Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C1 You Can't Mess with Him
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Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C1 You Can't Mess with Him
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C1 You Can't Mess with Him

Here! It's here!

Xia Yumeng stood in the elevator and stared at the numbers. She used her hands to calm her agitated chest again and again. Her tender little face also turned white from anger.

Her cherry pink lips were tightly bitten by her teeth. Her eyes were filled with tears of grievance.

Although her small and delicate body was thin, at this moment it could be seen that her heart was filled with anger!

What? That thing that no one wanted to be a fool also knew how to move legs? Was he crazy?

Three days ago, who was chasing after her to give flowers to her, saying that she would never be able to live forever in this life, and that she would protect her looks for generations to come!

It had only been three days! It had not been three years! He had actually given her a leg and a fake best friend? Why was that? She had to get to the bottom of this!

Which floor did she come from? Xia Yumeng looked at her phone again. On it was an unsightly video sent by the target, their room number, and the front face of the hotel.

However, Xia Yumeng, who was still angry, did not notice that the signboard of the hotel said that it was a certain hotel. She was so angry that she broke into a certain high-end hotel. The same floor, the same number, but different people lived in the same hotel!

Dong Dong Dong! Xia Yumeng knocked on the door as if her heart was in pain.

Qin Yichen had just come out of the bath and was only wearing a white bathrobe. It covered his attractive eight-pack and fit body. His facial features were distinct, and his eyes were deep. The aura between his thin lips showed his nobility and dominance. The handsome lines indicated his extraordinary identity. His face was so handsome that it seemed like he was not from Earth. He could make any girl willingly sacrifice herself!

Now, the crazy knocking on the door made that handsome face turn gloomy. He frowned slightly. There was also an alcoholic in the presidential suite that was causing trouble? What did the hotel's security do for food?

He impatiently opened the door.

The moment the door opened, the man's fresh scent after the bath stimulated Xia Yumeng's nose. She instinctively sneezed. Taking advantage of the moment when the other party was surprised, she raised her phone and randomly took pictures.

As for who the other person was, she was angry and did not care at all. She actually did not see who she took pictures of!

Then she rushed in crazily and randomly took pictures of the sofa. The woman on the sofa was wearing heavy makeup and screamed in fear!

Xia Yumeng heard this scream and felt that something was wrong. Why did she not see her enemy, her enemy, and her bad friend? But she did not have time to think. She was afraid that her three-day boyfriend would snatch her phone. She turned around and ran outside.

However, the cold voice that suddenly sounded made her stunned. "Who are you? Why did you forcefully take pictures of us?"

The voice was so unfamiliar, not her three-day boyfriend!

Xia Yumeng was stunned!

She instinctively thought of the terrible mistake she had made. She glanced at the room out of the corner of her eye. She was even more shocked. The tidy room was huge. It was an exquisite decoration that she had never seen before. It was a luxurious leather sofa. The dazzling diamond necklace on the seductive woman's neck, as well as the scent of a high-grade perfume in the air.

Could it be that this was the legendary suite? It was a live version of a decorative template!

Xia Yumeng's heart sank and she was so scared that her hair stood on end. Did she go to the wrong room? She was going crazy! Rich people couldn't afford to offend her, run away quickly ~

She didn't even dare to raise her head, and directly ran towards the door!

But Qin Yichen wasn't a vegetarian. With a gloomy expression, he grabbed Xia Yumeng by the back of her neck. He snatched the phone over and quickly deleted all the photos that he had taken earlier. Then, he reached out and snatched Xia Yumeng's backpack. All the actions were done in one go!

Xia Yumeng was so scared that she almost fainted! She was afraid that the man would hold her accountable. Without thinking, she threw away her backpack and ran.

The backpack was not important, and the phone was not important either. Her life was more important.

Xia Yumeng ran out of the room while trembling.

Qin Yichen did not chase after her. He calmly opened Xia Yumeng's backpack, opened it, and poured it down.

The snacks and lipstick were poured out one by one. Finally, a piece of paper fell down.

Qin Yichen picked up the piece of paper and looked. It turned out to be a resume for applying for a job. Xia Yumeng, unemployed!

She had just graduated from university! The applicant was from the Guu's! She was from the Guu's? Then could she be a business spy?

Qin Yichen was still thinking when he heard someone behind him shout angrily, "Yichen, who is she? Your new girlfriend? So rude!"

Qin Yichen closed the door and turned to look at the woman with heavy makeup. "Aunty! She is a business spy!"


Xia Yumeng felt her heart pounding even when she ran into the house.

It was already midnight and this made her even more afraid. After she laid in bed, she still did not understand why she entered another person's room!

Qin Yichen laid on the white bed sheet and recalled the scene where he was forcefully taken by a girl. He was angry in his heart.

Was this the doing of that Guu Haoxuan? He was also known as M City's Twin Demons. Both of them were rich second generations. They were both invincible in the business world, but they were also competitors.

From time to time, there would be conflicts between the two companies. There would be fights between them, and they would never stop fighting in the open and in the dark.

Today, it must be Guu Haoxuan's doing! Thinking of Guu Haoxuan, a small wave of conflict rose in Qin Yichen's heart. He had to investigate this matter personally!

Thinking of this, Qin Yichen took out his phone and dialed his subordinate's number. "Investigate someone for me! Also, prepare manpower. If needed! "


The morning sunlight shone on the small path in front of Xia Yumeng's rented house. Xia Yumeng's petite figure ran out to meet the sunlight.

The backpack was gone. Everything in the backpack was gone. She wanted to buy another one. As for finding the backpack and the phone, she didn't even dare to think about it, even if she didn't see her face... Xia Yumeng also felt the strong aura of a man. That kind of man should not be provoked. If she provoked him, she would be smashed to pieces!

She carefully looked around and felt that something was not right. But she did not mind and continued to run forward.

Just as she was wholeheartedly heading towards the bus stop, a few bodyguards suddenly rushed out to block her mouth and ran away with their hands behind their backs.

Next, she was so frightened that she was caught in a black car. Then, the black car pulled her to a warehouse as fast as lightning.

When Qin Yichen came to the warehouse, Xia Yumeng had been tied to a broken chair in the warehouse for a long time.

Her eyes were covered and her hands and feet were tied behind the chair. Her heart was filled with fear.

Qin Yichen snorted and closed the warehouse door. He took a voice changer and walked in front of Xia Yumeng. "Xia Yumeng, what is your relationship with Guu Haoxuan?"

The voice clearly changed. It was like the voice of a great devil. Xia Yumeng's heart was filled with fear and did not know why she was kidnapped.

"You, how do you know my name?"

"Because I am omnipotent. Stinky girl, what benefits did Guu Haoxuan give you?"

"Psycho! Let go of me! I don't know Guu Haoxuan. He is a rich second generation. How could he know me?"

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