Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C7 Who Wants to Cheat Who
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Accidentally Marry To A Megamillionaire/C7 Who Wants to Cheat Who
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C7 Who Wants to Cheat Who

Xia Yumeng secretly disliked Guu Haoxuan in her heart. She opened the document and quickly read it out.

The document introduced a World Legacy project. It was very long, and there were many things that she was conflicted about. It was also very difficult to apply for it, and it required a lot of funds to protect it.

After Xia Yumeng read it, she felt that it was not easy to please her.

After Guu Haoxuan heard her finish reading it all, he did not say anything for a long time.

Because Guu Haoxuan had been staring at her face.

At first glance, he didn't feel anything. He only felt that she looked familiar. But now, when he looked at her carefully, he felt that he had exploded!

Why did she have such a face?!

Xia Yumeng was at a loss. Guu Haoxuan just stared at her face without any focus. It was obvious that his mind was wandering. What was he thinking?

"President, I'm done reading. I'm going out!"

She had to leave quickly. She still remembered Qin Yichen's words. She could not be pounced on by Guu Haoxuan on the first day of work!


Unexpectedly, Guu Haoxuan, who had been in a trance all this while, suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Do you think this project is worth it?"

Xia Yumeng was surprised. Guu Haoxuan actually asked for her opinion? Of course not. It was too expensive and there was no return. If she could not apply for it, the money would be wasted.

However, Xia Yumeng cleared her throat and answered with a clear voice, "It should be!"

Why did she come to work? Wasn't she here to cheat Guu Haoxuan?

Indeed, Guu Haoxuan was surprised. "Why should I? It's very likely that I can't apply for it. The money spent on the repairs was all in vain. Even if I applied for it, there might not be anyone who came to visit. The funds won't be able to be recovered in the future!"

Xia Yumeng's brain worked quickly. "But this is the cultural heritage of the world. It's unique in the world. No one cares about it. It will be gone! What a pity! Isn't the purpose of our Guu's to return to society? Isn't this a good time to give back to society and establish the image of our company? What's tens of millions? The image of a company is priceless!"

Guu Haoxuan looked at Xia Yumeng in shock! He only asked, "Don't you know you have a fever?"

Xia Yumeng quickly waved her hand. "That's impossible. There is a body temperature test at the company's entrance. My body temperature is normal!"

Guu Haoxuan stared at her and laughed loudly. He waved his hand at her. "You can go out. In the future, if you want to be in the limelight, remember to find a better opportunity. Shocking words do not apply at all times!"

Xia Yumeng shrugged in her heart. Sigh, it was a pity that he did not cheat her!

Guu Haoxuan looked at that small figure and couldn't help but want to laugh. Did he really want to show off so much? Did he want to be in the top position? It didn't matter, he would give her a chance!

Guu Haoxuan glanced at the picture of his mommy on the desk and smiled gently. Mommy, our sunshine is here!

Xia Yumeng had just walked to her seat when her phone vibrated. She took a look and saw that someone had sent her a message. She quickly pretended to sit down and sort out the materials. She put her phone down and took a look. "Did it go smoothly? Did anything happen? "

It was Qin Yichen who sent it to her. Xia Yumeng's eyes lit up and her heart raced. "Everything went well. No accidents happened."

Qin Yichen immediately returned her kindness. "Be good and work hard. I'll pick you up after work. I'll give you a reward. Remember to cause trouble. Otherwise, this class will be in vain!"

"I know. He kidnapped me. I won't let him go!"

Xia Yumeng got angry when she thought of this. She looked up at Guu Haoxuan's office door and gritted her teeth. Who was the one who used a stick to knock on her chair to scare her? She must take revenge!

Qin Yichen happily threw his phone away. He held his head and leaned back. The office chair supported his perfect body. He was very satisfied.

This Xia Yumeng was really interesting. She was so innocent and cute. Not bad. An obedient child had candy to eat. He wanted to see if he would reward her to Guu Haoxuan to continue causing trouble or leave her for his own use.

He looked at the bright floor-to-ceiling window. It was a distant view of the city. There were rows of tall buildings. Qin Yichen narrowed his eyes. Sooner or later, the Guu's would be uprooted by him!

After a busy morning, he finally took care of half of the documents he was facing. What surprised her was that Guu Haoxuan was very easy to serve. He ordered coffee twice in the morning. The rest of the time, he asked the other secretaries for documents and asked them to invite customers for a meal.

As a CEO, it was a good habit for him to use assistants so sparingly!

Xia Yumeng's lips curled up, and she was looking forward to meeting Qin Yichen after work at night.

However, there were always accidents. In the afternoon, Guu Haoxuan suddenly came out in a suit and shoes. He looked at her and said, "Take the accompanying items and let's go see a project site."

Xia Yumeng was shocked. Why did she follow him out? She looked at the other secretaries for help and kindly handed a big bulging bag to her. She explained in a low voice, "This is your job. Be smart."

Xia Yumeng swallowed her saliva unwillingly. She carried a big bag on her back and quickly followed Guu Haoxuan's footsteps.

She walked past Guu Haoxuan unhappily and helped him press the elevator. This grandson had just praised him for saving a lot of trouble. It was too much to order her around as a laborer so quickly!

Very soon, Guu Haoxuan and Xia Yumeng, one tall and one short, appeared together on a construction site that had stopped working.

There was no one else on the construction site other than the two of them. Xia Yumeng looked around and frowned. There was no one else. The construction machines were all parked. What should they check?

Guu Haoxuan's expression was different from hers. He stood in the middle of the construction site and looked around gloomily. "Come out! I'm coming! Tell me, what conditions do you have?"

Xia Yumeng was shocked. What was Guu Haoxuan doing? No one. Who was he talking to?

But she did not dare to doubt it. Now was not the time for her to doubt it. She hid behind Guu Haoxuan.

Guu Haoxuan looked around with anticipation.

However, no one came out to speak.

Xia Yumeng frowned. Guu Haoxuan was wrong. There really was no one else here?

Guu Haoxuan did not give up. He continued to shout, "Stop hiding. Come out and talk about the conditions. I am the representative of Guu's. I have the final say. We can discuss the conditions and continue the construction."

Xia Yumeng finally understood what he meant. It turned out that the workers at the construction site were instigated to stop work. Guu Haoxuan came to talk about terms with the boss. Was this kind of thing very dangerous? Thinking of this, Xia Yumeng really wanted to knock Guu Haoxuan's head. Such a dangerous place. Why did he bring her here? Didn't he know that she was timid?

Just as Xia Yumeng was lost in her thoughts, a voice suddenly sounded above her head.

Xia Yumeng and Guu Haoxuan looked up at the same time and saw that the huge tower hanging above their heads had moved. It was moving towards their heads, and there were two pieces of cement hanging from the top. If they fell down, they would lose their lives!

Xia Yumeng's face instantly turned pale. She instinctively threw the backpack behind her and ran away. The Yama King lacked people to play mahjong, but she did not want to go!

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