Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C10 Gu Haoxuan Was a Wolf!
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Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C10 Gu Haoxuan Was a Wolf!
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C10 Gu Haoxuan Was a Wolf!

On the other side, the food was quickly served. The two of them ate together. Guu Haoxuan was in a good mood today and happily told Xia Yumeng a joke.

"Assistant Xia, have you heard of someone who works on the first day? The company distributed fruits. He thought that someone was chasing him. In the end, he used WeChat to ask his female colleagues to verify it. Then, he was blacklisted by all his female colleagues. Then, the next day, he was fired. The reason is that he harassed the female colleagues as soon as he started working! "

"Hahaha! Is this person not very scheming?!"

Xia Yumeng was amused and laughed loudly a few times.

The restaurant's soundproofing was not that good. Qin Yichen heard the laughter with his sharp ears and his face became even gloomier. He sent a message to his secretary and found someone to dirty Guu Haoxuan's clothes and let him go to the washroom!

So very quickly, a woman with heavy makeup walked in front of Guu Haoxuan and Xia Yumeng.

"Customer, we are now pushing out a new drink. The taste is very good and the taste is very good. Do you want to try it?"

The woman took out two bottles of drinks and poured one for Guu Haoxuan.

Guu Haoxuan frowned. Xia Yumeng saw it and quickly said, "We are not going to buy this. There is no need to promote it!"

Who knew that the beauty smiled sweetly at Xia Yumeng and then went around her to get closer to Guu Haoxuan.

"Director Guu, this drink is very good, and the smell is also very good. Smell it."

Guu Haoxuan frowned. He had seen too many beautiful women. They were immune to it.

He leaned to the side and did not smell the drink. Who knew that the beautiful woman would suddenly get angry?

"Director Guu, are you not giving me face? Fine, I won't promote anymore!"

With that, she turned around and left.

However, the moment she turned around, it was the moment she opened the other bottle of drink that she had not taken away. The whole bottle of drink spilled on Guu Haoxuan's brand new suit. Guu Haoxuan looked at the wet suit in surprise.

Xia Yumeng was also shocked and shouted, "What are you doing?"

That beauty later realized that she had gotten into trouble. She quickly smiled and apologized as she stepped back, "Director Guu, I'm sorry. I did not do it on purpose. I didn't do it on purpose. "

It took her three minutes to walk in. It only took her one minute to get out of the room. Then, she ran away.

"She's too much!"

Xia Yumeng looked at the suit and felt sorry for Guu Haoxuan. Guu Haoxuan's temperament was too good. The wet suit was not compatible with him.

"I will go to the bathroom."

Guu Haoxuan was not in a good mood, so he got up and went out.

Xia Yumeng stared at the door with hatred. She really wanted to drag that beauty back and beat her up.

In the next room, Qin Yichen heard that Guu Haoxuan had gone out. He picked up his phone and sent a message to Xia Yumeng.

Come out, go out, turn left, open the door!

Xia Yumeng received the message and did not understand what was going on.

But Qin Yichen gave her a very good impression and she completely did as he said.

When she pushed open the door, she was surprised to see the smiling Qin Yichen!

She walked in happily. "Qin Yichen, why are you here?"

Qin Yichen got up and walked over to close the door. He turned around and actually held Xia Yumeng in his arms.

"Thank you for your hard work! Did that big bad guy bully you?"

Qin Yichen's voice was very round and his arms were warm. The smell on his body was even better, making Xia Yumeng intoxicated.

"He didn't bully me. It was just that there was an accident today, and we were almost beaten to death!"

Xia Yumeng looked at Qin Yichen's honest reply in surprise.

Qin Yichen's eyes lit up as he looked at Xia Yumeng's cute face. His eyes became much gentler.

"Be good! Go back and tell me what is going on. Ignore him! He is an experienced lover. He specializes in seducing young secretary. After eating, he will not admit it!"

Qin Yichen's eyes were filled with a cunning and intelligent light.

Probably due to her first impression, Xia Yumeng believed that Qin Yichen was a good person and Guu Haoxuan was a big bad person. No matter what Qin Yichen said about Guu Haoxuan now, she believed him.

"I know. I will probably be back very late. What should I do?"

"Don't worry about your work. I'll wait for you. I don't need him to send you. I'll take you back! This is for you! "

Qin Yichen stuffed a bottle into Xia Yumeng's hands. Xia Yumeng picked it up and looked at it. It was anti-wolf spray! She burst into laughter. "Qin Yichen, you really are!"

"Go! This is to guard against him!"

Qin Yichen pushed Xia Yumeng out. Xia Yumeng put on the anti-wolf spray and went back to sit. Coincidentally, Guu Haoxuan also came back. It turned out that he went to the car and changed into a clean coat.

What happened today made him unhappy, except that Xia Yumeng became his new assistant.

He picked up an abalone and put it in Xia Yumeng's bowl. "Eat it. The customer is not coming."

Xia Yumeng was surprised. "How could he not come? This is too much!"

She had just met Qin Yichen and now she was in a good mood. She could say whatever she wanted in her heart.

Looking at the anger in Xia Yumeng's eyes, Guu Haoxuan felt that this girl in front of him was really special. She was bold and liked to beat up injustice. She was quite similar to the past her!

"Quickly eat it! Go back and rest early. I will investigate the construction site thoroughly. I will give you an explanation as well!"

Speaking of the construction site, Guu Haoxuan's eyes became serious.

This was a land reclamation project. Logically speaking, the compensation should have already been paid. Why was there still someone causing trouble?

"Did someone instigate us behind our backs? Otherwise, how could the construction workers have the courage and hatred to kill the two of us?"

Xia Yumeng was straightforward with her words.

Guu Haoxuan did not respond immediately. Instead, he sent a message to his subordinates and emphasized once again that he wanted them to investigate this matter with all their might. They must find the mastermind!

When he thought of what happened during the day, Guu Haoxuan also felt angry. If he wanted money, he would give it to him. If he wanted to beat him to death, what was the meaning of it? Did he think that he was a triad?

He angrily clenched his fist and smashed the table. Xia Yumeng saw the anger in Guu Haoxuan's eyes and felt sympathy in her heart.

"Director Guu, don't be angry. Once we find out who the mastermind is, we won't cooperate with him in any projects in the future!"

Guu Haoxuan, who was full of anger, was amused by Xia Yumeng's words. He looked at the pure girl in front of him. His eyes were bright and full of sympathy, but this method was really naive.

He suddenly felt happy. "You are right. We will ban that person in the future! Let him have nowhere to go and nowhere to go!"

"That's right. He's really evil to the extreme! My feet are still hurting, and my shoes are broken!"

This was discovered by Xia Yumeng later on. It was a new pair of shoes. It was pierced by a nail from the construction site. Fortunately, it did not pierce her feet, or else her feet would have been injured too.

Guu Haoxuan lowered his head and looked at Xia Yumeng's shoes. He smiled. "It's alright. Give me WeChat. I have all the WeChat from a few secretaries."

Xia Yumeng did not doubt it. She took out her phone and added Guu Haoxuan's WeChat.

After dinner, Guu Haoxuan wanted to send Xia Yumeng home. Xia Yumeng refused. Qin Yichen was still waiting. She would not let Guu Haoxuan send her home.

Guu Haoxuan insisted on sending Xia Yumeng to the bus stop before he left.

Xia Yumeng looked at Guu Haoxuan's white Bentley drive away, and her heart suddenly relaxed.

The day's work had ended. This assistant was really not good. Dang!

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