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Accompany You Around the World/C1 A Pair of Hands for a Pair of Legs
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C1 A Pair of Hands for a Pair of Legs

How cold the ocean floor of twenty thousand li was, and how could one understand it if one had not been there before?


The rain was pouring heavily.

Shen Zhiwei stood outside the sculpted door of the Orchid Garden. Beside him was a pile of luggage that had been thrown out. She kept patting on the door and her scream was covered by the sound of thunder.

"Gu Muyan, it's not me. Believe me!"

"I didn't harm Xu Yan. Why don't you come out for a bit?"

"I won't sign the divorce agreement... I didn't do those things, Gu Muyan, please, at least listen. "

Shen Zhiwei's voice gradually weakened, but he slapped on the door even more forcefully. Tears fell down crazily from his face like beads with their strings cut off.

Half a month ago, Xu Yan was sent flying by a car to a hospital, where she was diagnosed with having crippled both her legs for life.

What Shen Zhiwei didn't expect was that the driver pointed at Shen Zhiwei and accused the crowd of being arranged by her.

Shen Zhiwei was speechless. Before he could explain, Xu Yan, who had lost her legs, had committed suicide by swallowing a sleeping pill. She had been saved, but now she was a vegetable. The doctor said she might never wake up.

This diagnosis had deeply crushed the son of heaven, Gu Muyan.

Everyone knew that Shen Zhiwei was just a wife that Old Man Gu had forced Gu Muyan to marry. And Xu Yan was the love in his heart.

Now that Xu Yan had been hurt by Shen Zhiwei to such an extent, of course, Gu Muyan wouldn't let her go. Not only did she draft the divorce agreement, she even said that as long as she was here, she would definitely not let Shen Zhiwei off easy.

Therefore, Shen Zhiwei had just returned from the hospital when he saw his luggage being thrown out from the Orchid Garden.

After being married for three years, Shen Zhiwei knew that Gu Muyan had never liked her, or even hated her. However, he never expected that Gu Muyan would be so heartless.

The door suddenly opened and a pair of slender legs appeared in front of him. It was Muyan!

Before Shen Zhiwei could be happy, Gu Muyan had already grabbed her. Her whole body staggered and she almost fell to the ground.

The handsome man exuded a cold aura and threw a paper contract in front of her: "Shen Zhiwei, sign it for me."

Shen Zhiwei raised his eyes. The words "divorce" were still there, like a sharp blade piercing into her heart.

This feeling was unbearable. She shook her head with all her might. "No, Ah Yan. Xu Yan's car accident was really following me …"

Mentioning Xu Yan, Gu Muyan's eyes suddenly turned vicious. He suddenly smashed the flower pots on the windowsill, grabbed Shen Zhiwei's wrist with both of his hands and pressed them onto those flower pots.


Gu Muyan didn't use much strength, but Shen Zhiwei was struggling in panic. Everyone in A city knew that she was born to be a pianist. Her hands were born to play the piano.

Once, she dreamed of playing the best zither music to give her favorite, Ah Yan.

It was because of this that she was able to reach the peak step by step, trying her best to become more outstanding.

"Shen Zhiwei, I'll ask you one last time, do you want to sign or not?"

"No …" Knowing that Gu Muyan was trying to use these hands to force her, tears welled up in Shen Zhiwei's eyes, but his expression was extremely stubborn. Just like how he chased after Gu Muyan for the past ten years, he said, "I won't sign, I don't want to divorce you, I won't sign!"

Although she already knew this would be her answer, Gu Muyan was still furious. This woman had loved him like a madman for ten years, and now, she was willing to let his hands be destroyed rather than divorce him.

Only such a crazy woman could do such a crazy thing.

The pain coming from his veins was heart-wrenching. Shen Zhiwei finally couldn't help but exclaim, "Ah Yan …" "Pain …"

"Pain?" Gu Muyan sneered. "A scary woman like you actually knows pain?"

He pinched her chin, "You know, the most disgusting thing in my life is knowing you. Don't you want to sign? "Fine, since Yan'Er's legs have been destroyed by you, I will use both of your hands to return it to her. Shen Zhiwei, you have to repay this debt, it's perfectly justified for you!"

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