Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C12 Spitting Saliva Inside!
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Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C12 Spitting Saliva Inside!
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C12 Spitting Saliva Inside!

She reached out a finger and tapped it nervously, and the number jumped out surprised her, it was actually 1000.

"Director Guu, this is too much."

Guu Haoxuan sent a smiling emoticon over, and then it was the end of four words: Good night, good dream!

Xia Yumeng also replied the same words, and then a kind of gentle feeling rippled in her heart. Xia Yumeng looked at the red packet and the warm words, and she almost felt happy in her heart.

But she suddenly remembered that it was this bastard who kidnapped her. She only gave her a thousand red packets. Why was she moved?

She threw the phone to the side and Xia Yumeng closed her eyes to sleep.

Guu Haoxuan! She would always be enemies with him!

Qin Yichen had been working out for a long time. He only returned to his room when he was exhausted.

After a cool shower, he laid on the bed and looked at the documents. Suddenly, his phone rang. It was a report from his subordinate. It was about what happened during the day in Guu's. The person behind the scenes was well hidden, and it was not easy to investigate.

Qin Yichen frowned. There was someone in this world who had more hatred than him and Guu Haoxuan. He was curious!

He gave the order, Continue to investigate. We must find out who the murderer is!

Then what position do we have?


After giving the order, Qin Yichen thought of Xia Yumeng again.

She was clearly a obedient kitten when she left in the morning. Why did she want to change owners when she came back at night?

Anger flashed in Qin Yichen's eyes!

He turned on the surveillance screen and saw that Xia Yumeng had fallen asleep. She could only see a small head when she fell asleep. She still looked like a kitten.

Qin Yichen turned off the monitor and smiled.

He reached out his hand to pull the drawer out of habit. When his hand touched the drawer, his face changed and he quickly pulled his hand back.

He opened the monitor again and looked at it carefully. He smiled. "Sleep well. Good night! See you tomorrow!"


The next day, Xia Yumeng woke up very early, just in time to have breakfast with Qin Yichen.

Breakfast was Chinese food. There were rice buns and four dishes.

The four dishes were exquisite and high-end. Xia Yumeng glanced at them and did not dare to comment. They were all things that she normally could not eat and she did not know what to say.

Qin Yichen glanced at her who was in low spirits and asked softly, "Don't you like to eat them?"

"No, I like to eat them."

Xia Yumeng quickly took a few bites of each dish.

Only then did Qin Yichen reveal a bright smile. "Tell the housekeeper what you like to eat. You can eat anything!"

"Really? What if I want to eat the expensive caviar?"

Xia Yumeng did not know if caviar was delicious, but she knew it was really expensive!

Qin Yichen saw the uncertainty in Xia Yumeng's eyes and secretly smiled," Yes, and French foie gras, both are okay! "

"Really?" Xia Yumeng's eyes were excited.

Qin Yichen's smile gradually deepened. "The prerequisite is that you make me happy today, not make me angry."

Xia Yumeng frowned. If that was the case, she definitely would not be able to eat these two things!

After breakfast, it was still the red Ferrari. Xia Yumeng happily sat in it.

The car started and Qin Yichen drove the car out of the Qin family villa smoothly.

They had a smooth journey along the way and both of them were in a good mood. However, just as they were about to reach the company, Xia Yumeng's phone rang.

Xia Yumeng took a look and saw that it was Guu Haoxuan who sent it. It was a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

Xia Yumeng's spirit immediately tensed up. She gathered her spirit and looked at the breakfast shop by the side of the road.

Qin Yichen frowned. "Who sent it? What is it?"

"It's Director Guu. He asked me to bring him breakfast."

Qin Yichen's expression instantly turned ugly. "You are not allowed to buy it!"

Ah? Xia Yumeng was a little confused. This was her job. Her assistant was just an errand boy who did odd jobs. This was what she did.

She swallowed her saliva. She did not dare to resist Qin Yichen's orders!

The atmosphere in the car dropped to the freezing point. Qin Yichen's face became colder and colder. He walked Xia Yumeng to the company and said, "Spit your saliva inside. Otherwise, I will shoot you!"

Qin Yichen threw out those cold words and the Ferrari left.

Spit your saliva? She didn't dare!

Xia Yumeng shrugged her shoulders and jogged over to buy breakfast for Guu Haoxuan.

Would a cup of coffee and a sandwich fill his stomach? When she bought it, a flash of inspiration appeared in Xia Yumeng's mind and she added another fried chicken steak for Guu Haoxuan.

When she handed these three things to Guu Haoxuan, Guu Haoxuan was looking at the documents and took them without even looking up.

After drinking coffee and taking a bite of the sandwich, she realized that there was one more thing.

He glanced sideways and said, "I didn't order this."

The atmosphere instantly became a little awkward. "This was privately added by me. I was afraid that the CEO would not be able to eat just one sandwich."

Xia Yumeng's face turned red from embarrassment.

Guu Haoxuan also smiled and his gaze became much gentler. "I'll pay for it. Don't buy things randomly in the future. I won't eat any food that you have."

As he spoke, he took a bite of the chicken steak.

"I know, CEO. Then I'll go out to work."

"Go ahead, sort out these documents. I'll use them in the afternoon. Also, let Secretary Zhang come in. I have something to ask her."

"Yes, CEO."

Xia Yumeng carried a stack of documents out and casually told Secretary Zhang, "Sister Zhang, the CEO let you in."

Secretary Zhang hurriedly carried a stack of documents in.

Xia Yumeng returned to her seat and heard Guu Haoxuan's voice from inside, "How long have you been here? Three years, right? Why are these documents all sorted wrongly? I know you were sent by the headquarters, but can you be more careful?"

Secretary Zhang explained softly behind.

The few secretaries outside looked at each other in dismay, "She was the former secretary of the ancient CEO. She never put the young CEO in her eyes. I heard that she even reported to the CEO!"

One! One of them muttered in a low voice. The other few kept quiet towards her. None of them dared to speak anymore.

Very quickly, Secretary Zhang walked out with a pale face. She threw the documents on the table and angrily sat down to rearrange the documents.

No one dared to speak to her because they were afraid of getting caught in the crossfire.

Just as the atmosphere was tense and everyone was in danger, Xia Yumeng's phone rang. Xia Yumeng took a look. It was Guu Haoxuan who had sent him another red packet. Her eyes lit up. It was work now, so how could he be in the mood to play the game of sending red packets?

Guu Haoxuan sent a message over: In the future, you don't need to ask the company for reimbursement for the money you helped me buy things. After deducting the money, you can ask for it from me.

He clicked open the red packet, 3,000 yuan.

Xia Yumeng's mouth almost opened into a European shape.

This, her private money had really increased by leaps and bounds! Even though she still had Guu Haoxuan's savings!

She hurriedly replied to Guu Haoxuan's message: Yes, Director Guu, I got it. In the future, when I buy things, I will keep the account to make it convenient for the CEO to settle accounts!

Guu Haoxuan immediately replied, No need, I believe you!

Behind him was a smiling expression.

Xia Yumeng happily glanced at Guu Haoxuan's office door and replied, I know, thank you for the CEO's trust!

"You are not allowed to play with your phone during working hours!" Secretary Zhang suddenly shouted.

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