Absconded/C9 Chapter 9
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Absconded/C9 Chapter 9
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C9 Chapter 9

Detective Maxwell got to his office after leaving Britney's office and sat on his chair rubbing his hair, he doesn't even know maybe he's annoyed or going crazy over the incident that occurred.

Firstly James has escaped and he's on the run and secondly he's trying to guess who would have sent assassins to attack the police van also most importantly who gave them the hint that James is been transferred today. He got up from his seat and went to the PNC(Police National Computer)room and told them to put James on the wanted list and also make a broadcast announcement about him missing, the computer room having heard this get to work immediately.

* * *

Michelle was in the sitting room watching an adult program on the television set, it was her favorite program so she was lost in it. After some minutes the program ended and she decided to change the channel, the channel which she changed to were broadcasting a news, suddenly James picture was shown on TV with the tag "WANTED".

The broadcaster gave a full detail on how the van transporting James to another prison was attacked by some masked men, although how James escaped is still a mystery to everyone.There are different suggestions on the incident that occurred, some said that the masked men worked for James and they attacked the van to rescue him from being jailed while some people said they came to kill him so as to shut him up.

"What? James has escaped? How?". Michelle asked looking bewildered.

What was he thinking, why did he escape? The question kept ringing in her mind. "Where could he possibly be by now, on the run I think". Michelle said heading to the kitchen.

She was feeling hungry but couldn't afford to leave the program she was watching to get herself some food, she brought cornflakes out of the cupboard and a tin of milk, she mixed the flakes and the milk.

She went back to the sitting room sat down on the couch and was about to eat when she heard a knock on the door.

"I'm not expecting anyone, who could that be". Michelle said dropping the cornflakes cup she was holding.

The knock continues and after some time she decided to open the door for the stranger.

"Who is that?" She asked peeping through the hole on the door.

"I'm the one Michelle". The voice replied.

"Don't you have a name?". Michelle asked again grabbing a club near the door.

"It's James Michelle". The voice answered.

"James......What the hell are you doing here?". Michelle asked dropping the club in her hand, gazing at the door expecting an answer before opening the door.

* * *

"It's been a while since I visited Michelle". Kate said wiping the sweat on her face with a towel. She just returned from her usual evening jog, she removed her joggers and top and head straight to the bathroom.

She switched the shower on and started humming Alicia Keys song while taking her cool bath. Alicia keys is Kate's favourite artist, she even knows some of her songs off hand she's really a good fan.

She came out of the bathroom some minutes later and went straight to her wardrobe. She took a long sleeve top and a jean, put them on and headed to where her make up kit was after applying her make up she wore her sandals took her bag and came out of the house after locking it, she entered her car and drove off.

She parked her car in front of Michelle's apartment and she alighted, she moved to the door and knocked several times before Michelle opened the door for her.

"Good evening angel". Kate greeted her with a hug.

"What are you doing here". Michelle asked feeling reluctant to hug her.

"I came to check on a friend and why are you so reluctant to hug me, don't you want me here?".Kate said feeling betrayed.

"No not that, I can't say that". Michelle replied still keeping Kate outside gazing at her.

"Then why ain't you inviting me in, what's wrong with you Michelle". Kate asked looking at her surprisingly.

"Come in and have a seat". Michelle finally got her voice.

Kate entered the apartment and was about to sit down when she saw traces of blood on the floor.

"Who's blood is this?”. Kate asked pointing at the blood on the floor

Michelle moved her eyes to where Kate was pointing at and stand with her mouth agape when she saw the blood.

* * *

The news about James escape got Jason unaware and the only thought that came to his mind was that James escaped because he wanted to avenge his kid's death, he's also wondering who could have sent assassins to attack the policemen escorting him to another prison.

Jason knew his life could be in danger because he has known James to be a wise and smart man, he therefore started thinking on what to do to prevent the danger from happening.

An idea struck his mind and he sent for his right hand man.

"You sent for me boss". Maguire said.

"I need you to send some boys to find James. I want him dead". Jason ordered.

"You want him dead? but I just heard in the news not quite long that he has escaped, finding him will be difficult". Maguire replied.

"I don't care Maguire. I just want him dead". He said.

"Alright boss consider it done". Maguire replied.

Maguire later sent two of his finest men to search for James and eliminate him just as Jason has ordered.

Maguire was once a soldier. He was stripped of his rank when he mistakenly killed his boss during a war in Iraq. He and his boss were ambushed by some bandits on their way back from the war, he miscalculated and shot his boss thinking he was one of the bandits. He was later discharged from the army and was found on the street by Jason who promised to lend an helping hand if he can work for him. Maguire accepted Jason's offer and started working for him, although he's Jason's right hand man, Jason still use him to do some dirty jobs for him.

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