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Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C14 The Slag Girl Played with Him
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C14 The Slag Girl Played with Him

As soon as she said this, Secretary Zhang's nervousness was obvious. She immediately retorted, "Nonsense. Other than the three of us, there is no one else here. The CEO won't hit you, and I won't hit you either. Who will hit you? Don't blame others if you do something wrong! "

Xia Yumeng glared at Secretary Zhang, "Did you say anything wrong? I know what to do."

Secretary Zhang still wanted to say more, but Guu Haoxuan's cold voice sounded, "Quiet."

The atmosphere in the elevator dropped to freezing point.

The three of them walked out of the elevator and entered the meeting room. The people waiting for the meeting inside were all in their positions. Once the three of them entered, they clapped together.

Guu Haoxuan walked to the podium and Secretary Zhang started to play the slide. Xia Yumeng quickly sorted out the information and placed it in front of Guu Haoxuan.

This was a new project. Today was the first regular meeting and there were many things to explain. After the opening, Guu Haoxuan suddenly looked at Secretary Zhang and said, "Secretary Zhang, you will explain the rest of the content."

Secretary Zhang's face turned pale and she was at a complete loss. "President, I am not prepared!"

Guu Haoxuan coldly snorted. "This information is messed up and cannot be used. Of course you need to explain. Didn't the information let you organize for three days? How could you not understand? Let's talk about it! "

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Secretary Zhang's forehead immediately began to sweat.

She looked at everyone's expectant and pondering eyes and walked towards the podium. Suddenly, she thought of something and looked at Xia Yumeng complacently. " Assistant Xia, didn't you organize the information today? You're the one who messed it up. Come up and explain. "

Xia Yumeng was speechless. This Secretary Zhang was really rotten to the core!

Thus, everyone looked at Xia Yumeng again. There were even a few people who were stunned by Xia Yumeng's purity.

Guu Haoxuan frowned and was about to say something when Xia Yumeng unexpectedly said, "Okay, I will start explaining now."

Xia Yumeng stepped on the half-high price that Qin Yichen bought for her and walked to the podium. Everyone looked at her.

"This project is a project to apply for World's Legacy. I think many people have doubts about this project. I will answer the questions about this project one by one."

Xia Yumeng spoke frankly and frankly. The advantages, disadvantages, and prospects of the entire project were all clearly explained. She did not have any intention of deceiving them at all.

When Xia Yumeng finished speaking, almost everyone applauded except Secretary Zhang.

Her face had already turned into an eggplant's skin color from anger.

She clearly wanted Xia Yumeng to go up to embarrass her, but why did it become to let her show off?

Guu Haoxuan's clapping was the loudest, and his eyes were full of happiness.

When Xia Yumeng walked down, Guu Haoxuan started to speak, talking about many events and risks. Proposing this might not be a money-making project, but it was definitely a project with a conscience. Everyone could take out their money whenever they wanted, but Guu's did not force them at all!

The result of the meeting was very good. Many investors expressed their investment opinions. The meeting ended in such a pleasant atmosphere, and they waited for the meeting to privately discuss the details of the investment.

Guu Haoxuan brought Xia Yumeng and Secretary Zhang out of the meeting room together. Guu Haoxuan did not say a word. His face seemed calm and calm, but in fact, his eyes were sharp. Xia Yumeng quietly followed behind her. Secretary Zhang felt guilty. Her steps were a little messy.

"Let's go to the monitoring room."

Guu Haoxuan gave the order and the three of them went to the monitoring room. Guu Haoxuan pulled up the surveillance video of the elevator just now. In the slow replay, he could clearly see Secretary Zhang pushing Xia Yumeng's elbow. The information she was carrying only scattered all over the floor. Secretary Zhang immediately broke out in cold sweat.

Guu Haoxuan's expression was serious. "Secretary Zhang, you are fired! From now on!"

"What? President, you can't fire me! I'm the one the old man sent to assist you! "

" The company is mine. Why can't I fire you? You can go back and sort out your things before leaving!"

Secretary Zhang's body swayed and she fainted.

Guu Haoxuan ordered the people in the control room to send Secretary Zhang to the hospital.

He and Xia Yumeng returned to the office.

Guu Haoxuan went into his office to continue working while Xia Yumeng returned to her own office. When the colleagues saw that there was one less person, they whispered to each other.

Xia Yumeng could only reply in a low voice, "Secretary Zhang made a mistake and was temporarily fired. Later, she fainted and was sent to the hospital!"

Ah? Those few people also seemed to want to faint.

"Is it true?"

"It's true!"


However, things were not that simple. After that, Guu Haoxuan asked Xia Yumeng to bring coffee in.

Xia Yumeng carried the coffee in and found that Guu Haoxuan was video chatting with Old Master Guu.

"You clearly know that I stayed behind to take care of her to assist you. Why did you find an excuse to fire her? You really have strong wings. You don't recognize me as your father anymore, do you? "

The old man's anger was at the top of his head. Xia Yumeng only glanced at the screen and found that the old man had the idea of eating Guu Haoxuan raw!

Guu Haoxuan's expression was serious as he waved at Xia Yumeng, "Come over here!"

Xia Yumeng could only walk over, "Say hello to the old CEO."

Xia Yumeng quickly bowed to the old man. "Hello, CEO! I am Director Guu's assistant, Xia Yumeng. I wish the CEO a good life!"

Gu Mu angrily glared at Xia Yumeng in the video. "I came back to report to Haoxuan tonight. I don't believe that a little fox can flip the sky!"

After the video ended, Xia Yumeng's head was full of stars.

She looked at Guu Haoxuan, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "CEO, how did I become a vixen?"

Guu Haoxuan smiled at Xia Yumeng. "Secretary Zhang said you are, then you are."

"Secretary Zhang has a good relationship with the old president?"

"He has some distant relatives with my family. He is very good at slipping the old man's beard!"

Xia Yumeng was speechless. No wonder Secretary Zhang was so annoying and could always stay by Guu Haoxuan's side. If it was not for the fact that she had caused too much trouble today, Guu Haoxuan would probably still give her face and let her do whatever she wanted.

"But tonight, do I really want to go with the president to see the old president?"

"Of course. Otherwise, my dad will eat me! He is so kind to me!"

Guu Haoxuan's shrug looked very likable, but Xia Yumeng could vaguely see happiness and happiness in his eyes.

Xia Yumeng was very helpless, "Alright! I will go back with the CEO to report, but I am not some vixen!"

"Is that so? I'll have to wait for my dad to appraise it before the results are out. But don't worry, even if my dad fires you immediately, I can also arrange other jobs for you. I won't let you suffer any grievances."

"Thank you, CEO. Then I'll continue working!"

Xia Yumeng helplessly walked out of the office and sat back down in her seat with her head down.

The few of them looked at her differently, but all in all, they kept a distance from her. No one took the initiative to talk to her even though they kept a distance from her.

Time passed very quickly and it was almost time to get off work. Those few people secretly discussed whether they should go to the hospital to visit Secretary Zhang but Xia Yumeng's phone rang at this time!

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