Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C3 Stolen Back to the Qin Residence
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Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C3 Stolen Back to the Qin Residence
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C3 Stolen Back to the Qin Residence

Just like that, the tall and handsome Qin Yichen followed the petite Xia Yumeng into her simple rented house.

The arrangement in the room was warm, but in Qin Yichen's eyes, it was too simple and crude.

Qin Yichen frowned slightly and glanced at Xia Yumeng's small nest with disdain. "Yumeng, you are so good. Can I really live here?"

"Of course. You can live here! The money I earn is enough for the two of us to spend. Also, do you have any plans for your next step? "

Qin Yichen looked at Xia Yumeng's tender and cute face and found it interesting. He pretended to be sad and could not suppress it as he supported his forehead with his hand. "I want to take revenge, but no one can help me. They are all afraid of Guu Haoxuan, as if Guu Haoxuan would eat them."

Qin Yichen's face and eyes were perfect, especially when he narrowed his eyes and looked at Xia Yumeng quietly. She felt that she had been hypnotized.

"What do you want to do? I will help you." Xia Yumeng replied softly.

Qin Yichen secretly compiled his fist, but he still had a smile on his face like a flower. It would be better to return the favor in the same way as the other.

"I have a friend who helped me get a position in Guu's. Unfortunately, I need a girl to be able to do it. Can you help me defeat him? He is our common enemy!"

Qin Yichen's eyes may be a little dark, but his sadness infected Xia Yumeng. She wanted to help him. "I can. I will help you defeat him!"

He intimately scratched Xia Yumeng's little nose and Qin Yichen felt satisfied. "You are so good! I will give you the address. You go and apply. If you really get a job, we will eat delicious food tonight."

Qin Yichen's fingers seemed to have magic. He lightly scratched and Xia Yumeng's body involuntarily trembled.

Her voice became gentle. "Okay, give me the address!"

Therefore, Qin Yichen made an excuse to go to the bathroom and sent a message to his subordinate. He wanted to reach an address and an arranged position.

Xia Yumeng carefully picked her clothes and chose what she thought was appropriate to wear. She waited for Qin Yichen to come back.

The moment Qin Yichen walked out of the bathroom, he could not help but be stunned. This girl in front of him was really pure!

She wore a white shirt jacket with a checkered jacket. The black pants underneath were very experienced, especially her long hair that had just been draped over her shoulders. She had changed it into a bun with a checkered headpiece. It was really cute and refreshing.

Qin Yichen leaned closer and gently scratched Xia Yumeng's nose. He was very intimate with her. "There is no girl in this world who is more beautiful than you!"

Xia Yumeng's heart was about to melt away by Qin Yichen's gentleness. Her face was slightly red!

"This is the address. I will go with you."

"Really? Are you really going with me?"

"Of course it's true? My company collapsed, and I have nothing left. I have no home to return to, but you suddenly appeared and helped me. My heart is filled with gratitude! "

When Qin Yichen was lying through his teeth with his eyes wide open, his face and eyes were still charming!

"Let's go. Bring your little bag, and we will charge into the Guu's!"


Xia Yumeng walked into the Guu's alone under Qin Yichen's guidance. She found Qin Yichen's spy and successfully got an assistant position.

She happily went through all kinds of inauguration procedures and then ran out of the Guu's happily.

"Qin Yichen, I got a job."

Her eyes lit up with joy, waiting for Qin Yichen's praise. After all, she was also a waiting job, and the Guu's was one of the top companies!

Although the result was within Qin Yichen's expectations, it was so smooth that Qin Yichen still admired Xia Yumeng's good luck.

"I will give you a reward! What do you want to eat? I will bring you to eat!"

Xia Yumeng used a finger to press on her lower lip and thought for a while. "Do you have money?"

Qin Yichen was stunned for a moment. "No. Are we going to eat at the food stall?"

Xia Yumeng shook her head. "No. It's such a waste. Let's buy a fish. I'll go back and make some Boiled Water Fish for you. The Boiled Water Fish cooked by me is very delicious."

Qin Yichen looked at Xia Yumeng. He felt that there was no girl in this world who was cheaper than her, but he did not want to eat the Boiled Fish made by her.

He was a rich and handsome CEO with a net worth of over 100 million! Eating the Spicy Boiled Fish that she made did not conform to his status and temperament!

He had an idea. "I will take you to my friend's house to eat. Do you dare to go?"

"Why wouldn't I dare?"

Qin Yichen shrugged. "Because he's not at home. If we secretly go in, we might be caught and reported to the police!"

"Huh? You want to be a thief?"

Qin Yichen looked at Xia Yumeng's surprised look and found it funny. "Not a thief, but a thief. He owes me a lot of money, but seeing how I am falling, he won't pay me back. I will go to his house to eat. It is only right and proper!"

Seeing Qin Yichen's chest that was obviously pretending to be strong, Xia Yumeng laughed happily. "Okay, let's go eat the money he owes you!"

"It's not that easy. Do you know how much money he owes me?"

"One million?"

"Ten million!"

Xia Yumeng was so scared that she almost fainted!


Qin Yichen dragged Xia Yumeng and directly rushed back to Old Man Qin's house in M City.

Actually, this was the temporary house of the old CEO, Qin Wangling, in M City. It was similar to a palace, so as long as Qin Wangling wasn't there, this place would be Qin Yichen's territory. He could do whatever he wanted.

Qin Yichen had sent a message to the maids in advance, telling them to hide out. He wanted to go back and play hide and seek. If he caught anyone, he would fire them.

So, if Qin Yichen had a telescope that could see that far, he was satisfied to see that the maids only used five minutes to run out of the mansion crazily. In that short period of time, the mansion was empty!

Twenty minutes later, Qin Yichen brought Xia Yumeng to the back door of the mansion.

Xia Yumeng looked around nervously. "Qin Yichen, are you sure we won't be arrested?"

Qin Yichen lifted his long legs and climbed up the wall. He reached out and pulled Xia Yumeng.

"He stepped over there. He dug. The house is empty. We can do whatever we want!"

These words made Xia Yumeng more daring. She grabbed Qin Yichen's hand and climbed up the wall along with him. She successfully climbed over the wall.

This palace was not too big, but it was not small either. The two of them bent their bodies and ran to the door like thieves.

Xia Yumeng pushed the locked door. "It's locked. What should we do?"

Qin Yichen did not say anything and entered the password.

The door opened with a bang.

A white jade pillar made of flying dragon gold, a crystal clear entrance. A large and open living room, a high-end and dazzling crystal chandelier. A luxurious sofa, a spiral staircase leading to the second floor... Even the armrest was inlaid with a golden little Stone Lion.

What was extravagance! What was a nouveau riche! In that instant, Xia Yumeng felt as if her worldview had collapsed!

Why did she feel like she had entered the dream Ma Yun Family mansion!

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