Accindentally Man/C2 Chapter 2
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Accindentally Man/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

My world stop, and i dont know how long im standing at my spot right now and every people who walke pass by are looking at me. I cant believe what i saw my boyfriend and my bestfriend???

" babe??where are you?" I txted him and praying he will atleast tell me his here at the mall

" sorry babe im busy here at school" it was his reply

I run and dont care if im full of tears until i was bump into someone and fell at the floor.

" im sorry!" I didnt look at the person and dont care

I just want to get out of here and go home. I drive fast to get home. I run upstaires to my room and lock it.

I dont know how long i cried at my room and nana was trying to get me out but i refuse it. I cant believe i was betray of my two important people of mind. Is Coryn knows about this?? I ask my self.

4 days from now is our graduation and im the top 1 of our batch. I thought my life is perfect, they always said im the luckiest girl coz i came from at the wealthy family and a perfect boyfriend.

I decided to stay at home for two days and already inform my teacher.

Nana was concerned about me and she called my parents amd brothers. But they cant reach me cause i turn off my cellphone.

" Tasha?" It was my mother voice

" baby? Please open the door?" Dad called

They all came home, i stood up and slowly open the door, i close my eyes from the lights.

" oh my god Tasha" mom said when she look at me

" mommy....!" I cried to her arms

I dont know how long i was sleep, and when i open my eyes i was at my parents room. I slowly stand and go to bathroom and when i look to my self at the mirror i look shit. This is not me.

After i fix my self i walk to find myparents and i heard voices arguing at the garden. I slowly walk to near them and my two brother is here too.

" ill take her to Italy dad?" Alexander said

" and ill go with her too." Alejandro said

" hey... im ok now!" I called their attention and they all look at me

I sit between my two brother and told them everything, its normal they will get angry but i explain them and i agree to Alex to stay with him.

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