Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C2 The Ceo Is a Hero Saving the Damsel in Distress
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Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C2 The Ceo Is a Hero Saving the Damsel in Distress
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C2 The Ceo Is a Hero Saving the Damsel in Distress

"Xia Yumeng, think carefully. You can still ask for forgiveness if you tell me about Guu Haoxuan now. If you don't tell me, just wait for your corpse to sink to the bottom of the river! "

Qin Yichen's voice was very cold. It scared Xia Yumeng so much that she shivered in her heart, but she still had the courage to resist.

"You crazy person, let go of me, I want to call the police!"

Qin Yichen gritted his teeth, "Good, very good! You want to call the police, right? Don't blame me for being ruthless. I never knew how to show mercy to women. When business spies fall into my hands, they would all be better off dead than alive! "

Qin Yichen said as he knocked the short stick in his hand hard on the ground.

The vibration brought along a cloud of smoke and dust, making Xia Yumeng choke to death. She was also scared out of her wits.

"But, I, really am not a commercial spy. What right do you have to treat me like this?"

Qin Yichen thought Xia Yumeng was so strong because she had received professional training and refused to tell the truth. He used the stick to hit Xia Yumeng's chair to continue scaring her.

"Tell me, if you don't tell me, I will let the dog in and bite you. Let the Tibetan Mastiff tear you apart!"

Xia Yumeng was so scared that she completely collapsed.

"I will tell you. I will answer whatever you ask."

"Who is the one who made you do this?"

"There's really no one!"

"You're not telling the truth!"

The cold hilt of the saber was pressed against Xia Yumeng's neck.

Xia Yumeng was so scared that she almost fainted.

"No one ordered me, what do you want me to say!"

However, Qin Yichen was a stubborn person. He would not easily change the things he believed in. If he wanted to find out Guu Haoxuan's secret, he had to find out!

"I will not make a mistake. You are the one who lied! If you lie again, the dog will come in!"

As Qin Yichen spoke, he clapped his hands. Immediately, a series of dog barks sounded from outside.

"No, I am afraid!"

"Then you still dare to be stubborn? You're not afraid of death?"

"But, I..." Xia Yumeng was at a loss for words. She did not know Guu Haoxuan at all. What did he want her to answer?

"Tell me the truth now. I promise I will not pursue the past mistakes. If you say it is too late, you can think of the consequences yourself."

Xia Yumeng still did not know what to say.

Qin Yichen got up angrily and wanted to pull the dog in to scare it.

But he saw two lines of tears flowing down Xia Yumeng's eyes under the cloth and stopped in his tracks. No matter what, the other party was a girl and had already cried from fright. He did not want to pull the dog in to scare her!

But he had to find out about Guu Haoxuan's matter clearly!

He suddenly had an idea. Maybe he could use force to go soft? Maybe it would be more interesting!

Then he said, "You are a business spy. Just wait for me. I will lead the dog!"

After saying this, Qin Yichen turned around and left!

Xia Yumeng was so scared that her whole body trembled. She did not know what to do.

However, not long after, Qin Yichen crawled in from the window again.

This time, he changed his strategy. He quietly walked to Xia Yumeng's side and shouted in a low voice." Hey, who are you? Why are you tied up here?"

Xia Yumeng became alert when she heard him, "And who are you?"

" I was passing by. I just saw a man chasing a Tibetan Mastiff. As he chased, he scolded people saying that he wanted the Tibetan Mastiff to tear someone apart. I was worried that he would do something bad, so I came in to take a look. "

Xia Yumeng was scared silly and completely lost her judgment. She actually believed Qin Yichen's lie and immediately shouted in surprise, "Someone kidnapped me and saved me!"

Qin Yichen held back his laughter and said, "Okay, so that's a bad person. You wait, I'll save you!"

Qin Yichen untied Xia Yumeng's rope and pulled her away.

The two of them ran to the window. Qin Yichen carried Xia Yumeng and climbed over the window. Xia Yumeng gritted her teeth and jumped down from the window.

On the other side, Qin Yichen climbed up the window himself and jumped down from the window.

Qin Yichen brought Xia Yumeng around and looked around. Then, he pulled her and quickly ran towards the bus stop.

Finally, the two of them ran into the bus and squeezed to the back of the bus to sit properly. Then, they panted together.

After panting for a long time, Xia Yumeng found that her hand was tightly held by someone.

She looked up and was completely dumbfounded.

The man in front of her had fair skin, distinct facial features, long and curly eyelashes, obsidian like eyes, a tall nose, and cold lips. This person could be described as dazzling!

"You, are you the person who saved me just now?"

Xia Yumeng carefully asked with a rosy face.

Qin Yichen carefully observed Xia Yumeng's expression when she saw his appearance. She did not know him? What kind of business spy was this? He was really unprofessional! But he still did not plan to let her go!

"I just happened to pass by. I just happened to pass by. What's your name?"

Qin Yichen smiled, as if there was a light enveloping him.

The man was too bright. Xia Yumeng felt the pressure on her appearance. "Xia Yumeng, summer in the summer. Language in the summer. Dream in a dream."

Who would have thought that Qin Yichen would stare into Xia Yumeng's eyes and suddenly took one of her hands to kiss.

"The name is too beautiful!"

Qin Yichen's skin was white. The hand that he stretched out was as pretty as an ice sculpture. When he grabbed Xia Yumeng's hand, Xia Yumeng felt as if she had been shocked by electricity.

Xia Yumeng's face was completely red. She quickly pulled back her hand and whispered, "My mother gave it to me."

Qin Yichen further pretended, "Don't be afraid! I'll send you home! I guarantee that no one will dare to bully you again!"

Someone protected the girl and was very happy. "What's your name? What do you do?"

"My name is Qin Yichen. I am the sworn enemy of that big bad guy who kidnapped you. My family went bankrupt because of him. I wish I could kill him!"

Qin Yichen said, pretending to be cold. Even his eyes looked very similar.

Xia Yumeng believed him. "You said he broke your family? He was too scary! What's his name? "

Qin Yichen saw that the girl had fallen for his trick, and a mischievous look flashed across the mountain. "His name is Guu Haoxuan."

Xia Yumeng was surprised." Guu Haoxuan? It was that very famous second generation. I thought he was a good person! He kept asking me what my relationship with him was. Is he crazy?"

Qin Yichen looked at the surprised eyes of the passengers on the bus, "Don't scare people. Let's get off the bus first."

The two of them got off the bus very quickly. Xia Yumeng asked nervously, "Qin Yichen, tell me what happened to you, what happened to Guu Haoxuan?"

Qin Yichen's face immediately changed. "He bought my family's shares, snatched my family's big house, forced my biological mommy to die, and even made my dog hang his dog tag. I... I wish I was dead. It was so painful!"

Qin Yichen held back his laughter as he spoke and peeked at Xia Yumeng's expression. Seeing Xia Yumeng's eyes filled with sympathy, Qin Yichen took another step forward. "Where do you live? I have no home now!"

Xia Yumeng was in the midst of sympathy. She casually pointed to a place not far away. "The house I rented."

"Then can I stay at your house for the time being?"

Xia Yumeng nodded, "Yes! You are so unlucky. You saved me just now. You can stay as long as you want!"

What a good heart! Qin Yichen intimately pinched Xia Yumeng's face. "Are you trying to thank me for saving your life with your body?"

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