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C20 Red Packet Dream

The door was opened. It turned out that the old housekeeper had brought someone to bring Xia Yumeng dinner.

Xia Yumeng secretly let out a long breath.

"Thank you, old man. I am hungry."

The old butler asked someone to put away the dinner and said to Xia Yumeng with a smile, "My family's young master is a good person, but his temper is a little fiery. Miss Xia will be able to find out that all the good points on young master's body are good!"

Xia Yumeng was amused by the old housekeeper. He was really a loyal servant and did not forget to help Qin Yichen say good things at all times.

"I know, I will let him!"

The old housekeeper's smile was very warm. It touched Xia Yumeng, so she responded with this sentence.

The old butler immediately smiled brightly and said happily to Xia Yumeng, "Miss Xia, take your time. After eating the bell, they will come and clean up."

"Thank you, old man!"

After putting down the dishes, the old housekeeper brought people down. Xia Yumeng saw the steak that Qin Yichen personally fried and happily ate it.

The steak was tender and the other dishes were also well cooked. Although it was a western meal, it was placed in front of her like a Chinese meal. She ate very happily.

When she finished eating, she remembered Qin Yichen. She used her phone to take a few pictures of the empty plates for Qin Yichen to see. Qin Yichen looked very pleased and replied, "Which dish is the best?"


Qin Yichen smiled happily. "You passed the test. Go to sleep early! Come with me tomorrow. If you dare to resist, I will make you!"

Xia Yumeng smiled happily. "Yes, CEO. I promise I will not follow the wrong person!"

Both of them were in a good mood. They sent each other goodnight to sleep.

Just as Xia Yumeng put down her phone and went to bed, her phone suddenly rang again.

Xia Yumeng opened it and saw that she smiled happily again. It was Guu Haoxuan again, and he had sent her a red packet.

Xia Yumeng did not open the red packet directly, but answered happily, "Good evening CEO. You don't have to send me red packets all the time. I was very happy with Auntie today, and Auntie even gave me a lot of gifts."

She honestly sent all the things Mrs. Guu bought for her to Guu Haoxuan. Guu Haoxuan sent a gratified expression.

"My mommy buying these for you means that she likes you very much and likes to let you accompany her. What did you promise her?"

Actually, Mrs. Guu had already told Guu Haoxuan about what happened during the day, but Guu Haoxuan still liked Xia Yumeng to personally tell him what was going on.

Xia Yumeng happily told Guu Haoxuan that she would accompany Mrs. Guu during the weekend.

Guu Haoxuan kept smiling, "Accompany my mommy well. I promise you anything you want."

"But what about the CEO? He hates me!"

"It's fine. My daddy will listen to my mommy. He won't chase you away anymore."

Xia Yumeng also smiled happily this time. She clicked on the red packet in a good mood. This time, it was 2000 yuan. Xia Yumeng smiled happily.

"Thank you, Director Guu. This is the last time. You can't send red packets in the future."

Guu Haoxuan sent a smiling face over. "No matter if you can come back to work or not, Secretary Zhang has already been fired by me. If my dad gives her back again, I will resign!"

"Hahaha! Director Guu, can you resign too?"

Xia Yumeng felt extremely relaxed.

"Of course I can. I am not the chairman!"


" Sleep early. See you on the weekend. I'll go accompany my mommy too! "

"Okay, CEO, good night!"

"Good night!"

The call ended in such a happy tone.

Xia Yumeng looked at the phone in a daze.

She looked at the message that she had sent to Guu Haoxuan and felt a warm and sweet feeling in her heart. Not long after, she yawned and felt sleepy. Soon, she entered a sweet dream.

In her dream, Guu Haoxuan sent her another red packet. She thought that it was another one thousand and two thousand red packets. In the end, when she opened it, it was actually ten thousand, and he sent ten in a row!

Xia Yumeng woke up from her dream in shock. Then she saw Guu Haoxuan standing in front of her bed with flowers in his hands, giving her a diamond ring. His eyes were filled with happiness.

That night, Xia Yumeng slept exceptionally soundly. She did not dream that someone would break into her room in the middle of the night!

Early the next morning, Xia Yumeng met Qin Yichen who was much more energetic at the dining table.

Today, Qin Yichen seemed to have deliberately dressed up. His short and straight hair stood up one by one, and his face was also very smooth. His face was even more dazzling than usual.

Xia Yumeng looked at Qin Yichen's face and was stunned for a while.

The breakfast that the two of them ate was lunch, rice buns, and side dishes. Xia Yumeng was in a good mood, so she gave Qin Yichen a bun and put it in his bowl.

Qin Yichen was very happy. He picked it up and took a bite. "The taste is not bad. The chef's skills have improved again!"

Qin Yichen was happy, and Xia Yumeng was also happy. She also picked one up and took a bite. The taste was indeed not bad.

"Today is a meeting at work. Don't be nervous. Follow me. I don't need you to do anything."

If Qin Yichen did not say that, Xia Yumeng would not be nervous. When he said that, Xia Yumeng immediately became nervous.

"A meeting?"

Qin Yichen nodded and put down his chopsticks. "I have finished eating. I will go to work later. You also tidy up and give me the documents. Today, I will complete the enrollment procedures."

Xia Yumeng did not suspect him and obediently finished her meal. After she sat in Qin Yichen's sports car, Xia Yumeng obediently handed all her documents to Qin Yichen.

Qin Yichen took the documents and smiled meaningfully. The car sped forward.

The Qin's's strength and scale were not smaller than the Guu's, so the buildings were naturally not inferior to the Guu's.

When Xia Yumeng got out of the car and saw the golden signboard of the Qin's, she was indeed stunned for a moment.

But then she remembered something. "Qin Yichen, didn't you say that your company collapsed? Why is the building still there? You're still working here? Besides, isn't your car very expensive?"

Qin Yichen's expression did not change. He drove the car into the underground parking lot and replied with an indifferent tone," These few days, my luck has been running and I have redeemed the company. Do you believe me? "

"I don't believe you, but I am very happy that you really have a company!"

Qin Yichen glanced at Xia Yumeng's exquisite face and a trace of gentleness appeared in his eyes.

"I am the president. There is more than one company. There are still many more companies that have fallen. There are only benefits for you to follow me!"

The CEO's office was set at the top floor. It was an independent floor and there were many secretaries. Public Relations With a pile of them, Qin Yichen put on a pair of sunglasses and walked in. Those women all rushed over to ask Qin Yichen earlier, but Qin Yichen did not say a word. He walked straight in, like a celebrity passing through a fan club.

They fought all the way to the innermost layer, and when they reached the door of the CEO's office, a few male secretaries came up to them and stopped this powerful fan group, letting Qin Yichen and Xia Yumeng go alone.

Qin stood at the CEO's office door and pointed at a newly added white office desk. "You work here. They will teach you what to do."

Qin Yichen handed Xia Yumeng's documents to a male secretary. "Secretary Xu, get her a job. She is officially a deputy secretary. She will receive all kinds of treatment. It will be done today. "

"Yes, CEO."

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