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Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C18 The Job of a Substitute
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C18 The Job of a Substitute

The next morning, the villa was still very quiet. Xia Yumeng got up by herself and simply washed herself. She casually put on a set of casual clothes and left the villa.

There was no bus stop in the villa area. Xia Yumeng stopped a taxi and rushed to the place she had agreed upon.

Just as she stood up, she saw Guu Haoxuan's white Bentley drive over and stop in front of Xia Yumeng.

Xia Yumeng got in the car. "Did you sleep well last night?"

Guu Haoxuan asked as he drove.

"I was fine. I slept all night. I even dreamt that someone came into my room. I was scared to death. When I thought it was a dream, I was no longer afraid! "

Last night, when she was in a daze, she did indeed think that there was someone else in the room. Later on, when she thought about who else could be in the villa, she was not afraid and continued sleeping.

Guu Haoxuan turned his head and looked at Xia Yumeng. Seeing that her expression was alright and that there were no obvious dark circles under her eyes, he felt relieved.

"Did you have a nightmare?"

Guu Haoxuan's tone was always so gentle.

"It's okay, I didn't. Also, Chairman Guu, you actually don't need to always send me red packets. I will do whatever you want me to do."

Xia Yumeng's voice was very gentle, and she spoke the truth.

Guu Haoxuan smiled gently. "Take it and buy some snacks to eat. Don't lose weight after following me for a few days. It's heartbreaking!"

This Guu Haoxuan was gentle and perfect. He did not seem like a psychopath who had kidnapped her before!

"Thank you, CEO!"

There was no car on the road. The car drove very fast and soon drove into another high-end villa area.

The car quickly stopped in a large villa area. Guu Haoxuan personally opened the car door for Xia Yumeng.

"Go in yourself. Just call Auntie. She likes Qingye. You just accompany her for a day. There's nothing else!"

After Guu Haoxuan finished speaking, he stuffed a bunch of carnations and a box of high-grade chocolates into Xia Yumeng's hands. He drove the car away.

Xia Yumeng looked up at the beautiful and heavy anti-theft door.

She went forward and pressed the doorbell. The door opened from the inside and Xia Yumeng pushed the door open and walked in.

There was no one at the door. Xia Yumeng walked in and held the flowers in her hands as she walked towards the living room.

The morning sun shone through the window and onto Xia Yumeng's shoulders, hair, and back. From the front, she looked like a small person walking out of the sun.

Chen Meiqi stood in the living room and looked at the girl who walked over. She was wearing the sun and holding carnations and chocolates in her hands. Tears instantly flowed down her face.

She was so excited that she ran over and hugged Xia Yumeng. "Qingye, you are finally back. Mommy misses you!"

Chen Meiqi cried and her tears fell on Xia Yumeng's shoulder.

No matter who she was, Xia Yumeng was infected by her tears.

She was an orphan, so she also cried.

"Auntie, it was Director Guu who asked me to see you."

Xia Yumeng was afraid that the woman would be too sad, so she said that she was not Guu Qingye.

Only then did Chen Meiqi wake up from her sadness. She pushed Xia Yumeng away and wiped her tears. She looked at Xia Yumeng carefully from head to toe.

But the more she looked at her, the more sad she felt. Other than her temperament being more radiant than Guu Qingye, she also had a 90% resemblance to Guu Qingye in other aspects.

Chen Meiqi's tears silently fell again, "What's your name? Where do you live? Who else is at home? "

She asked the same question as Old Master Guu.

Xia Yumeng answered carefully again.

Chen Meiqi was a little disappointed after hearing it, especially on the day of birth. She let out a long sigh.

She regained some sense of reason and pulled Xia Yumeng to the dining room. "I told you to come so early. You must not have breakfast yet. It just so happens that I didn't eat either. Let's eat together."

She sat down first and pulled Xia Yumeng to the side.

There were only two dishes on the table. One was braised pork, the other was sweet and sour pork ribs, and a plate of stir-fried rice.

"Okay, I'm hungry too. Let me prepare the rice!"

Since she was sent to be a fake daughter, then he would be more obedient and make her happy.

Xia Yumeng personally served half a bowl of Egg Fried Rice for Mrs. Guu and herself and conveniently placed the chopsticks and spoon beside Mrs. Guu's hand.

Mrs. Guu happily said, "Let's eat together."

Although she said they would eat together, she did not touch the chopsticks but looked at Xia Yumeng.

Xia Yumeng did not understand what was going on and conveniently picked up a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs and placed it in Mrs. Guu's bowl. She also picked up a piece of braised pork and put it in the bowl to eat.

Most people felt that the braised pork was greasy but Xia Yumeng liked to eat it even though she could not eat a few pieces.

Mrs. Guu saw Xia Yumeng eating the braised pork and the smile on her face deepened. She was very happy when she picked up the piece of sweet and sour pork ribs.

It was both meat and fried rice. Both of them could not eat much and after eating half a bowl of fried rice, they were full.

This time, Madam Xia said to Xia Yumeng without hesitation, "Yumeng, right? Let's go and watch a movie."


Very quickly, Xia Yumeng and Mrs. Guu sat in the cinema.

They were watching a Korean movie and Mrs. Guu had been wiping her tears. Xia Yumeng did not feel anything but it did not stop her from helping Mrs. Guu wipe her tears.

Very quickly, Mrs. Guu threw away half a packet of tissue paper.

Xia Yumeng softly advised Mrs. Guu, "Auntie, it is just a movie. Don't be too sad."

Chen Meiqi forced a smile at Xia Yumeng, "You are called Yumeng? Go and buy popcorn. You used to like to eat it the most."

"Okay, I will go and buy it!"

Xia Yumeng felt that Mrs. Guu could no longer differentiate between the present and the past. Was she Xia Yumeng or Guu Qingye?

Xia Yumeng got up and went to buy popcorn and drinks.

Outside, Xia Yumeng's phone suddenly rang and Xia Yumeng answered. It was Qin Yichen's grumpy voice, "Xia Yumeng, where did you go? Did you go to Guu Haoxuan's company to work again?"

Xia Yumeng quickly replied softly, "Director Qin, I didn't! It was Director Guu who wanted me to accompany Mrs. Guu for a while. I couldn't refuse."

Qin Yichen was clearly very surprised. "Are you serious? Are you really with Mrs. Guu? "

"It's true. I'll take a photo for you to see."

After hanging up the phone, Xia Yumeng sent the surroundings to Qin Yichen to see.

Qin Yichen was silent. "Are they crazy? They want you to pretend to be Guu Qingye."

"Mrs. Guu is a good person. I will accompany her for a day. I will go back at night."

Qin Yichen did not reply. He basically tacitly agreed.

Xia Yumeng bought popcorn and drinks and took them in for Mrs. Guu.

It was probably Xia Yumeng's actions that touched Madam Xia. Later, she did not watch the movie that seriously and changed it to chatting with Xia Yumeng.

They talked about the interesting things about Xia Yumeng when she was in school and about the situation at home when she was young.

When she found out that Xia Yumeng's parents died in a car accident when she was very young, Chen Meiqi was so sympathetic that she almost shed tears.

She looked at her own hands. She wore two rings on her left hand and one on her right hand.

She actually took off one of the rings on her left hand and put it on Xia Yumeng. "The CEO bought this for me. She said it can ward off evil spirits. If you wear it, you might be able to change your fate!"

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