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C15 You Are a Vixen!

Xia Yumeng looked at them and saw two of them. One was when Guu Haoxuan asked her to wait for her in the parking lot, and the other was Qin Yichen's. Qin Yichen said he would pick her up from work.

Xia Yumeng's expression changed. She replied to Guu Haoxuan's message first and replied well.

Then she replied to Qin Yichen, "I have to go to Guu family's mansion for training after work. I can't get off work on time. After I'm done with my work, I'll take a taxi back."

Qin Yichen was silent again. After a long time, he replied, Up to you!

Xia Yumeng felt like she was about to cry.

It was not that she deliberately did not want Qin Yichen to pick her up! She really wanted to ride Qin Yichen's red Ferrari back, but the situation did not allow it! Old Master Guu probably would have a brain hemorrhage if he didn't see her today!

After waiting for a while, there was still no news from the other party. Xia Yumeng really wanted to cry, but at this time, it was time to get off work. She could only follow everyone off work and go to the parking lot to wait for Guu Haoxuan.

Guu Haoxuan got off very quickly and actually opened the car door for Xia Yumeng in a good mood.

Xia Yumeng was flattered, "Thank you, CEO."

After the two of them sat down, Guu Haoxuan said with humor, "I'll treat you better first, so that you don't want to commit suicide when you're beaten up by my dad later on."

Xia Yumeng did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Don't tell me you really want to use some family law to beat me up!"

"Hahaha! Your surname is not Gu. You can't enjoy this kind of treatment."

The car started up and the white Bentley passed through the crowd of cars on the street and headed towards a secluded high-end villa area.

Qin Yichen listened to his subordinate's report. "President, Guu Haoxuan fired a secretary today. The company is full of storms. I heard that it was the old secretary of the new CEO's assistant who fanned the flames and fired him. Everyone has a problem with Guu Haoxuan."

Qin Yichen waved his hand, indicating that there was no need to say anymore.

The subordinate left. Qin Yichen raised his head and looked at the dark sky outside the French window. His heart was in turmoil.

It was the Guu family again. Was this Old Master Guu really a reef that he could not hide from?

Recalling the past, Qin Yichen's eyes and heart were burning with anger.

"Guu Haoxuan, just you wait. Xia Yumeng is mine, not yours. She is my spy!"


Guu Haoxuan's white Bentley finally drove into the Guu family mansion. Xia Yumeng sat in the car and glanced at it. She was surprised.

When she saw the palace of Old Qin, she was already surprised. Now that she saw the Guu family's mansion, she felt that she had just been born with no experience.

The Guu family's mansion was a medium-sized building. There were all kinds of gardens and ponds and fountains.

Xia Yumeng followed Guu Haoxuan in a daze, all the way to the inside of the mansion.

It was spacious and comfortable everywhere. Xia Yumeng felt that she had broadened her horizons.

Guu Haoxuan saw the surprise in Xia Yumeng's eyes. He was very happy and a sense of pride rose in his eyes.

Finally, the two of them stood in front of Gu Mu.

"Dad, I'm back."

"Hello, Chairman. I'm Xia Yumeng, Chairman Guu's new assistant."

Gu Mu was writing and holding a brush with all his heart. Gu Haoxuan stood in front of him with Xia Yumeng, but he did not raise his head.

"Haoxuan, sit down. The vixen is standing."

Guu Haoxuan immediately sat down. He did not care how awkward Xia Yumeng was standing there. He had a feeling that Guu Haoxuan was waiting for her to be tortured.

The room was very quiet. Old Master Guu wholeheartedly wrote something. Guu Haoxuan was bored, so he ate the fruit plate himself. Xia Yumeng stood there with a sore back.

How was this meeting with a CEO? This was simply a punishment.

They waited for about half an hour before Old Master Guu finished writing a set of calligraphy.

He put the brush down and then raised his head to size Xia Yumeng up.

With just one look, Gu Mu's eyes had quite a bit of surprise, but immediately after, he lowered his eyes to cover up his surprise.

"What's your name? Who else is at home?"

"My name is Xia Yumeng. There's only my grandmother at home. There's no one else."

Gu Mu once again raised his eyes and sized Xia Yumeng up and down. He said seriously, "Tell me, did you deliberately seduce Haoxuan to push away the loyal Secretary Zhang?"

Xia Yumeng suddenly felt that there was no way to defend herself, "Of course I did not. Why would I do that, Director Guu!"

She thought that Guu Haoxuan would speak up for her, but who knew that Guu Haoxuan stood up, "Dad, I am hungry. I will go and see what dinner is for. You should teach this vixen a lesson. She is really outrageous. She saved my life on the first day of work, and she showed off at the project meeting the next day. I also think she's a vixen. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so capable and charismatic! "

Guu Haoxuan had a smile in his eyes. After saying that, he left.

Xia Yumeng, who had a head full of confusion, did not understand why Guu Haoxuan would leave at this time. She looked at Guu Haoxuan in surprise and speechlessness as he walked out. Then she turned around and saw Old Master Guu's cold and scrutinizing eyes. She really wanted to tremble.

"Look, even he said you are a vixen. Then you must have a problem. Tell me where you went to primary school. Junior high school, university, where did you work? Otherwise, my old man won't let you go. "

Xia Yumeng was almost scared to death. Although Old Master Guu's questions were very strange, she still answered all of them. She simply described her life in detail and wonderful.

When she finished, she found that Old Master Guu's tone had become gentler.

"You are also a serious child who has gone to school. Tell me, what is this about?"

As he spoke, Old Master Guu took a folder and threw it to Xia Yumeng.

Xia Yumeng opened it and saw that it was the project for today's meeting. She relaxed and explained the main point of the project once again, and just like in the meeting, emphasized that it was unique to our country. Weakness, very likely, no one cared about it. Investments had no returns.

After listening to her explanation, Old Master Guu silently turned on the computer. He played a video and saw Secretary Zhang stuttering about the situation of the project. Although it was true, there was no highlight or standpoint. After listening to it, he still could not grasp the main point.

Xia Yumeng did not want to judge Secretary Zhang's actions. After all, she was a relative of the chairman.

After Secretary Zhang finished explaining, Old Master Guu sighed, "You won. Her work is not as good as yours. I also saw the surveillance video. She was the one causing trouble. But you have only been here for two days and you have already given Haoxuan the courage to fire Secretary Zhang. You are still a vixen! "

Ah? Xia Yumeng wanted to explain but did not know how to explain. "I am not a vixen. I did not seduce Guu Haoxuan. I am just doing my best."

Old Master Guu shook his head. "Do you know how long it has been since Haoxuan had sex with women and did not want to bring women into this big house? In these two years, you are the first woman he brought back. You are a vixen! Our Guu's does not welcome you!"

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