Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C13 She Has the Ceo's Wechat!
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Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C13 She Has the Ceo's Wechat!
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C13 She Has the Ceo's Wechat!

Xia Yumeng was shocked and her phone almost fell to the ground.

"It was the CEO who talked to me about letting me buy breakfast."

Xia Yumeng carefully explained.

"What? You have the CEO's private WeChat?"

A few people, including a few pairs of sanitary balls, stared at her at the same time.

"I, that, I thought..."

Xia Yumeng obviously thought that everyone had Guu Haoxuan's WeChat, but now it seemed like that was not the case at all! So she sensibly swallowed the rest of the words.

"You! You! When you go to work, play with your phone and deduct the bonus by 200! "

Secretary Zhang gnashed her teeth in hatred. She did not even have a secretary, so what right did the assistant have to have something like that the day she arrived?

"I, didn't do it on purpose."

Xia Yumeng wanted to explain but realized that no one was willing to listen to her explanation. She could only shut her mouth and deduct it. It was just two hundred, right? Yesterday, Guu Haoxuan gave one thousand. After deducting two hundred, there were still eight hundred left!

Secretary Zhang saw that Xia Yumeng did not retort and her heart was temporarily satisfied. She glanced at the crowd and coughed before continuing to work.

Everyone also kept silent. It was very important to stand on the team at this moment. If they stood in the wrong direction, they would be smashed to pieces. They all tacitly chose to remain silent!

Only the sound of rapid typing echoed.

This morning, Guu Haoxuan saw two customers. Then it was noon.

Guu Haoxuan sent a message to Xia Yumeng in advance, "Wait for me in the underground parking lot. Accompany me to inspect the project."

"Yes, CEO!"

Looking up at the suspicious and jealous gazes of those people, Xia Yumeng changed all the WeChat reminders to shock.

Otherwise, she felt that Secretary Zhang would explode from anger.

Everyone went out for lunch and Xia Yumeng went to the underground parking lot according to the reservation.

In the elevator, her phone suddenly rang. It turned out to be a message from Qin Yichen. "Is it time to get off work? Do you want to have lunch together?"

Xia Yumeng was sweating. How could she reply to this? Should she have lunch with Guu Haoxuan? No way! He would die!

Xia Yumeng thought for two seconds and replied, I've made an appointment with my colleagues for lunch. I can't accompany you anymore!

Then, the other side went silent and did not reply.

Xia Yumeng sighed helplessly. Why did she feel like she was in a dilemma?

It was really too difficult to be a person!

In the underground parking lot, Xia Yumeng found Guu Haoxuan's white Bentley. Just as she stood up, Guu Haoxuan walked over.

"Get in the car. What do you want to eat? Thai food or Japanese food, or the signature dishes on the tip of your tongue?"

Xia Yumeng was amused. "I can eat anything. Aren't we going to inspect the project?"

Guu Haoxuan started the car." Eating is an inspection project. There is a tourism development project. I want to make a special diet that has no direction. "

Xia Yumeng nodded. She did not see the cunning look in Guu Haoxuan's eyes at all.

The two of them went to a famous restaurant. Guu Haoxuan ordered many local specialties and tasted them together with Xia Yumeng.

Just as the two of them were eating happily, Xia Yumeng's phone rang. Xia Yumeng saw that it was a message from Qin Yichen.

"What did you eat? ___ asked. Take a picture!"

Xia Yumeng felt a little awkward, but she did not dare not pat it.

She looked at Guu Haoxuan and asked carefully, "My best friend wants to see what I eat. They are all delicious. Can I take a picture?"

Guu Haoxuan looked at Xia Yumeng's phone and smiled as he dodged. "Sure, take a picture. Tell her that if there is a chance in the future, you will treat them to food."

Xia Yumeng smiled. Her face was slightly red. She did not dare to say such words to Qin Yichen.

She quickly took a picture and sent it to him. "I will continue eating. Have a good lunch! "

Qin Yichen only took a glance at the dishes and his face immediately darkened.

What? At the same time, they were having a meal together. These dishes added up to at least a thousand. Which colleague of hers would eat with her at such an expensive price?

Especially when he saw the four words Happy lunch, Qin Yichen directly threw his phone out.

He was unhappy. He was still in the office and did not eat lunch at all!

"Guu Haoxuan, you are courting death!"

Qin Yichen. ___'s face was gloomy, and he could only spit out these few words!

This lunch was very enjoyable. Xia Yumeng discovered that Guu Haoxuan's words were very pleasant to listen to and also very humorous. Unknowingly, her impression of Guu Haoxuan increased a bit.

However, later on, there was an unhappy interlude, and that was when the two of them came back and walked out of the elevator together, Secretary Zhang saw it at a glance.

With a sound, "Hello, CEO!"

Xia Yumeng received a gaze filled with 100% hostility from Secretary Zhang!

She was sweating. It was Guu Haoxuan who asked her to eat with him. She did not do it on purpose!

Guu Haoxuan nodded at Secretary Zhang and walked in.

Xia Yumeng carefully took out a bag of chicken rice flowers. "I bought it when I came back. We ate together to relieve boredom."

Those people looked at each other again.

They were a little hesitant. They did not know if they should support Secretary Zhang, who was obviously going to teach Xia Yumeng a lesson in anger, or if it was the new female assistant who had just arrived with the CEO, whose status had soared!

"Hmph, you are not allowed to eat snacks during office hours!"

Secretary Zhang shouted again, and the entire bag of chicken rice flowers was snatched away.

No one dared to make a sound, and they continued to work.

There was a new project development meeting in the afternoon, and it used the information Guu Haoxuan had asked Xia Yumeng to sort out in the afternoon.

Guu Haoxuan went to the meeting and Xia Yumeng carried the information and followed behind. Secretary Zhang, as a stenographer, followed by the side. Her face was full of unwillingness.

The meeting room was on another floor. When they went to the elevator, Xia Yumeng walked in the middle. Guu Haoxuan had not even turned his head when he walked into the elevator. Secretary Zhang knocked Xia Yumeng's arm from behind. In an instant, all the information that she had gathered was scattered down.

The documents were scattered and there was no binding so it was convenient to read. At this moment, they were flying out like snowflakes and both inside and outside the elevator.

Secretary Zhang shouted in an exaggerated manner, "Xia Yumeng, what are you staring at the CEO's stock for? You are uncultured. You have dirtied the documents. What will the CEO look at later?"

Xia Yumeng's face was red. Secretary Zhang was obviously slandering. When did she stare at Guu Haoxuan?

But the documents were all over the floor. She was in the elevator, and she did not have the time to get entangled with Secretary Zhang.

She quickly squatted down to pick up the documents.

Guu Haoxuan saw this and frowned. He held the elevator down and gave Xia Yumeng time to pack the documents.

Secretary Zhang stood there with a sinister look on her face. She actually did not help pick up the information.

Xia Yumeng hurriedly picked up the documents and piled them together. She hugged them tightly. After entering the elevator, the elevator door closed and Secretary Zhang scolded unhappily, "Assistant Xia, in the future, when you do things, be careful. This meeting is very important. The documents are all dirty. How do you want the CEO to introduce the content?"

Xia Yumeng was also full of anger. It was clearly Secretary Zhang who was causing trouble just now but now she was still talking nonsense. She really went too far!

"Secretary Zhang, I seemed to feel that someone hit me just now, and my information fell all over the floor!"

Xia Yumeng stared at Secretary Zhang's eyes and retaliated!

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