Accompany You Around the World/C10 Xu Yan Had Woken Up!
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Accompany You Around the World/C10 Xu Yan Had Woken Up!
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C10 Xu Yan Had Woken Up!

Suddenly, Shen Zhiwei seemed to recall something. He slowly opened his clenched right hand. On his palm, there was a bunch of safety charms.

She knelt down and asked for the peace talisman.

How ironic it was to be placed with the cheque at this moment.

Shen Zhiwei revealed a bitter smile. His eyes were filled with despair.

Uncle Shen's operation was prepared for half a month.

On the day of the operation, Shen Zhiwei waited outside the operation room for three hours.

It was a long time before he heard the doctor walk out from the inside. He took off his mask and said to her, "Miss Shen, the operation was very successful."

Shen Zhiwei couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. He finally felt relieved after a few months and bowed continuously to thank the doctor.

However, Shen Zhiwei, who had been tired for several days, got a bigger piece of bad news when he went to check because of retching.

She was pregnant.

Two weeks of pregnancy.

The heavens had really played a big joke on her.

Gu Muyan now hated her to such an extent, she actually had his child. Was this a happy or sad thing?

Shen Zhiwei's hand, which was holding the test report, trembled. After confirming again and again, the doctor became impatient, "Are you doubting my professionalism? Being pregnant is being pregnant. No matter how many times you try to confirm, this is the result. If you really don't want it, you can just go out and take a left! "

When Shen Zhiwei heard this, his body couldn't help but tremble. His stomach ached faintly as if he was protesting, as if a child was begging her not to take it, mom.

No, she won't do it!

This was heaven's will, and the heavens had shown great mercy by giving her ten years of love as compensation!

When Shen Zhiwei returned to the Orchid Garden, the house was empty. Gu Muyan had not returned.

Ever since that day, Shen Zhiwei never saw him again. However, he actually ordered his bodyguard to not let her leave the Orchid Garden at any other time, other than accompanying her father for surgery.

Shen Zhiwei didn't know what he wanted to do. She went to water the flowers in a daze, but she heard the servants talking about the news that Gu Muyan would be back today.

It was her destiny to tell Gu Muyan that she was pregnant.

For the past three years, she and Gu Muyan had never been husband and wife, so they had never discussed having children. Gu Muyan had never expressed her feelings for children, but what if he liked them?

What if, though he hated her, he was happy for the child in her womb?

A trace of hope had actually been ignited in his heart.

After ordering the dishes that Gu Muyan returned to, Shen Zhiwei prepared a big table full of dishes and sat down at the table, waiting for Gu Muyan to come back.

This scene had appeared countless times in her dreams.

How many times Shen Zhiwei had thought that she was a virtuous wife and Gu Muyan was a gentle husband. Like many normal couples, they had a warm and sweet home.

Perhaps, this child would become the slowest weapon in their relationship.

Shen Zhiwei was waiting hopefully when his phone suddenly rang. She thought it was Gu Muyan and subconsciously picked it up, but instead she heard the voice that she would never hear in her life.

"Slight, it's me."

It was extremely familiar, shocking to the eye.

Shen Zhiwei Teng jumped up from the chair.

"Xu Yan!"

"Slight. I thought you wouldn't be able to recognize my voice." Xu Yan smiled faintly. "I have something to talk to you about. Come out and meet me."

"You … "When did you wake up?" Shen Zhiwei was breathing rapidly. Suddenly, he remembered something, "Does Gu Muyan know? I'll call him and inform him."

Gu Muyan felt bitter in her heart. If she knew, she would definitely … Very happy.

"No need, Wei. I've already sent someone to notify Big Brother Muyan." Xu Yan said, "Before that, I want to meet with you."

She added, "Didn't you always want to know the truth about my previous accident?"

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