported?". Britney asked.

"Tomorrow morning by 8:00am sir". Maxwell answered.

"Hope all preparations are ready". Britney said.

"Yes sir, we are good to go tomorrow morning". Maxwell replied.

"Alright I don't want any mistake tomorrow so I need you guys to be extra careful". Britney warned.

"We will sir there's no cause for alarm". Maxwell answered.

Maxwell later submitted some file to the Deputy chief which he signed before leaving his office.

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