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C19 The Kitchen Wall

Xia Yumeng was shocked, "Madam, this is too expensive. I cannot accept it."

Mrs. Guu grabbed Xia Yumeng's hand and comforted, "Don't worry. Wear it and change your luck. But you can't sell it. Auntie will be sad."

"I know, Madam. Thank you, Madam."

Xia Yumeng was very touched.

After the movie ended, Mrs. Guu brought Xia Yumeng to a luxury store. She bought whatever was expensive.

However, she did not buy it for herself. She bought it for Xia Yumeng.

Of course, Xia Yumeng did not dare to buy anything. But even so, she was still forced to buy two brand bags. She wore a brand dress. When she took the bag Mrs. Guu bought and wore the clothes Mrs. Guu bought, Mrs. Guu's tears fell once again.

"Yumeng, you are Qingye's reincarnation. You look too similar to her!"

Xia Yumeng actually did not know what to say. She wanted to comfort Madam Xia, but Guu Qingye was really no longer alive.

But she could not keep watching Mrs. Guu miss her daughter like this. She was about to lose her mind.

Xia Yumeng kindly said, "Mrs. Guu, don't cry. Sister Qingye definitely does not want you to be so sad. I will often come to see you in the future, okay? You will accompany you on behalf of older sister Qingye?"

Mrs. Guu wiped her tears and a smile hung on her face, "Then let Haoxuan hire you to accompany me every day, okay? The salary is not lower than working outside!"

Xia Yumeng was in a dilemma. If Mrs. Guu really hired her, then wouldn't she have to accompany Mrs. Guu every day? Then what could Qin Yichen do?

But looking at Mrs. Guu's eyes filled with anticipation and unpleasant words, Xia Yumeng was still unable to say it. After thinking for a while, she could only clench her teeth and say, "I will accompany Madam this weekend okay? The CEO actually doesn't like me!"

Mrs. Guu's face immediately sank. After a moment of silence, she said, "Alright, today is Thursday. Take some time to accompany me the day after tomorrow. Give me the weekend or two days. I will also pay you for the whole month's salary."

"Whether you pay or not is fine. I also like Madam."

Xia Yumeng replied sweetly.

"Then it's a deal."

"It's a deal."

Mrs. Guu was very happy, like a child who had fulfilled her wish.

After shopping at the luxury store, Mrs. Guu took Xia Yumeng to eat again. They played outside until it was almost dark before returning home.

The driver put Xia Yumeng at the place Xia Yumeng requested and left with Mrs. Guu.

Xia Yumeng was carrying a luxury bag in her hands and was wearing branded clothes. She really had the illusion that she was in a dream.

Seeing that the sky was dark, Xia Yumeng took a taxi back to Old Qin's villa.

There, the lights were brightly lit. Xia Yumeng thought that the chefs were preparing Qin Yichen's dinner. When she entered the kitchen, she realized that it was actually Qin Yichen cooking in person to prepare dinner.

Xia Yumeng asked happily, "Qin Yichen, are we going to eat steak tonight?"

As she spoke, she happily lifted the bag Mrs. Guu bought for him and showed it to Qin Yichen. Who knew that Qin Yichen only glanced at it before his expression changed. "Who bought it for you?"

Xia Yumeng was shocked, "It's Mrs. Guu."

"Nonsense! Is it Guu Haoxuan?"

Qin Yichen said and waved his hand, sending the two bags flying!

He took a step forward and pressed Xia Yumeng against the tall fridge door. His dangerous eyes closed in. "Xia Yumeng, do you choose me or Guu Haoxuan?"

Xia Yumeng was stared at by Qin Yichen's approaching eyes. Her heart was in her throat.

"Qin Yichen, can you not be so scary?"

Who knew that Qin Yichen did not answer her. He just lowered his head and kissed her.

The moment their lips touched, Xia Yumeng felt like she had exploded!

The thick scent of male hormones around Qin Yichen made Xia Yumeng's heart drunk. She felt that she had fallen into this kiss.

But in the next second, Xia Yumeng felt a sharp pain coming from her lips.

Xia Yumeng pushed Qin Yichen away and wiped with her hand. It was bleeding!

"Qin Yichen, you madman." Xia Yumeng took the food beside her and threw it at Qin Yichen without any sense of shame.

Qin Yichen's face was gloomy. He did not say anything. He only spread his arms and put her on the kitchen cabinet again. He lowered his head and gave Xia Yumeng a deeper and more intimate kiss.

Xia Yumeng's lips still hurt, but Qin Yichen's kiss made her unable to not sink.

Qin Yichen forcefully increased the kiss and held Xia Yumeng even tighter in his arms.

Qin Yichen's embrace was too warm and passionate. Xia Yumeng felt that her entire body was starting to burn, making her unconsciously want to ask for more excitement.

Xia Yumeng took advantage of the fact that she still had some rationality and pushed Qin Yichen away. She glared at Qin Yichen fiercely, then picked up the bag and ran upstairs without looking back.

Qin Yichen looked at Xia Yumeng's back and smiled deeply.

A cunning and proud look flashed in Qin Yichen's eyes. He continued to fry the steak in a good mood. He turned the steak over and sprinkled the seasoning. The fragrance overflowed and came out of the pot.

"Uncle housekeeper, make a few more dishes and leave one for Miss Xia. Put the other and this steak together and send it to Miss Xia."

Qin Yichen was in a good mood. He picked up a piece of steak that he had stir-fried and put it on the plate. He put it on the plate and watched the news while savoring it.

The old housekeeper called Chef over and instructed them to make the rest of the dinner.

Seeing that Qin Yichen was in a good mood, the old butler walked to Qin Yichen's side and asked softly, "Young Master, the old master asked Young Master why he lives here. He asked if there are any other people living here. How should we answer?"

Qin Yichen answered without even raising his head, "I think the Feng Shui here is good. I don't have anyone else following me except for me to stay here for a few days. Do you understand?"

"I understand."

After Qin Yichen ate the steak, the corner of his mouth was still raised. It just so happened that the other dishes were also ready. One by one, they were placed in front of him. He tasted them one by one. It was rare that he did not lose his temper.

Xia Yumeng returned to her room and felt that she was still in a daze. She was not even sure what had happened just now.

She sat on the sofa and fiddled with the ring Mrs. Guu gave her as she thought about something.

Could she follow Mrs. Guu or not?

Would Qin Yichen agree? What would Guu Haoxuan do to her? Moreover, she should have lost her job again now. Should she find another job?

Before Xia Yumeng could think it through, Qin Yichen called, "Xia Yumeng, follow me to my company to work from tomorrow onwards. You will still be my assistant, but you will be my assistant!"

"I, you want me to be your assistant? Can I not go?"

"What do you think? You want me to tell you in detail, what is your relationship with me?"

Xia Yumeng blushed, "No need. I will go to work with you tomorrow."

Qin Yichen snorted proudly and ended the call.

Xia Yumeng stuck her tongue out at the phone. "Monster, bad guy. You only know how to bully me!"

Just as she finished saying those words, she heard someone knocking on the door. Xia Yumeng jumped in fright, afraid that Qin Yichen would chase after her and bully her. She nervously whispered, "Come in!"

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