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C5 It's like a Dream

Qin Yichen took off the shell and ate the lobster meat piece by piece.

Seeing that Qin Yichen had accepted her method of eating, Xia Yumeng happily reminded Qin Yichen, "The abalone soup with the lobster meat is also delicious."

As she spoke, Xia Yumeng also dipped the lobster meat into the soup for Qin Yichen to see.

Qin Yichen very tolerant accepted this kind of eating method. He also pinched a piece of lobster meat and dipped it into the soup. "Delicious!"

Qin Yichen's smile was charming. Xia Yumeng was drowned in Qin Yichen's smile and felt very happy.

"I don't know if this abalone will taste good. Try it."

Xia Yumeng really wanted to receive Qin Yichen's praise.

Qin Yichen was just about to pick up the super large abalone that was soaked in the soup when his phone suddenly rang. There was a message.

Qin Yichen picked up the phone and took a look. His expression instantly turned cold.

Guu's has stolen another investor from us!

Qin Yichen threw his phone out. It was probably due to his good luck that the phone hit a cushion, but it was not broken.

Xia Yumeng's heart trembled. Apple, she had always wanted to buy one!

Qin Yichen took out the abalone with a cold face and placed it in front of him. He used a spoon to pry it. This huge abalone was Guu Haoxuan's annoying face.

He used the spoon to dig out the meat in the abalone and bit it hard. He wanted to bite this bastard to death. He dared to steal his business from him. He really wanted to kill Guu Haoxuan immediately.

Seeing Qin Yichen's ugly face, Xia Yumeng misunderstood. She thought that it was her abalone that tasted bad.

She also took a bite of it. It was okay and not too tasteless, but the seafood was all like that. The taste was not bad!

But why was Qin Yichen's expression so ferocious?

"Is this made by me very hard to eat?"

"No, it's alright."

Xia Yumeng wanted to say something, but Qin Yichen's expression was too serious, so she could only swallow it back.

Send a photo of the investor's wife sleeping with someone else to him and tell him that we helped him with the adulterer, and his wife is still his!

Qin Yichen issued the order, and the anger in his heart calmed down a lot!

Only then did he remember Xia Yumeng. He tasted the abalone and found it to be tasteless.

He raised his head again and looked at Xia Yumeng.

She had a baby-faced face and good skin. Her figure and height were average, but she had a gentle temperament and a very pure feeling! Especially her face, which was very useful!

Qin Yichen imagined it for a while. He would dress Xia Yumeng up and stuff her into Guu Haoxuan's bed. Then, he would catch her and rape her in the bed. It would definitely be a wonderful scene!

Qin Yichen looked at Xia Yumeng's signboard and smiled. "It's delicious. There's more of this beauty in the fridge. Let's take another box when we leave."

Xia Yumeng widened her eyes in surprise. "Are we really going to take this? Their family won't call the police, right?"

Qin Yichen shrugged. "People like them won't call the police, and they even call the police with a few abalones. Don't they feel ashamed?"

These words made Xia Yumeng feel that she was an idiot. Someone who could afford to live in such a place would never call the police for food. Her ability to think was really limited by poverty!

"Okay, take it back and I will make it for you to eat."

As Xia Yumeng spoke, her face turned red and the charm in her heart increased.

Logically speaking, Qin Yichen should go back to Xia Yumeng's small nest to live in, but he thought of the small bathroom that could not be any smaller. He frowned. Why not!

"We are not leaving. We are staying here. He owes me a lot of money!"

Qin Yichen's father's business was spread all over the world. He might not come back to M City for an inspection in a few years. It would not affect anything if he stayed here.

Xia Yumeng was instantly frightened!

She lifted her head to look at the castle like house and said in shock, "How can we live here?"

"Why not?"

Xia Yumeng swallowed her saliva. "Are you sure they won't call the police?"

Qin Yichen snorted. "He doesn't care. Don't be afraid!"

Xia Yumeng quickly nodded. "Then we really live here! I need to go back to get my things. My things are all at home."

Qin Yichen gave her a cold glance and threw her a piece of paper. "Write down the size of your clothes, the size of your shoes, the size of your shoes, and the brand of your cosmetics. Write it down."

Xia Yumeng was shocked. "What are you going to do?"

"I have the password to his card. I don't know how many zeros are left!"

"Wow! Then we became raised by someone?"

Qin Yichen, who was originally depressed, was amused by Xia Yumeng's exaggerated expression. He ate his father's. It was only right and proper!

"You're smart. After work tomorrow, you have to report to me if anything happens. I don't trust Guu Haoxuan!"

What was the taste of a large lobster? What was the taste of abalone? What was the taste of the sea cucumber? It did not taste as good as Qin Yichen's considerate smile. "I will report everything to you!"

Xia Yumeng was intoxicated by Qin Yichen's smile. After dinner, Qin Yichen pulled her to the guest room of the villa.

The room was not small. There was a window facing the courtyard. The items on the bed were brand new and clean. Xia Yumeng was attracted by the overall atmosphere of the room as soon as she walked in.

"The room has its own bathroom. I asked someone to buy the things. They are all my former employees. Later, they will come here to take care of us. You don't have to be nervous. I will pay for their salaries!"

Qin Yichen said. As he spoke, his noble aura suddenly became apparent. He did not look like an ordinary boy at all.

However, Xia Yumeng, who was pure, did not see it. She only felt that this boy in front of her was too special. He was especially eye-catching.

Very soon, someone knocked on the door. "Young Master, the things are here."

Xia Yumeng was surprised, "Why did they call you Young Master?"

Qin Qin Yichen shrugged. "It's an old housekeeper. He has nowhere to go. He doesn't care if I give him the money or not."

Actually, two-thirds of the original group of people in the villa had been simplified. The remaining one-third had been released.

If there were too many people, Qin Yichen felt that the truth was too obvious.

Xia Yumeng happily went to open the door. Sure enough, an old housekeeper stood at the door and smiled gently at Xia Yumeng. He then gestured for Xia Yumeng to hide by the side.

Xia Yumeng was stunned and did as she was told.

Following that, just like the story had said, someone entered the door and began to pile things on the sofa.

When they were done, Qin Yichen gave Xia Yumeng a signboard like smile. "Open it yourself. I bought it according to the size you wrote. The packaging box is directly thrown at the door. Someone will help you collect it! Don't forget to go to work tomorrow morning. Good night! "

Qin Yichen walked out like a dream. Those people followed him out and closed the door.

Xia Yumeng walked to the pile of bags and then she opened them one by one.

When she finished unpacking those boxes, the sky also turned dark. She felt that she must have never eaten lobster before. Lobsters were allergic and had hallucinations.

That was because those bags contained everything, including underwear, clothing, coat and pants during the season. Shoes, shoes, watches, mobile phones and cosmetics. There were all kinds of bags!

Then, she felt that she must have been dreaming. It must have been because she hadn't woken up!

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