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C4 How to Eat Lobster?

Qin Yichen was surprised by Xia Yumeng's collapse. He only thought she was timid and didn't dare to enter the door because she was afraid of being caught.

"What are you afraid of? Go in!"

Xia Yumeng swallowed her saliva and did not know which leg to step on first.

Qin Yichen did not care about her and walked in first.

"What do you want to eat tonight? Make it for me!"

Xia Yumeng stuttered, "What does his family have? Eat whatever you want! "

Before she could finish, Xia Yumeng was shocked to see Qin Yichen running towards a large kitchen surrounded by transparent glass.

She felt a little dizzy. Could it be that poverty had limited her imagination?

Seeing that Qin Yichen was flipping a few outrageously large fridge consecutively, Xia Yumeng quickly ran over to chase after him.

"Do you have seafood? I want to eat seafood!"

Qin Yichen looked at Xia Yumeng with disdain. "Do you know what the most expensive food in the world is?"

"What is it?"

"It was the beef of Kobe!"

Xia Yumeng shrugged, "Isn't it just beef? It's not like I haven't eaten it before. I want to eat seafood, big lobsters, king crabs, and rich people all eat that."

Qin Yichen was so angry that he almost fainted. He pulled back the beef from Kodo and took out two Australian big lobsters from another fridge.

Each one of them was bigger than Qin Yichen's palm!

Xia Yumeng saw it and praised happily, "This is cultivated, right? Otherwise, it can't grow so big!"

Qin Yichen felt dizzy. He and Xia Yumeng, one on earth, and the other on Mars!

"What else do you want to eat? His family is rich, and he has everything to eat!"

Xia Yumeng poked her lower lip with a finger again and thought for a while. "Do you have abalone? Do you have sea cucumbers? I heard that these things are quite expensive!"

Qin Yichen looked at Xia Yumeng and shrugged. He retracted his hand that was reaching for the treasured snow toad and took out a box of abalones and sea cucumbers.

Qin Yichen threw all these things to Xia Yumeng. "You make them."

He held his shoulders and leaned to the side, waiting to see Xia Yumeng's performance.

Xia Yumeng quietly swallowed her saliva. These ingredients were all top quality. Not only had she never eaten them, but she had also never made them. With her amateur level of expertise, could she really make them?

But she looked at Qin Yichen and saw the funny and expectant look in his eyes. She swallowed her words back. Wasn't it just cooking? It was fine as long as it was cooked!

Xia Yumeng took a deep breath, took a big pot, and calmly threw the Australian lobster into it.

Then she poured water over the lobster, threw the seasoning in, and then opened fire, cooking it just like that.

Qin Yichen's eyes instantly widened. He stared at the pot as if he wanted to see a hole in it.

Xia Yumeng felt that Qin Yichen must have been stunned by her skilled cooking skills.

"Let me tell you, I came out to study since I was young. I cooked the food myself. This small dish is easy for me!"

Qin Yichen gave Xia Yumeng a thumbs up and held back the urge to flip it over.

Xia Yumeng was very happy and her confidence soared. She took the abalone again and politely asked, "Qin Yichen, is this abalone braised or steamed?"

Qin Yichen spread his hands and said, "Whatever!"

"Then I will make it with juice. And this sea cucumber, can you cut it into pieces and stir-fry it?"

Qin Yichen didn't say anything else, but poured a glass of water and drank it.

He was a little regretful. If he had drunk water back then, it would have been so good. Now, he could directly spray Xia Yumeng all over her body!

There was a total of two people eating it. He took out four sea cucumbers. Why did she cut them up and make them? Wouldn't it be better to make the whole one?

Xia Yumeng saw Qin Yichen drinking water and thought of something. "What drinks do we drink? I know how to make it."

Qin Yichen felt that he had enough of the shock, so he smiled like a model. "I also know how to squeeze fruit juice. I will prepare the drinks!"

This smile was so charming that even Xia Yumeng felt like she was floating.

"Okay, let's prepare it together. Tonight's dinner will be very delicious."

Xia Yumeng happily washed the abalone and sea cucumber. Under Qin Yichen's surprised gaze, she cut the sea cucumber into pieces and threw the abalone into the seasoning to soak in.

Qin Yichen could not help but ask, "Why is the abalone soaked?"

Actually, Xia Yumeng threw the abalone casually, but when the handsome man asked, she had to answer. Therefore, Xia Yumeng answered. "Unfreeze!"

Qin Yichen's hand, which was squeezing the juice, almost slipped. He felt that he had gained a lot of knowledge! His MBA was all in vain!

He first picked up the pot, poured the sea cucumber into it, and stir-fried it a few times. Qin Yichen watched from the side and was bored, so he threw the chopped green onion and ginger that Xia Yumeng prepared into the pot one by one.

Qin Yichen's fingers were white, slender, and beautiful. Xia Yumeng saw him throw things away one by one, and her face turned red. She felt that the atmosphere was really warm.

The sea cucumber was cooked very quickly. Xia Yumeng looked for a plate but did not find it. Qin Yichen took out two pure white plates with golden edges from a drawer familiar to one side.

Xia Yumeng was surprised when she saw it. This plate was really beautiful and crystal clear.

"Their family is conservative. They use bone and porcelain plates. If this is my family, they use crystal plates!"

Qin Yichen felt that it was very interesting to get along with Xia Yumeng, so he also started to joke around.

However, these words did not attract too much attention from Xia Yumeng. Her attention was on the two abalones.

"The dishes are not that important. As long as you look good, it's fine. What do you eat to tell who you are!"

She poured the abalones along with the seasoning into the pot and directly stewed them.

Qin Yichen was surprised for a moment, but then he calmed down.

He understood one thing. It was a dream to make Xia Yumeng and his chef cook the same way!

However, after taking a closer look, Xia Yumeng's hands were also pretty good. He forgive her for wasting food!

Qin Yichen happily packed up the juice and carried it out, waiting for Xia Yumeng's expensive dinner to be served.

This time, the ingredients for the meal were over ten thousand. With the principle of not wasting the ingredients, he also wanted to taste it!

Not long after, the abalone sea cucumbers were placed on the table. Xia Yumeng brought up the bowls and chopsticks and placed them in front of Qin Yichen.

Qin Yichen did not have the habit of waiting for others to eat. He directly picked up a mouthful of sea cucumber and tasted it.

The stir-fried sea cucumber naturally had some taste. It was naturally different from the entire taste. Qin Yichen smiled. "This taste is very special!"

With this praise, Xia Yumeng's face was like two flowers blooming on her face. Back then, when the rich and handsome said that he cooked well, she was naturally happy.

Xia Yumeng turned back to look at her large lobster. It was already cooked. Xia Yumeng took out two more plates and placed the large lobster on the table. She then sat down and ate together.

Qin Yichen looked at the two large Australian lobsters in front of him. He frowned. Did they bite the shell?

"How do I eat this?"

Xia Yumeng thought for a while and went to the tableware to find two wooden hammers, one for each person.

"Break the shell and eat the meat!"

Qin Yichen wanted to cry! He really wanted to tell Xia Yumeng that the lobsters he used to eat only ate shrimp meat and did not need to peel the shell himself!

But now, seeing Xia Yumeng smash the lobster shell with a hammer, he suddenly had the feeling of crushing instant noodles. It turned out that some people had a strange habit of tapping the shell?

He also smiled and smashed the lobster's shell with his hammer. This feeling was not bad. It could fully vent his desire to destroy!

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