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C6 First Day of Work

She should go to bed, and when she wakes up, she wakes up in her dream!

Qin Yichen looked at the monitoring device that belonged solely to him and saw Xia Yumeng fall asleep like a kitten under the covers. Qin Yichen smiled meaningfully.

It was quite interesting. There was no crazy joy, no protest that challenged her dignity. He just felt that his dream was not real. Such a girl was very suitable for Qin Yichen's taste.

He was very interested in her. He was looking forward to using her to trick Guu Haoxuan to death!

Because she had a weapon that no one else had!

Guu Haoxuan, it's time for us to settle our old scores!

A gloomy look flashed across Qin Yichen's eyes!


After washing up, Xia Yumeng hurriedly put on her clothes, and it took her a lot of effort. She then found a set of clothes that made her feel like she could still be considered her own and put it on. She casually took the cosmetics and wiped them a few times. Feeling refreshed and moisturized, the moment she put down the bottle, she saw the logo clearly. It turned out to be Bi Ou Quan, a brand that was ranked in the top ten in the world!

Xia Yumeng pinched herself. She felt that she must have not woken up from a dream. But it was time for work and she could not sleep anymore.

She rushed out of the room.

When she saw Qin Yichen standing at the staircase, Xia Yumeng blushed. "I overslept. I can't make breakfast for you."

Qin Yichen did not say anything and threw a bag to her.

Xia Yumeng opened it and was very happy. It was a handmade sandwich and a bottle of handmade fruit juice.

"Eat in the car. Let's go. I'll give it to you!"

Xia Yumeng looked at Qin Yichen's tall back as he took the lead to go downstairs. Xia Yumeng smiled. Was this the beginning of her life's beautiful dream? It was unbelievable!

Then something even more unbelievable happened in her life.

She swore that she didn't even remember the license plates. But she recognized the Ferrari logo. Now, she was sitting in the passenger seat of a red Ferrari. She ate the sandwich he gave her and drank the freshly squeezed juice he gave her.

And he was wearing a suit and leather shoes, focusing on driving.

The sound of the sports car was very pleasant. The speed was sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but there was no discomfort. Xia Yumeng sat in the red Ferrari that she would never dream of sitting in and felt very comfortable.

She really wanted to say something warm to Qin Yichen. She wanted to thank him for buying her so many things, but it was not until she finished eating and held it in for a long time that she thought of something. "Qin Yichen, have you had breakfast?"

Qin Yichen smiled. "Be careful when you go to work later. That is a scumbag pervert. Don't get caught on the first day!"

Xia Yumeng sneered, "How is that possible!? I am not such a blind person!"

"What if he is such a blind person?"

"Hmph! Qin Yichen, are you saying that I'm easy to fool without brains?"

Qin Yichen smiled. "Guu Haoxuan's means is beyond your imagination. Be careful!"

"He can eat people? I don't believe it!"


Things are always like this. Things that you don't believe in don't always exist!

When Xia Yumeng walked into the company and was finally led to Guu Haoxuan, Xia Yumeng sucked in a breath of cold air.

Qin Yichen was already the most handsome type, but she didn't expect Guu Haoxuan to be among the second generation in this world.

Qin Yichen was handsome with distinct facial features, and Guu Haoxuan was the sunshine and refined type. When he stood there, his temperament was better than anything else. Especially when he turned around and looked back, his eyes were gentle and filled with inexplicable concern.

Even though Xia Yumeng knew that nothing would happen between her and Guu Haoxuan, she still felt a moment of trance. She muttered in her heart, Why is a man so handsome and elegant? He deserves a beating!

But then she reacted. Wasn't this Guu Haoxuan the big bastard who kidnapped her?

Why did she feel that he was handsome? Why did she think he had a temperament? She was truly foolish!

Hence, Xia Yumeng gritted her teeth and said, "Director Guu, it's my first day at work. Please take care of me. I will do my best to be your good subordinate. "

When she said these words, she lowered her head and said it. She did not want her thoughts of hating Guu Haoxuan to be exposed by her eyes!

Guu Haoxuan sized up this very pure looking girl. He felt that she looked familiar. Where had he seen her before?

Seeing that she didn't dare to look directly into her eyes, he also thought that she was timid and shy. "Don't be afraid. I'm very easy to get along with. Go and bring the documents in."

"Yes, CEO."

Xia Yumeng secretly gritted her teeth and lowered her head to go out and get the documents for Guu Haoxuan.

Although Guu Haoxuan felt that this new assistant was a little strange, he did not mind. It was normal for newcomers to not adapt to the company's environment. Guu Haoxuan gave a tolerant smile!

After Xia Yumeng went out, under the guidance of the secretary, she prepared coffee for Guu Haoxuan.

The coffee in the office was simple. It was enough to make it. Xia Yumeng did not want to please Guu Haoxuan either. She made a few cups of coffee as usual and gave a few cups to her colleague. She saved one for herself and gave the last cup to Guu Haoxuan. Her colleagues were flattered. They did not understand why she gave the last cup to Guu Haoxuan!

However, since it was her first day here, no one dared to make a sound.

Hence, Xia Yumeng brought the coffee and placed it in front of Guu Haoxuan. Guu Haoxuan was reading the documents and did not mind. He casually pointed. Xia Yumeng placed the coffee beside his hand, but the contents of the document made Guu Haoxuan's mood bad. He unconsciously frowned and instinctively clenched his right hand into a fist. He threw a punch at the table.

Xia Yumeng was still standing beside him and had not left yet. When she saw him, her heart trembled and she quickly took the coffee away.

Otherwise, Guu Haoxuan's hand would have been scalded by the coffee and the coffee cup would have fallen to the ground and shattered into pieces!

Xia Yumeng looked at the coffee cup in her hand and felt lucky that she had survived the disaster. Guu Haoxuan was also shocked. He frowned and looked at his hand. He pretended that nothing had happened and continued to read the documents.

Xia Yumeng was very perceptive and placed the coffee at a safe distance away from Guu Haoxuan's hand. Then, she gently walked out.

Guu Haoxuan glanced at Xia Yumeng's back. Although she was a little petite, the proportion was good. She looked comfortable in her heart and did not lack what she should have.

For some reason, Guu Haoxuan had a better impression of Xia Yumeng in his heart.

"Cough, cough, cough! Come back!"

Guu Haoxuan felt that it was interesting, so he called Xia Yumeng back.


Xia Yumeng instinctively turned around and stopped.

"Come here and tidy up this place."

Guu Haoxuan pointed at the document cabinet that he had just messed up.

Xia Yumeng did not hesitate. She walked over and, regardless of what happened, helped the documents up and erected them. She quickly sorted them out and sorted them clearly and orderly.

Guu Haoxuan nodded secretly. Not bad. His hands and feet were nimble and he had some strengths.

"Don't rush. Read this document once. I have a headache looking at it. "

A thick document was thrown to Xia Yumeng.

Xia Yumeng had a headache. Did the assistant need to do these? The assistant was just the CEO who was thirsty and served drinks. If the CEO was hungry, why would she need to read the documents? Did his secretary type wrongly?

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