Absconded/C8 Chapter 8
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Absconded/C8 Chapter 8
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C8 Chapter 8

The van is leaving by 08:00 in the morning, I think you know what to do next, the caller hanged the call after talking to Jason. He called his personal bodyguard and asked if the boys are ready to move, his bodyguard nodded affirmatively.

"They are waiting for your order sir". Jason's bodyguard said.

Jason patted his bodyguard by his arm and walked pass him out of his office, he entered the room where his boys were, getting ready for the operation and saw them all dressed in black, fully armed and they all had a mask on.

"Alright boys I want a clean job, kill anyone on target don't let anyone live". Jason said making his point clear.

The masked men entered into three different vans fully loaded with ammunition. The drivers who were also putting on a mask starts the engine and zoomed off.

* * *

"It's time to leave James". Detective Maxwell said opening the cell for him.

James got up from his bed and take a glance at the prisoner opposite him who was smiling and also waving him goodbye. James already have his plans set up just on how to escape.

Maxwell immediately cuffed his hands and legs with chained handcuff, after that he walked him down to the police van set to transport him to his new prison.

"You're leaving without saying goodbye right". Michelle said standing a metre away from the van.

"I thought you won't show up". James replied looking euthymic.

The cops allowed Michelle to speak with his husband for some minutes after their conversation they hugged each other and James was lead into the van in which the van zoomed off immediately, but before leaving detective Maxwell informed the driver he won't be able to follow them because he's got something to take care of. He therefore promised to show up as soon as he's through with what he's doing.

The van has two escorts one car in the front and the other at the back of the van. The van took a left turn which leads to the main road after driving for 5 minutes they took another turn, the van keeps moving but was later stopped by the traffic light.

The driver moved the van immediately the light turns green and a big truck suddenly hit the van just immediately it moves, the cops in the other car came down with their guns in hand. Three vans pulled up from the back of the truck and some masked men alighted and started shooting at the cops trying to move close to the van where James was kept.

James become unconscious immediately the van was hit and after a while he regained his consciousness and stood up, hold his head and discovered blood was gushing out of it. He checked around and saw the officer who was with the key to the cuffs on his hand and leg lying down dead in the van, he took the key and unlocked himself. He heard gunshots and was wondering what was going on, he made for the door and opened it only for him to see a mask man outside the van, the man tried to shoot him but he overpowered him and killed him, after killing him he took his gun and escaped.

* * *

Detective Maxwell was busy on his laptop checking some files of the case he's been working on when he received a call

"Hello........What? I'm on my way". Detective Maxwell said picking his rain coat and went straight to door he suddenly stopped and told the officer in the office

"Call for back up the van have been attacked". The officer immediately called for the back up and they rushed down to the scene.

Detective Maxwell rushed down from the police van immediately they got to the scene and started shooting at the direction of the masked men.The encounter was a bloody one but the police back up overpowered the masked men, they killed almost all the masked men and the rest flee the cops also suffer some loses but it was not a huge one.

Detective Maxwell ran to the van that was lying sideways on the floor, he saw one of the masked men lying down dead on the floor he opened the van and saw the cop who was with him dead but James is nowhere to be found.

"Damn he has escaped". Detective Maxwell said hitting the air.

* * *

The news about the ambush got to the deputy chief of police in no time, he picked his phone angrily and called Maxwell to report to his office right away.

Mr Britney still remembered warning him vividly to be careful during their conversation the day before, Maxwell knew he's got some talking to do after receiving Britney's call. He checked the corpse of the masked men before they're transported to the mortuary but couldn't identify their identity.

Maxwell entered Britney's office with a sour face he already knew trouble awaits him there.

"You called for me sir". Maxwell said.

"I'm so disappointed in you Maxwell, how the hell did this happened". Britney replied showing him the CCTV footage of the scene.

"I'm so sorry sir, one of the seargent told me they were caught unaware and before they could even retaliate the masked men had already overpowered them". Maxwell explained.

"This is bullshit, I thought I warned you to be careful and didn't you follow them?". Britney asked.

"I actually have some cases to work on sir, so no I was unable to follow them. I only promised I'll show up after I'm through with the case". Maxwell answered.

"Can you listen to yourself? You promised to show up after? Now tell me how will you explain this to the chief of police". Britney said.

"I'm so sorry sir, it was all a mistake and I promise it won't occur again". Maxwell pleaded.

"Sorry my foot, find him as soon as possible. I don't care how but just make sure you find him and bring him back here". Britney ordered.

"I will sir, I'm sorry once again sir". Maxwell said and head out of his office thinking on what next to do.

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