Accindentally Man/C1 Chapter 1
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Accindentally Man/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

Im Anatasha Mayer 21 year old, and im graduating at my course of bussiness management. I have two only bestfriend and a longterm relationship my childhood sweetheart. Everything is perfect around me until one day i have betrayed of my love ones.

" goodmorning nana?!?" I greeted her when i saw her preparing the dinning table.

Shes our househelper but she is more than that cause my so called parents are always out of picture because of their work.

" goodmorning Ana!" She smiled at me and i sitted one of the chair

" hmmmm...this is yummy!" I smiled at her while eating the pancakes she make

" im happy you like it, by the way youre two brother called earlier and they said hope you like their gift!?!" She said

" as always nana," nana stare at me and she knows how my family always did it if ever they cant make it of every important event of my life

" dont be sad ok? They are just busy always and you know how important you to them?" Nana said and i just smiled to her

" thank you for the breakfast nana!?" I told her after i done eating

After i park my car i saw my two bestfriend who are talking at one of the bench and coryn look pissed to trixy when i almost near to them they look starlteld.

" are you two ok??" I ask them and they both silent and trixy is avoiding of stare of her

" oh, was nothing!" Trixy said and Coryn was frown of her.

" lets go???" I ask them and they just nodded

Lunch time and we always eat together and im waiting of them at our table. Coryn is the first who arrive and she act tense.

" you ok???" I ask her amd she just nodded without looking at me

" hi, babe!" Marco sit beside me and trixy with coryn

" babe!?" I smiled at him

We were eating and coryn is so quite and it makes me wonder why, while trixy is tense and act like normal

" are you two ok???" I ask them and they just stare at me

" i have to go, mom is waiting at me.." coryn said and without waiting of our response she left

Then trixy also excuse her self and marco too. I have no class after 2 so i decided to go shopping mall.

I was looking at the dresses when i saw trixy outside and i try to call her no response. I choose to chace her so i can talk to her.

I saw Marco waving at her but i was stop when i saw trixy hugging him and kiss at the lips.

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