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C17 Secretly Kiss

In the darkness, the man's fist landed heavily on the wall beside Xia Yumeng's ear.

"That's none of your business!"

Qin Yichen slammed the door and left.

Xia Yumeng closed her eyes painfully. Since it was not her business, why did they talk about Qingye one by one? They kept talking about how Qingye looked like her!

When did she become someone else's substitute?

Xia Yumeng slid down the wall and curled up on the ground, secretly crying.

The happiest days in her life were these few days. She met Qin Yichen and became Guu Haoxuan's assistant.

However, the most humiliating and sad thing in her life was these two days. For some reason, she found out that she had become someone else's substitute, and unknowingly.

Other people did not treat her well because of her ability, but because she was like another person, another dead person!

Xia Yumeng's tears fell one after another onto the floor beside Xia Yumeng's feet.

She did not want to be someone else's substitute!

In her anger, she took out her phone and sent a message to Guu Haoxuan, "Guu Haoxuan, tell me, who is Qingye? Who did I become? "

At that time, Guu Haoxuan was sitting on a rock beside the pond in the yard, angry.

His phone rang. He took out his phone to read the message. When he saw the message clearly, his hand slipped and his phone almost fell into the water.

Guu Haoxuan looked at the rude way of addressing and the rude content, and his heart was in turmoil.

Who was Qingye? Qingye was the most important person in his life!

Guu Haoxuan calmed his emotions and replied to Xia Yumeng, "Qingye's full name is Guu Qingye. She is my biological sister. She is weak since she was young. Later she fell in love with Qin Yichen, but Qin Yichen did not treat her well. Two years ago, she died of illness! Let me add, other than Qingye's health being poor, everything else is good! "

So it was Guu Haoxuan's biological sister!

Xia Yumeng was shocked. It was actually like this.

"I know! Also, I have already been fired. From tomorrow onwards, I will not go to work!"

Xia Yumeng replied coldly and also threw her phone away. She climbed onto the bed and laid down. Her body was exhausted.

Substitute? She did not think that she, Xia Yumeng, would become someone else's substitute one day.

Tears trickled down his face. Old Master Guu's attitude really did not take people seriously.

She, Xia Yumeng, swore that she would absolutely not give in to someone like Old Master Guu!


Qin Yichen returned to his room and angrily threw himself onto the bed. His heart was filled with anger.

Guu Qingye, you are really haunting me!

Does anyone she likes have to like her? Does she want the whole world to belong to her?

Qin Yichen opened the drawer, took out a photo frame, and threw it on the floor.

In the photo frame was a girl smiling like a flower, but her face was 90% similar to Xia Yumeng's!


The sky was dark. Guu Haoxuan was still sitting by the water, staring at the darkness in a daze.

Qingye was so good, why did she die? It was Qin Yichen's refusal that made her heartbroken!

"Qin Yichen, the hatred in my life is irreconcilable with you!"

Guu Haoxuan shouted towards the sky in the darkness.

"Haoxuan, where is he? I heard a girl who looks very similar to Qingye came, right?"

A gentle female voice sounded. Guu Haoxuan did not need to look back to know who it was.

"Mom, it's cold. Why did you come out?"

Guu Haoxuan said to Mrs. Guu gently.

Chen Meiqi was Guu Haoxuan's biological mother and also Guu Qingye's biological mother.

"Haoxuan, Mom is fine. Mom's body is much better. Tell Mom, where is the girl who looks like Qingye?"

Seeing the nervousness in his mother's eyes, Guu Haoxuan got up to help his mommy. "Let's go in and talk. She's fine. She just went home. Tomorrow, I'll let her accompany you!"

"Really? Haoxuan, don't lie to me!"

"Of course it's true, Mommy. When have I ever lied to you?"


Xia Yumeng's phone rang. It was Guu Haoxuan calling.

"Assistant Xia, I'm sorry. My dad's attitude is not good. Please forgive him."

Xia Yumeng was shocked. Guu Haoxuan actually apologized to her!

"Director Guu, you don't need to apologize. This kind of thing is not what you want, but everyone has self-respect. I won't go to work tomorrow."

Guu Haoxuan was silent for a second, then he said again, "I will give you an address. I have an elder who wants to see you. For my sake, go and meet her."

Xia Yumeng hesitated.

Guu Haoxuan continued, "She is an auntie and has no lethality. Can you go and meet her?"

Guu Haoxuan's pleading tone was very obvious. The kind-hearted Xia Yumeng nodded instinctively, "Okay!"

"I will pick you up at seven o'clock tomorrow morning. Give me the address."

Xia Yumeng hesitated for a moment. She did not dare to tell him the address of this place. She called a public building and Guu Haoxuan accepted it. They ended the call.

But soon, WeChat rang. It was another red packet. Xia Yumeng opened it and saw that it was 3,000 yuan.

She smiled bitterly and replied, Thank you, CEO.

Guu Haoxuan replied briefly, Good night, what a dream. See you tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!

He threw his phone to the side. What happened that day made Xia Yumeng extremely tired.

She tiredly closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.

Qin Yichen had been fooling around in the room for a while. He was hungry, so he went downstairs to eat. He suddenly remembered that Xia Yumeng had not eaten at night and had turned to Xia Yumeng's room.

He should have knocked on the door and entered, but he changed his mind and did not want to knock on the door. He pushed the door open and walked in.

Who knew that in the darkness, he heard Xia Yumeng snore.

Qin Yichen laughed in his heart. She actually fell asleep.

He quietly walked to Xia Yumeng's bed and saw the face that was similar to Guu Qingye's.

The two of them really looked alike.

Concentrating and calming his mind, Qin Yichen carefully looked at that face, especially the cherry red lips. Qin Yichen unconsciously bent down and pecked Xia Yumeng's red lips.

Xia Yumeng was too tired during the day and actually did not wake up at this time. She could only turn her head impatiently to avoid it.

Qin Yichen smiled in satisfaction. What a sweet feeling.

He originally wanted to let her harm Guu Haoxuan, but now he felt that it was not bad to keep her by his side! It was not necessarily a bad thing to look like Qingye. He saw her and had the illusion that Qingye was still there.

Qin Yichen got up and walked out. To be honest, he did not expect Guu Qingye to die. If he had known earlier, perhaps he would have married her in advance!

When he went downstairs, the old butler walked up with concern. Qin Yichen instructed them to prepare supper and he went to watch the news alone.

But no matter how he looked at it, he could not see it. In front of him, other than Guu Qingye who used to have a face full of tears, was the sleeping Xia Yumeng.

Qin Yichen got up in frustration. Should he bring Xia Yumeng with him and let her follow Guu Haoxuan all day long? If Guu Haoxuan really let her go, how could he bear it?

Thinking about this, Qin Yichen sent a message to his subordinates and asked them to add a desk outside his office. He wanted Xia Yumeng to become Qin Yichen's personal assistant!

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