Accindentally Man/C3 Chapter 3
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Accindentally Man/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

Im still not ok, but i try to look ok in front of my family who are all here with me. Tomorrow is my big day and ive been recieve a various txt with my cheater boyfriend and my so called bestfriend.

But unfortunately Coryn is out of no where cause she didnt even contacted at me. I know her well and i know she knows something.

I have to face them to get this over, and i want to know when this all happend? Ive been stabb behind my back all this time.

Coryn family is our friend, we are distine to be sister not in blood, we meet Trixy when we were in Elementary and Marco is since we were in 6 weve known him.

I was so ready to give in Marco amd decided to give him in our graduation night amd ive been planning this for a month.

" Babe?? Are you ok? " Marco first said when i enter at the door

" Anna??" Trixy look at me

I stare at them, i want them dead and tore into pieces, but where is the fun? I smile at them,

" something came up!" I told them and luckyly our head is calling me

I say goodbye to them, after my speech i wad greeted with our teachers. This is suppose to be my special day but they ruin it. Coryn was obvios avoiding at me and she cant forever avoiding at me cause my her parents is with my family too.

" we need to talk?!" I look at her straight from the eyes and she just nodded.

Our mother is never been ok with Trixy cause they didnt like the way she is but if not because of us they ignore it and accept her. Her father is employee of my dad and her mother is Corny mom employee too.

Marco parents is also close with our parents, so our parents decided to eat together dinner before we attend our graduation ball.

Every one is busy catch up things.. i look at the two and i was so blind all this time. They was staring each other and that looks i always ignore everytime.

" Babe?" I didnt notice Marco is standing beside me

" hmm? " i look at him

To my surprise he slowly kneel down and i look to others, they are all surprise except for my own famiy who knows everything. Trixy try to act like happy but Coryn look angry

" after 7 years together and now we completely our studies, i want this day to be more memorable to us Babe? No other woman i want to rest my life forever An? Will you marry me?" He wait for my answer

" yes!" He put the ring at my finger and kiss my lips

" im so happy!" He said

We recieve various congratiolation from them. But my family act like they are happy but Alex was not. Trixy cried and i know what means of her tears. Coryn hug me but she look not happy about it.

After dinner i say goodbye to my family cause we were have to go at the party.

I was so busy talking with others at the party when i cant see Marco and also Trixt. Honestly i even think to give him another chance cause till the end im his true love.

" what about me Marco?? Did you ever consider me??" I heard Trixy voice form the close door.

" you know our deal Trixy?" Marco said

I heard the broken voice of Trixy inside, how dare she think of herself.

" For 5 years Marco? Fucking 5c years? You think it was just a fucking deal??" Trixy yelled to him

" we both agree to this and you enjoy it too?" Marco said and before i open the door i heard a loud slap

" i have no choice Trix?? You know from the beggining my parents is Anatasha choice." He said

" you fucking asshole Marco? Trixy how could you?" I heard Coryn voice

" Coryn?!" Trixy voice

" i knew it something is wrong but i ignore it cause i didnt think you can stab her like that but i wrong" coryn yelled to her

"Coryn let me explain!" Marco said

" no, she need to know, i even warn you Trix to tell her before to day? But you didnt instead Marco prupose to her?" Coryn said

" Coryn, we were done so no need tell her please" Marco beg her

" No! Enough is enough! Ive been avoiding her to give you a chance but you didnt even tell her!" Coryn said

" no, no, my father will kill me!" Marco said and thats it i open the door

" An?" Trixy was startled to see me

" bitch" i slapp her

" babe..let me.." i slapp him before he finish his word


New chapter is coming soon
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